President Biden revoked, via one of his first Executive Orders, the Federal permits authorizing the completion of the Keystone Pipeline.  A month after President Trump took office in January 2017, he signed a Executive Order authorizing its completion.  Why are our Presidents playing flip-flop?  To help you understand this issue, here’s the background of the pipeline:


In November of 2015 President Obama vetoed the TransCanada Corporation’s proposed $7 billion Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (also known as the Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion Project),  it meant that 830,000 barrels of oil a day would not travel from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf’s oil refineries via a pipeline.  Though a politically popular decision with environmentalists,  it was very unpopular with construction unions, as well as most Americans.

To counter criticism, some from leaders in his own political party, President Obama made an appearance in Cushing Oklahoma on March 22, 2013  saying that he would fast-track any required permitting of the 485 miles of pipeline traveling from Cushing down to the Gulf.  That part of the proposed pipeline is on privately-owned land in the U.S. so President Obama couldn’t do much to stop its construction even if he wanted to.  Without the northern leg of the pipeline, however, the 830,000 barrels of much-needed oil/day wouldn’t be coming from Canada and this leg of the pipeline the President could and did stop because the pipeline would have to cross the Canadian-American border (and therefore required Federal approval).

TransCanada subsequently modified its proposed route through the environmentally-sensitive areas of Nebraska and resubmitted its application.  There was not much remaining that was controversial and the U.S. State Department  found it to have “no significant impacts on the quality of the human environment,” which is the wording and standard contained in the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA).

The Keystone pipeline is not simply about oil, but also about eleven thousand construction jobs and up to 100,000 indirect jobs, as well as significant positive effects on the economy, including U.S. energy independence.   It was therefore important to analyze President Obama’s decision to determine if it was mostly political or based on genuine detriments to the environment.

It’s no secret that the far left is anti-fossil fuel because of what it perceives as unacceptable pollution.  To this end, the Obama Administration came out with 5 sets of anti-coal regulations which were estimated to cost the United States  the loss of over one million jobs.  In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) zeroed in on anti-fracking regulations to control the utilization of the huge natural gas reserves (over a 100-years worth) in the U.S.; however,  the far-left contended that its opposition to the Keystone Pipeline was mainly because of possible leaks from the line.  In addition, former Energy Secretary Chu had stated that it would be desirable to have U.S. gas prices at European levels ($8-10/gallon), so that alternative fuels would be more price-competitive.

Carbon emissions in the United States have been drastically reduced over the past 50 years.  Autos emit only a tiny fraction of what they used to.  Coal-fired power plants have been cleaned up.  In contrast, China brings on-line  two new coal-fired power plants a week and these plants, unlike U.S. plants, emit lots of pollution.  Air pollution knows no boundaries, so it’s a lot less polluting to the earth for the U.S. to burn its coal (and oil) rather than for China.

Solar and wind sources of energy only supply about 5% of the nation’s energy needs.  Hydroelectric supplies less than 10%, nuclear about 19% (France gets 80% of  its energy from nuclear).  So for the foreseeable future the U.S. still needs fossil fuels.  Therefore this dilemma is not really a dilemma at all.  If the U.S. cannot get the oil it needs from domestic sources and help improve the economy and create thousands of jobs at the same time, it will get it from foreign sources and give up to $500 billion a year of its wealth to countries that don’t like us and in some instances mean us harm, and to the detriment of the economy as well.

The United States is constantly improving  extraction and utilization methods for fossil fuels, while continuing to develop alternative sources of energy, including nuclear energy.  The potential for Keystone Pipeline leakage can be mitigated through built-in protective redundancies.  Even the original Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), prepared pursuant to NEPA, published in late August 2011 after three years of preparation, found “no significant impacts” from the pipeline.  If a pipeline oil leak did occur, it’s far easier to stop it and then clean it up, than if a leak occurred from an offshore pipeline.

There’s simply not enough alternative energy, including nuclear energy, currently available and it will be decades before there is, so for now we need fossil fuels and the United States has more natural gas, coal, and oil than any other country in the world, but it also has an array of laws and regulations preventing its access and use.  The pipeline could be raised off the ground, as is the Alaska pipeline, or it could detour around the major 200,000-square-mile Ogallala or High Plains Aquifer in Nebraska and other surrounding States.


If the United States does not complete the Keystone pipeline, Canada will likely build an oil pipeline from the Tar Sands to its west coast and the 830,00 barrels of oil a day will be sold to China and an additional 150,000 barrels of oil a day from the Bakken Formation in North Dakota will have to continue to use trucks and rail to haul its oil south to Gulf refineries rather than simply using a safer Keystone Pipeline to transport it.  Contributing to upward price pressure of oil will be the “slow-walking” or even forbidding of permitting of wells in the Gulf,  not allowing drilling in ANWAR and on most of the Outer Continental Shelf…and OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), will once again play the major role in setting world oil prices by manipulating supply.

President Obama delayed his decision  on the pipeline until after the 2014 mid-term elections, basically because a large Democrat donor (Tom Steyer)  pledged to donate over $50,000,000 to the Democrats if he did so (Steyer actually spent close to $80,000,000).  After the 2010 mid-term elections, the new Republican-led House of Representatives voted to build the pipeline but the still-Democratic-led Senate voted against it.  The 2014 Congress began in January 2015, and both the Republican-led House and now Republican-led Senate approved it, but President Obama vetoed it.  President Trump signed an Executive Order on January 24, 2017 ordering the re-opening of the approval process for the pipeline.  On March 23, 2017, the State Department granted a permit for the construction of the pipeline to proceed.  President Biden in January 2021 signed an Executive Order revoking the Federal permits authorizing the completion of the pipeline, which had not yet been completed.

Consequently, thousands of Union construction workers lost their jobs as well as many other “indirect” workers that provided services to those construction workers.



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David Horowitz (click on the blue play icon below and if the sound doesn’t begin, then click on the  loudspeaker icon alongside it to listen to my 26-minute interview with him) is a prolific author, speaker and political activist. His latest book is the bestseller, Final Battle: the next election could be the last.  Mr. Horowitz currently is the director of “The Freedom Center” which he created in 1988.  He went to Columbia University as well as the University of California at Berkeley and was the editor of the Left’s leading magazine, “Ramparts.”  I believe Mr. Horowitz’ greatest asset is his insight into Leftist politics.

In my interview, he explains why he changed from being a revered and high-level, Leftist Socialist from 1956 to 1975 to a Conservative in the late 70’s, especially considering that his parents were members of The American Communist Party.  Mr. Horowitz tells his spell-binding and compelling story with names, dates, and places.  He tells what motivates the Left and gives his views on Leftist positions.

In the interview, Mr. Horowitz explains:

  1. Why and what the Left hates.
  2. The anti-war activists’ change in their protests against the Vietnam war once the draft was ended in 1974, why many Left leaders of the 70’s (John Kerry) have ”blood on their hands,” and much more.
  3. How and why he knows that the Black Panthers killed his accountant, Betty.

If you want to learn more about Left politics, you should enjoy this  26-minuteinterview.  Click on the blue “play” icon below and if the sound doesn’t begin, then click on the loudspeaker icon that is or will appear alongside of it.

David Horowitz – Political Left Audio

Interview by Mike Russo

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Will President Trump be re-elected on November 12, 2024?  I believe that, given his accomplishments when he was President, he should be.  Further, I believe that he will become our greatest President. Let’s take a look…

George Washington was our greatest President…without him there would be no United States of America.  Abraham Lincoln was our second greatest for ending slavery and preventing the South from seceding from the Union and therefore keeping the United States as one country.  Ronald Reagan was our third greatest because America was in a huge mess after Jimmy Carter’s presidency and Reagan turned it around by cutting taxes and Federal regulations which grew the economy, and by rebuilding our military to the extent that the Soviet Union collapsed.  The Gross Domestic Product (which is the measure of the size of the economy) almost doubled in the ten-year period from the time Reagan’s cuts in tax rates went into effect (1983).

I believe that Donald Trump will become our greatest President: he already knows the best policies to pursue for the U.S. to prosper…in addition to knowing how to handle sticky international problems and strengthening our military, but now he needs to improve his dealing with the Democrats and the media and be more careful in his choice of words to protect himself from the “Deep State” and the likes of Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, etc.

A few of the President’s major accomplishments include his initiating  and signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which stimulated the U.S. economy, big time.  This came as the President terminated thousands job-killing useless regulations, initiating a huge increase (10 trillion dollars) in the Stock Market, creation of 5 million new jobs, very low unemployment rate (3.6 %), increases in the Civilian Labor-Force Participation Rate, and growth in the Gross Domestic Product by 3-5%.  Moreover, by giving the military more flexibility in fighting ISIS, most areas formerly held by ISIS have been recaptured.  President Trump built an illegal-immigration-stopping wall on our southern border, and attempting to end to chain migration and  VISA-lottery immigration.  He also made huge increases in the military budgets for both FY 2018, ’19 and ’20, which significantly improved the military’s strength and readiness.  He also negotiated great trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada, Japan, South Korea, etc. and cracked down on China’s intellectual theft from America.  He created 9,000 economic opportunity zones in inner cities and other poor areas and passed prisoner reform legislation to help prisoners be treated more fairly.  Despite massive resistance, President Trump also temporarily stopped travel from China to the United States on January 31, 2020, in order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus from China to America. Finally, he appointed three excellent Supreme Court justices and creatively using financial incentives, had Covid-19 vaccines developed in record time.

What else does President Trump need to do to be re-elected and then become the greatest President in U.S. history?  I believe that how Trump made America great again despite everything the mainstream media and the Democrat Party did to stop him, like four indictments, will determine, in part, how great President Trump becomes.  Put more simply, Trump’s political enemies will be somewhat responsible for the degree that he becomes great.  There is a simple Arab saying that makes it clearer, “the greater your enemy, the greater the victory over that enemy.”  President Trump has many powerful enemies.

After seeing what President Trump has accomplished thus far, aside from my  believing that he is well on his way to becoming our greatest President, what else does he still need to do to be re-elected and become our greatest?  This is what I believe he needs to do:

  1. Eventually win all four of the lawsuits against him and be re-elected in 2024.
  2. Eliminate ineffective government programs and agencies and reduce the size of the Federal workforce, especially the IRS.
  3. Eliminate annual budget deficits and make a plan to pay down the National Debt.
  4. Continue rebuilding the military to be stronger than it ever has been to counter China and stop its intellectual theft from America.
  5. Significantly reduce the opioid crisis,
  6. Expose and end election and voter fraud,
  7. Revitalize and make safe depressed inner cities,
  8. Clean up corruption in government and political parties,
  9. Continue appointing more conservative judges,
  10. Be more congenial, criticize in private, praise in public.
  11. Add more Middle Eastern countries to the Israel-UAE, Bahrain, Sudan peace agreement.

In today’s partisan political climate, it’s difficult to get much accomplished without great effort, but President Trump has gotten many things done despite his many enemies. We’ll know on November 12 or perhaps much later if he’s re-elected and in a few years just how great a president President Trump was.  He has significant headwinds from Mainstream Media which has become completely corrupt, and election fraud which has become massive and pervasive.  Since Mainstream Media won’t change, I believe the outcome of the election will depend mostly on how much of the election fraud we can prevent.  If it can be kept under 3% (to overcome the usual  amount of Democrat cheating), Trump should win.

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For more detailed information…

There was detailed coverage of the disaster in Afghanistan, however, most people couldn’t spend much time following the events, so I  kept track of all of the significant happenings, as listed below:

  1. In April of 2021 President Biden announced that the U.S. departure from Afghanistan would not be “conditions-based,” which was the cornerstone of the agreement the Trump Administration made with the enemy, the Taliban.  The “conditions-based” provision in the agreement made the Taliban very compliant because it wanted the US to leave Afghanistan ASAP (as soon as possible).  Consequently, there were no American soldiers killed by the Taliban for the previous 18 months.
  2. President Biden changed the May 1, 2021, departure date to August 31, 2021 which is significant because  it is the “fighting season” when the Taliban returns to Afghanistan from Pakistan where they spend the winter.  In other words, President Biden changed the departure date to the middle of the Taliban “fighting season” and did it so that he could boast this on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.
  3. Against the advice of his military advisors, President Biden ordered the US military to leave before the civilians had departed and the billions of dollars worth of expensive bases and buildings (including our Embassy in Kabul) secured and the planes, helicopters, weapons, etc. returned to the US.  Instead, the military was ordered out first, $85 billion in military equipment abandoned, and our seven military bases abandoned, relinquishing our military capability from preventing the Taliban from hurting Americans and killing many of our Afghan interpreters, drivers, etc. .
  4. As of 8/26/21 there were still about 1-4,000 Americans and tens of thousands of Afghani interpreters and helpers in Afghanistan.  Most Americans should have been able to eventually get out by August 31 but not most of our Afghani allies since the Taliban went door-to-door searching for them.
  5. As of 8/26 France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands had retrieved their citizens from Afghanistan.  The US had not, but has instead had told everyone to get to the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul though it was surrounded by the Taliban who were denying access to many.  On August 26 a suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. soldiers and over 100 Afghanis around the perimeter of the airport.
  6. China and Russia, working with the Taliban, reverse-engineered our Black Hawk helicopters and our other American military equipment, in order to copy it.
  7. Though President Biden blamed the Afghan military for not fighting, over 54,000 have been killed by the Taliban in the last few years defending their country. They began deserting in large numbers only after we abandoned our military bases, knowing that the
    U.S. could not provide air cover for their military operations.
  8. President Biden did not even notify, let alone consult with, the leaders of other countries that had troops in Afghanistan prior to his decision to depart.
  9. Our adversaries, like Russia and China, were emboldened, which was very bad for Taiwan and Ukraine.
  10. President Biden stopped all flights with Americans and allies from Kabul airport on August 31.

Weakness invites aggression. After this fiasco, China took over Hong Kong and began seriously threatening Taiwan, Russia invaded Ukraine, and North Korea speeded up its development and testing of missiles that could reach the United States.

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Many believe that politics is stupid because of all of the partisan bickering that goes on.  That may or may not be true, but it’s irrelevant…our President makes decisions that affect not only us, but our children, grandchildren, and many other countries around the world.

Based on the controversy of the previous and upcoming Presidential elections, I developed the following non-partisan criteria for selecting a President.  I came up with them after looking at everyone else’s and concluding that they were inadequate.  My qualifications for doing this are: I followed politics since 1960, my Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania is in Government Administration, and working for the Federal, State and local governments for 44 years.  My 7  criteria for choosing a President are listed below and are prioritized and listed in the order of their importance (#1 is the most important and #7 the least important).

1. POSITIONS ON ISSUES:  this criterium is by far the most important reason why one should select one presidential candidate over another.

2. EXPERIENCE: there is no job exactly like the presidency but there are some jobs that provide relevant experience.  It’s not a coincidence that seventeen of our U.S. Presidents have been Governors of a State.  Being a Governor provides the best experience for the presidency, however any executive or managerial experience is relevant and useful.  High-level military experience is also good.  Legislative and legal experience is useful but not ideal.  Check out the accomplishments of the candidate.

3. EDUCATION: A masters degree in either Government or Business Administration is probably the most relevant education a President could have.  A law degree is helpful.  Business education is also helpful.

4. OPEN-MINDEDNESS:  In U.S. politics, the politician is either on the left or the right and this ideology can be constraining at times for finding the best solutions to a problem or dilemma, so willingness to “going-across-the-aisle” and being a good listener can be a great asset for a president.

5. INTEGRITY: one of the important qualities but not so common in many politicians.  This is important because the President may ask the Country to go to war or to make some other sacrifice, so we need to be able to trust him or her and not think that whatever is being done is for political purposes.

6. PUBLIC SPEAKING and CHARISMA: for his “bully pulpit” duties, a President would be well-served by being a master of the spoken word, and if he or she is charismatic as well, so much the better.

7. HEALTH (physical & mental): sufficient physical health to travel around the world and throughout the U.S., as well as adequate mental health to make good decisions.


You may agree or disagree with my 7 criteria or perhaps you simply may want to add a few more.  Whatever…but it is important to have criteria (or standards) to use, otherwise you’ might do what many people do: vote solely by political party, vote because of something irrelevant like age, gender, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, or emotions. While most elections don’t matter that  much, the 2016 Presidential election was one of the most important in U.S. history, and the 2020 Presidential election was also very important, but in a negative way because it reversed many of the great achievements of former President Trump.  Use my six criteria in checking out the 2024 Presidential candidates.

It used to be relatively easy to carefully consider my aforementioned six criteria in judging presidential candidates.  With today’s partisan media, it’s very difficult to get accurate information, but it can be done with great effort.  The fate of the U.S. depends on it.


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For further information…

Is there really a war on women or is this simply political propaganda?

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court released its opinion on a Mississippi case (Dobbs v. Jackson) that restricted abortion to the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.  In its 60+ page opinion, Justice Alito detailed the rationale for overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Court opinion that gave women the right to an abortion.  Basically, the Court argued that it never was a right in the Constitution.

By overturning Roe v. Wade, laws governing abortion revert back to the States and abortion is therefore dependent on the laws in the State where you reside.  If you don’t approve of the abortion law in your State, then you can do what you need to do legally to persuade the politicians in your State to change it (or you can move to a different State).  Was this part of a war on women, as some on the Left contend?

Beginning with Betty Friedan’s, The Feminine Mystique, I’ve been following the feminist movement and now follow many women’s issues.  I read Katie Pavlich’s book, Assault and Flattery, and now have a better understanding of how the Left has kept women down, while claiming that it is the champion of women.  Here are some interesting facts…

As far back as 1920, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and the Democrat Party opposed women getting the right to vote.  Today the Democrat Party constantly fights against Second Amendment rights (the right to bear arms) which women (and men) need to defend themselves.

Democrat President Bill Clinton was an accused rapist (by Juanita Broderick) and the accuser was very credible.  Of course this was just one of many allegations made by women against him. In addition, Massachusetts Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy was a big philanderer and was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick.  Then there’s Democrat President Kennedy who had numerous affairs while President.

You might reply, “you’re referring to their personal lives, not their policies.”  True, however I only cite these examples to show the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party.   Let’s look at Democrat Party policies.  The most significant example I can think of involves women receiving welfare.  There’s a provision in the welfare law concerning women with dependent children that requires that a man can’t reside in the house of the (female) welfare recipient, otherwise the woman would be removed from the welfare rolls.  This provision has the unintended consequence that led to 78% of African-American children, and about 30% of caucasian children, being led by only one parent.  This is very important because many of societal  pathologies stem from boys being raised without fathers in the home.  Although Massachusetts Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan studied welfare in the 60’s and reported on the problem, the Democrat Congress would not revise welfare to address it, for fear of  African-American voters (even though it caused havoc in many African-American communities).

Frequently, you hear feminists say that women make 77 cents for every dollar men make.  I first heard this statistic way back in the seventies so naturally I questioned whether it could still be that amount 50 years later.  I learned years ago that it really was due to the disruption in paid work-life that most women encounter because of child-rearing.  In addition, I learned that the gap has significantly narrowed and that black women now make more than white women with the same education and experience.

There are countless examples in Katie Pavlich’s book, Assault and Flattery and I believe its message is very clear: the Democrat Party, though claiming to champion women’s rights, has actually acted opposite of what it claims.

Since the publication of Pavlich’s book, the most significant assault on women’s rights has been transgender women  competing in sports with biological women.



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President Biden on March 25, 2021, gave his first press conference, 64 days after he became President.  He called on ten reporters and spoke for just over an hour.  His delivery went reasonably well except for having to refer to his briefing book in order to answer foreign policy questions.  His preparation-staff prepared a book with photos of all the journalists in attendance with the ten circled he was to call on for questions.  Since I follow national issues very closely I can say with certainty that he told many lies in his answers to reporters’ questions.  Since his first press conference, he has earned a well-deserved reputation for lying…all of the time.  Political talk is cheap!

When he was President, Trump spoke bluntly, not eloquently, but spoke the truth and did a lot of good things for America and Americans.  However, his blunt talk often got him into trouble.  Trump was not a politician and did not know how to speak “political talk”.

President Obama was an eloquent speaker, actually made race relations worse, and didn’t get much done to improve the lives of most Americans.  Or did he?  If you liked how the economy and his job-creation efforts performed (lowest civilian labor-force participation rate since 1978), and liked the declining strength of the military, and think our foreign policy helped the United States, then you might believe that President Obama performed well. Or perhaps those things are not that important to you but  his Presidential demeanor was important.  Political talk is cheap!

Because  Presidents are our spokesperson to the world, most do want them to be presidential. President Obama was usually presidential but didn’t get much accomplished; President Trump’s language, on the other hand, was not presidential at times but he was successful in creating jobs, making the U.S. energy independent, and creating an outstanding  economy. What’s more important to you, talk or deeds?

I hear many times each day that “Biden said this,” or “Biden said that,” and previously, “that Trump tweeted this or said that.”  However, what a President says is not nearly as important as his actions because deeds are the best indicator on how the U.S. (and the President) is doing.  For example, when former President Obama said that he thought about the economy every day, but then didn’t meet with his “Jobs Council” for many months at a time, it’s was  natural to question the President’s sincerity.  When Obama suggested he “felt our pain,” but took Air Force One to New York city where traffic was stopped for hours so he and Michelle could have a “night out” in “The Big Apple,” his actions said a lot more about his true feelings than his words.

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion “covid-19 stimulus” was passed during the first two months of his Presidency.  Wouldn’t unemployment have been even worse without it, which is how it was sold to the American public?  Much of the stimulus was a waste of money…only 9% of it went for Covid-related relief within the United States, though Covid was touted as its primary justification.  Reality is that much of the stimulus went for projects that mostly benefitted Democrat politicians and their friends and supporters. All of the talk about its wonderful benefits was “bull”. Reality is that it raised inflation to even higher heights…the happy talk was “Bull”.


President Biden talked a great game but it took all of the mainstream media, most of Hollywood, most universities and colleges, the Unions, and far-left, multi-billionaire George Soros’ money, to keep him from not having bad job approval numbers.

President Trump was brash and blunt in his rhetoric, but he was a doer, insofar as he got a lot of good things done for the United States, especially revising regulations and laws that led to huge job creation.  President Obama was a great talker.  President Biden talks like a moderate while implementing far-left extremist  policies which have significantly hurt the United States, however, the mainstream media will not report it so you won’t even know anything about it.  Talk is cheap. Political talk is worse than worthless, it’s misleading to the extent that everything you think you know about issues may not be true!  Look at deeds…passing a piece of legislation is not a deed.  The results caused by that legislation are deeds.




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I’m writing this post because sex at its best can be the physical manifestation of love and is therefore important to a couple’s pleasure and the strengthening of their pair-bond.  In addition, great sex can overcome many hard feelings, resentments, and misunderstandings that inevitably arise in a relationship/marriage.  There’s nothing as wonderful as making love with someone you love.  As one ages and the body slows down and changes, making love becomes more complicated but potentially much more satisfying.

What makes me qualified to write on this subject?  I’ve read dozens of books, off and on, on sex, love, relationships, and marriage for 65 years, trying new things that I read about.  In addition, I have 54 years of experience with two marriages and a few girlfriends, and especially after having messed up my first marriage, have a keen desire to excel at making a woman feel loved.  Finally, about 20 years ago I found a fascinating little red book that told me something intriguing than I previously had not read much about.  That book, How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, by Naura Hayden, described in detail how to physically tease a woman to turn her on, and satisfy her.  With the combination of my over a half-a-century of experience and reading, I consequently had the best sex I’ve ever had, although I was over 75 years-old at the time…and the 70-year-old woman I loved felt thoroughly loved.


PREPARATION: If you’re not married and meet someone that you really like, get to know well and trust, and you both feel that you want to take your relationship to the next level, alcohol will lessen inhibitions as you get started, so a glass or two of wine is a good way to begin (too much alcohol, however, lowers libido).  A safe and private location, romantic music, candles in a darkened room, and you’re on the way to setting the mood.  If you’re married or not but over about 45-50 years-old, you probably will need either 50 or 100 mg of Viagra, (or the appropriate dosage of Levitra or Cialis), or their generic forms.   Viagra begins working in about an hour on a full stomach, 15 minutes on an empty stomach.  Women over 50 or 60 may need a lubricant to make intercourse possible/comfortable (google published by the Sinclair Institute to purchase lubricants that are compatible with sex toys).  Lubrication should be applied, as needed, to the penis, vibrator, dildo, etc.  If the woman is fertile, decide in advance the birth control you plan to use.  Coitus Interruptus, as well as the Rhythm Method are unreliable in preventing pregnancy.  If the woman is well past menopause (menopause is usually about age 52), of course there’s no need for birth control, though you still need to be concerned about the 30 Sexually-Transmitted- Diseases (STDs).  If you’re a man under about 30-40, you may need to use a condom to help dull the sensation and therefore help delay your orgasm (as well as prevent pregnancy).  In addition, a numbing cream spread on the penis will also help delay orgasm and therefore one can maintain an erection and lengthen the time that you’re pleasuring your partner.  Older men, because premature ejaculation usually is no longer a problem, should be able to maintain an erection, with Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis for as long as your partner wants to have coitus.

Testosterone is the hormone that stimulates sexual desire in both men and women, though women need much less of it.  As a man ages, however, some of his Testosterone is converted by his body into Estradiol, a form of Estrogen, which accounts for older men getting “man boobs” and a large gut.  Prescription Testosterone, in its many forms, can be very expensive.  A Compounding Pharmacy can make the cream form of it for about a tenth of the price.  In addition, there are over-the-counter supplements that stimulate the body to increase production of Testosterone.  The Life Extension Foundation ( sells “Super Miraforte” which really works and has the added benefit of suppressing the conversion of Testosterone into Estradiol.  LEF also sells “Testosterone Elite” which significantly increases free Testosterone, which is especially important.


GETTING STARTED: We looked at making prior arrangements, now let’s consider technique.  First, it’s important to know that it takes a woman much longer than a man to get physically and emotionally aroused.  Young men take about 60 seconds, young women a minimum of 20 minutes of foreplay (kissing, petting, massage, sweet words, etc.).  Older folks take longer.  Start with kissing and necking and perhaps massage.  Then proceed to the biggest foreplay turn-on that most women enjoy, cunnilingus.  There is no taste or smell around the clitoris.  Meanwhile, also gently fondle and kiss your loved one’s breasts, teasing her by circling just outside the areolas.

 WHEN IT’S TIME: You know it’s time when your loved one is turned on if she asks you to get on with it it or her nipples get erect or her breathing gets heavy.  Now it’s time to go back to that little red book by Naura Hayden on how to satisfy a woman that I mentioned in the introduction to this article…you need to physically tease her.  If you decided on starting with the “Missionary” position, put the head of your penis at the entrance to your loved one’s vagina and slightly insert it and stay there while kissing her.  After awhile, insert your penis slowly  about a 1/4-1/2 inch, and then pull it mostly out.  Repeat again and again.  Then go in slowly about an inch and pull it mostly out.  Repeat again and again.  Then 1 1/2 inches, again and again. By this time your loved-one should be really encouraging you.  At some point, especially if she starts to orgasm, slowly go in all the way, but, as taken from another love book, do so in a pattern, so as to maximize her pleasure.  For example, on the first stroke, go in all of the way, then go in half the way on the second, third, and fourth strokes.  On the fifth, go in all of the way again.  Vary the pattern occasionally.  Continue until your loved one is satisfied.  From my experience, concentrate on brushing by her clitoris with your penis on every thrust.  If you’re under 25, you may not be able to last that long without ejaculating, which will consequently usually kill your erection. Not to worry, if she hasn’t had her orgasm yet, you can always satisfy her with cunnilingus (see Ian Kerner, Ph.D’s book, “She Comes First”).

KEEP THINGS INTERESTING: There are dozens of positions. each of which has its advantages and drawbacks.  For example, rear-entry requires a long penis (or a strap-on hollow penis).  Face-to face positions, like the “Cowgirl”, free up a man’s hands to fondle breasts and squeeze a woman’s “love handles,” her buttocks.  The book,  The Joy of Sex, depicts many sexual positionsIf you are more adventuresome,  Sinclair Institute sells a DVD that depicts couples demonstrating the basic positions.  It’s called “The Art of Sexual Positions.”

Lovemaking is so much fun that it’s hard to stop.  Let your loved one be your guide.  I prefer modified all-nighters: you make love, you go to sleep, you wake up (for whatever reason) and make love again.  You repeat all night until you’re both exhausted or it gets light out and the Viagra/Levitra/Cialis wears off.  Your girlfriend/wife knows that she’s been loved and you feel great having done the loving.  Of course, not every encounter will be a marathon…”quickies” have their place, as does showing your genuine affection by simply holding, hugging, squeezing and kissing.


Making love and being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  In this article I used only medical and scientific terms for body parts and techniques…you can always Google or use a dictionary for the terms you may not be familiar with.  I believe that two people in love is so wonderful that I felt compelled to write and contribute whatever I could to help maintain and enhance that love despite how the ravages of old age interfere.  Finally, let me leave you with his thought taken from one of my love books: “men need to be needed, women need to be cherished.”  Cherish your loved-one and make her feel loved, both emotionally and physically.

#     #     #     #

PS: check out my article on this blog (, entitled “Improving Communications in Relationships & Marriage” for gems of wisdom taken from a dozen love and relationship books.  That post aims to foster good communications by a couple, to not only heighten their love-life, but also to reduce the likelihood of eventual break-up/divorce.  One of my other articles on this blog, “Avoid Divorce,” should significantly assist you in avoiding divorce.


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Many believe that the policies championed and supported by the political Left are crazy because they make all Americans worse off.  I also find Leftist policies difficult to understand in terms of making people’s lives better, so I thought it useful to attempt to discover why the Left adopts them, especially since the Biden Administration is adhering to them and they are (predictably) adversely affecting most Americans.

1.IMMIGRATION: As promised during his Presidential campaign, Joe Biden has pursued open borders, especially along the U.S.’ southern border.  Most Americans, though very compassionate, do not approve because drugs and many criminals are sneaking across with the help of Mexican cartels.  Biden and the Democrat Party have facilitated this with the pretext of compassion, but the real reason I believe is because they know that at least 3/4 of them will eventually vote Democrat and that the children of illegal immigrants will automatically be U.S. citizens who, of course, can vote (and will probably vote Democrat).

2. ECONOMY: Inflation became as high as 9.1% in June of 2022.  Many necessary products (like baby formula) are still not readily available in parts of the U.S.  The economy was technically in a recession.  These phenomena are all the fault of the President and Democrat Party policies, mostly from multi-Trillion-dollar legislative bills that were voted into law or, in the case of baby formula shortages, from incompetence (like shutting down the largest producer [Abbott] on flimsy suspicion without devising a plan to replace it).  Biden’s pretext(s) are numerous, like the Ukraine War, stopping Russian oil purchases, climate change, compassion, President Trump, etc. The real reasons are: 1) the political Far-Left wants it, and 2) incompetence.

3.CLIMATE CHANGE: The Left is anti-fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal).  It has shut down pipelines and oil and gas leases, raised prices for permits, and discouraged  institutions to loan money for oil and gas exploration and drilling. All of these policies have resulted in decreased oil and gas production which in turn resulted in much higher prices for oil, gas and the 6,000 products made from them.  A significant percentage of the current very high inflation is largely due to Biden and the Democrat Party, using the pretext for their policies as  concern about climate change; the most significant threats to the U.S. are actually China, Russia, Iran and North Korea and the concern about climate change is absurd, given these real threats, because America will likely be bombed into the Stone Age with three EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) nuclear bombs exploded far above the atmosphere in the U.S. long before climate change has any effects, which appear to be minor.  The real reason for the Left’s climate change policy is that it serves as a  pretext for trying to destroy capitalism in the U.S. (by banning fossil fuels which are currently necessary to a healthy American economy).

4.GUN CONTROL: The Left’s solution for preventing mass shootings is to ban guns from mentally-healthy  law-abiding citizens, despite the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing this right.  The fact that there’s are currently about 400 million handguns owned by Americans make’s this rationale ridiculous. Also, criminals do not follow the law and have no problem getting guns no matter what the law says. The real reason I believe is that if and when the Left is ready, it will take control of the U.S. and citizens would not have the weapons to fight back.  Sounds crazy?  This “craziness” is the reason the Founding Fathers had for including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights (to help keep government from becoming a dictatorship…[see the Federalist Papers]).

5. ELECTION FRAUD:  There has been some cheating at elections ever since elections have been held.  The fraudsters have continually improved their tactics to the point now that, with China’s help, they can win any election they want to win.  Recently, the massive onslaught of mail-in ballots, using the pretext of fear of Covid, has enabled Joe Biden to become President of the United States.  The movie, “2,000 Mules” and the book, “Rigged” provides sufficient evidence, though there’s a lot more available, which I have seen and written about in another post on my blog.

6.ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Vehemently supported by the Left, their pretext for pushing expensive electric vehicles is to get off of fossil fuels because they increase carbon emissions in the atmosphere. However, the electricity to charge the batteries in electric vehicles is also generated by the burning of coal and natural gas.  Also, electric vehicles are more vulnerable to EMPs (Electro-Magnetic Pulses) compared to gas and diesel-powered vehicles.  Finally, electric vehicles require about 19 or so “rare-earth” minerals, which are mostly produced in China.  Of course, this means that the U.S. would be dependent on China, our strongest adversary, to get the rare-earth minerals it needs to build cars.  The subsidies to new companies and their kick-backs to the Left for electric vehicles and their batteries I believe is the real reason for pushing those vehicles, not climate change.

7.RACE: The Left has used race almost since its inception in 1828.  It was pro-slavery, then pro-Ku Klux Klan, then pro-Jim Crow laws, then pro-Eugenics (Margaret Sanger and her “Planned Parenthood”); consequently African-Americans voted Republican from Emancipation in 1863 to about 1960 at which time they voted mostly Democrat with as much as 96% in Presidential elections.  The Democrat Party’s very poor performance in helping African-Americans is turning many to vote Republican.  The Democrat Party’s constant emphasis and focus on race has seriously hurt race relations.  The pretext is “concern for people of color.”  The real reason is they have had enormous election success using race and want to continue to use it.  I believe that it is behind most of the racial division in the U.S.

8.CRIME:  The Left is much more concerned about the rights of criminals rather than the rights of victims,  possibly for the prison vote since more States are allowing prisoners to vote.  The pretext is that over 50% of prisoners are black, though their percent of the population is only 13%, and this “unfairness” can be  corrected by not prosecuting crimes.  While President Biden and the Democrat Party initially supported the “Defund the Police” movement, his vice-president, Kamala Harris (while still just a Senator) actually paid to bail-out rioters in some of the 574 riots held by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA during the summer of 2020.  Mega-donor and Far-Left billionaire, George Soros, funded the campaigns of many big-city district attorneys that stopped prosecuting most crimes in their cities, which of course led to the huge increases in crime in those cities. Many states have given prisoners the right to vote, which I believe to be the real reason for the Democrat Party’s being soft on crime.

9.THE MILITARY: President Biden has given small increases to the Defense Department budget which were too small to even keep up with inflation. Most Democrat presidents are either neutral or anti-military, which results in a weaker military.  With the military, the Far-Left doesn’t usually hide its disdain except that it doesn’t want a strong America, because it believes we are racist and don’t deserve it.  However, the U.S. needs a strong military to counter China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.  Democrat-appointed military leaders currently focus on teaching CRT (Critical Race Theory), and other non-military issues that are politically-motivated and consequently weaken our forces.

I only listed nine areas above but there are others, such as education in the public schools which the Left is destroying.  The Left used to hide their motives and beliefs, but increasingly they are coming out with their simplistic (and ridiculous) solutions to complex problems.  A good way to see what they are really up to is to watch what they do, not say, because they know the right words to say.  Moreover, Main Stream Media, as well as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, etc. are all “in-the-tank” with the Left, so they can’t be trusted to just report the news.  Great books that provide evidence on what the Left and most of the Media are up to is Mark Levin’s “American Marxism,” his “Unfreedom of the Press”, and Pete Hegseth’s “Battle for the American Mind.”

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Doesn’t it make you angry when someone treats you unfairly just because you’re black, brown, white, a woman, a man, homosexual, transgender, older, younger, disabled, bald, long-haired, short, fat, poor, wealthy, national origin, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. ?  Doesn’t it make you angry?  What would Dr. Martin Luther King say?

In 1790, George Washington said “The government of the United States …gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution, no assistance….”  In fact, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and a few other pieces of civil rights legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, outlaw discrimination based on: 1) race, 2) color, 3) sex, 4) religion, 5) national origin, 6) age, and 7) handicap.  However, there are many other bases for discrimination which are not illegal and are not obvious and therefore are much more difficult to deal with than those which are illegal.  Because I’ve had a lot of experience in this area I thought I’d share my views on how discrimination works and how best to deal with it.

My understanding of discrimination began in 1975 when I became a collateral-duty (side-job) Hispanic Employment Program Manager for my Federal bureau, which took about 20% of my official work time.  For the other 80% of my work-time, I was a Environmental Planner.   With help from our Field Office employees, we were able to increase Hispanic-American employment in my small bureau from one person to 32 Hispanic-Americans so that my 500-employee bureau was 6% Hispanic-American when I left it.  I received awards for my work from the Director of my bureau as well as from the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

When I went to work for another bureau in the U.S. Department of the Interior as a Program Analyst, I also took a collateral-duty (side-job) as my bureau’s Collateral-Duty EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Counselor, counseling about a dozen Equal Employment Opportunity complaintants, and received my bureau’s first “Outstanding Counselor” award in 1985.  Finally and importantly, at age 25 years, prior to both of those experiences, I had a large brain tumor removed which resulted in 1/2 of my face being paralyzed and numb. Suddenly I looked physically challenged and was easily-identifiable.  This situation gave me the unique experience of being able to compare how I was treated when I looked like most other people versus how I was treated when I looked differently and was easily identifiable as being physically challenged.


In the past, discrimination has led to lynchings because of race, national origin, religion, and other differences;  it has led to the torture and slaughter of six million innocent Jews by the Nazis and the murder of 3000 innocent Americans by Al Qaeda; and to many other atrocities through the ages, including right up to the present with “Flash-mob” attacks and the “Knockout Game.”  Today, however, allegations of racism have become politicized and  therefore many, though unfortunate, are false, like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin.  A quick and easy way to determine most bogus allegations of racism is to first check if the accuser is a politician or a political adviser or pundit or works in the “accusations of racism shakedown” industry…and if she/he does, then you can assume the allegation is false.  Racism and discrimination do still exist today but it’s a tiny fraction of what it was back in the 1950’s and before, though many people, especially politicians, exploit racial differences in an attempt to gain votes and with it the power and money that can accompany political positions.


I believe that discrimination evolves because of three phenomena: 1) quick and easy identification of the group being discriminated against; 2) mind set; and 3) selective perception.

Easy identification is the reason why African-Americans, as well as women and other minorities, still are the recipients of discrimination, though nothing like the situation was even 50-years ago.  The same is true of the fat, bald, unattractive, elderly, disabled, and political minorities.

“Mind-set” I believe is the second phenomenon that enables discrimination to occur.  It develops when one’s mind, because of stereotyping or some other reason, thinks along certain lines or is “set” to the extent that, even when new contradictory information is brought to light, it is discounted or simply not considered or even not perceived.  Another name for mind-set is “paradigms”.

Once a mind-set exists, selectively perceiving phenomena within the area of the “set” is called “selective perception”.  With discrimination, one would selectively perceive only those phenomena that reinforced the mind-set.


What should you do if you experience discrimination?  Getting angry at the injustice is a common reaction.  Some may even think that they now have the right to retaliate.  I can recall a number of massacres motivated by feelings of persecution and self-righteousness in seeking revenge.  However, when the retaliation avenue is pursued,  all parties become victims, especially those exacting the revenge.  To cite just one example, if you discriminate against me, and I become angry and/or vengeful, you would actually now be controlling my behavior by changing my attitude.  Therefore, a much healthier approach is to say to yourself, “People make the most absurd assumptions based on very superficial and erroneous analyses.  They aren’t thinking intelligently.”  Also, “people can think anything they want about me but if they act on their beliefs, then I’ll take appropriate action, from simply shrugging it off to considering the entire range of legal actions and implementing whatever is appropriate for the situation”.


I have seen firsthand how easy identifiability, mind-set, and selective perception work. For me they are not simply theories you might read about.  Up to age 25, when I looked like most others, I was treated one way.  After 25, when I looked obviously disabled, I was treated  differently, except from my family and friends.  And even though most people were not even aware of what they were doing, their being unaware of what they were doing didn’t help much.


Dr. Martin Luther King has told us to “judge people on the content of their character”.  To prevent doing otherwise, we should remember how discrimination works so that we can prevent ourselves from unwittingly engaging in it.  Anyone who looks or talks differently is at risk of being the victim of some discrimination.  The healthiest way to deal with discrimination is to try to understand and forgive those who wrong you.  This will make you a bigger person as well as add years to your lifespan.  To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “Hatred can be overcome only by love”.

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The author at Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia (many years ago).

Do you remember how to do geometry and trigonometry from high school?  For most people geometry and trig are two of the subjects that they were required to learn in order to graduate, both of which most people will never need or use though, of course, they are important to engineers, mathematicians and others.   This article is about five important lifelong lessons I learned from my parents that I needed and used throughout my life but which are not taught in school.



  1. The world is a cold place without family and friend
  2. Help whoever and whenever you can
  3. Treat everyone fairly
  4. Get a good education
  5. Do the best you can

First lesson. I remember my mom telling me, “Michael, the world’s a cold place without family and friends.” My mom came from a very large family…9 brothers and sisters…and she had many friends…her neighbor friends, her work friends, and her poker friends. Why are family and friends so important…they’re the people that know you and care about you…so when you reach low points in your life or just need someone to talk to, they usually give invaluable emotional support…and of course you support them when they need it.  At my mom’s funeral there were about 500 family and friends who came to see her one last time and to pay their respects to her family. It was heartwarming and unbelievable.

Second lesson. “Help whoever and whenever you can.” I knew my father was a good person, helping anyone that needed help, but even I was surprised at his funeral when strangers came up to me and told stories about how my father had helped them. I worked at my father’s grocery store on weekends and during summers when I was a child. The store was located in a very poor neighborhood in Philadelphia and most of our customers were on welfare or Social Security. The children of the poorest families would come to the store every day for one of my father’s “free sandwiches.” As I got older my father would often send me to Philadelphia’s city hall and to Pennsylvania’s state office building with needy people to speak on their behalf in an effort to get them emergency aid. In addition, my father told me that his mother gave baskets of food to poor families during the depression…so I understand where he learned his compassion and helped whoever and whenever he could.

Third lesson. “Treat everyone fairly.” My parents felt strongly about treating everyone fairly. Both had friends from other races and nationalities. They sent me to a junior high school that was 50% minority to help me learn how to get along with people who were different from me. My dad constantly asked me about my Federal agency’s (US Department of the Interior) dealings with Native Americans and my mom frequently quoted pearls of wisdom and common sense from her African-American girlfriends at work.

Fourth lesson. “Get a good education.” My parents believed in their children getting a good education, and although I only wanted to be a forest ranger, even that required a college degree. So when the time came, my mom went to work for a meat-packing company making sausage in a cold, refrigerated room in order to pay for my sisters, brother and I to go to college.

Fifth lesson. “Do the best you can.” My first semester at Penn state was a failure. When I came home for spring break, my parents tried to comfort me with, “Michael, as long as you did the best you could, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” Well, I wasn’t doing the best I could…playing ping pong until 3 am in the morning the night before my midterm exams, but I heeded my parents words and knuckled down and did the best I could…and consequently got good grades. Eventually I received my bachelor’s degree from Penn State and my master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

In conclusion, my folks taught my brother, sisters and me many practical lessons, just five of which I just shared with you.  But unlike courses like geometry and trig, they are lessons that are useful throughout your lifetime.  Now, when I encounter a tough situation, I ask myself, “What would my parents advise?” Their advice has resulted in my usually making better decisions. So “Mom and Dad, wherever you are, thank you for teaching me the lessons I needed to live a good life.

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All of his adult life Donald Trump followed important issues and donated to both Democrats and Republicans (see Trump’s book, “The America we Deserve”).  He was not ideological or partisan.  He was a super-patriot and eventually thought he could use his business acumen to turn America around, which he believed had become very weak, militarily, economically, and culturally.  After thoroughly checking with  political experts, he decided to run for the Republican presidential nominee.  Not being a polished politician, his blunt talk won over many Americans who were tired of slick-talking, do-nothing politicians.  His goal as President really was to “Make America Great Again”!  Donald Trump is “old school”.

With Republican majorities in both the House and Senate for his first two years as president, he was able to pass significant tax cuts which led to the economy doing extremely well for all of its sectors.  Many of Trump’s accomplishments resulted from his abolishing numerous counterproductive Obama regulations that had put a “wet blanket” over the economy (former GE CEO Jack Welsh’s description).  In addition, President Trump used his  negotiating skills to deal with the huge trade imbalances the U.S. had with China, Japan, Mexico, etc.  Moreover, because of his blunt talk, unpredictability, and decisiveness, adversary countries took his threats seriously and were much more accommodating to him than to previous U.S. presidents.

Everything in this article up to this point has been positive, so why did so many people have an intense hatred of President Trump?  My belief is that it’s mostly because President Trump hits back very hard when attacked.  His opponents, the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, and Academia are not used to any Republican fighting back when attacked.  Republican leadership is infamous for being timid.  Another major reason why so many hated President Trump is due to the incessant criticism Main Stream Media spouted off every hour of every day, almost all of it phony.  Finally, although President Trump really had made America great again through his numerous accomplishments, he had a few annoying personal mannerisms that turned off many people, including me (though I still admire him for how he helped the U.S.).

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I would characterize these annoying personal mannerisms as shortcomings in emotional intelligence (see Daniel Goleman’s book, “Emotional Intelligence”).  Here’s some examples of what I mean: 1) “punching down” like calling Jeff Sessions “stupid” and Stormy Daniels “horseface”; 2) having his “child” hooked (see Thomas Harris’ book, “I’m OK, You’re OK”)  by Joe Biden during their first debate and consequently reacting emotionally instead of intelligently to other debate questions, like “Do you denounce white supremist groups…?” The best answer would have been a simple, “Yes, of course I denounce them,” instead of his confusing reply); 3) focusing his campaigning on Biden’s shortcomings, instead of what he would do if he were re-elected (including reducing annual budget deficits and total national debt); and 4) the disrespectful manner in which he criticized Joe Biden personally.  These shortcomings (as well as unprecedented massive election fraud by the Democrat Party) helped cause President Trump to lose re-election despite all of his outstanding accomplishments for America.

President Trump had turned around so many failing national endeavors and every single day made even more progress for America.  If he had been re-elected and continued at his “Trump Speed,” I believe he would have become our greatest president.  If he runs and wins in the 2024 Presidential election, I believe he will become our greatest President.

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What you don’t know can hurt you, especially in the field of medicine. But in the words of a cousin-in-law physician, “doctors are healers, not teachers.” In fact, there’s a lot of information necessary for the maintenance or restoration of your health that you need to know, especially as you age… and you probably won’t hear it from your doctor unless you know enough to ask him or her very specific questions and then only if your doctor is up to speed on whatever it is you want to know. The average length of a doctor visit is 11 minutes… doctors simply don’t have the time to meet at length with patients.

What qualifies me to write on this subject? I’ve had 34 surgeries and a huge array of medical problems in my 80 years, and I come from a large family who collectively has had a lot of experience with the medical establishment.  Moreover, since my first brain tumor surgery in 1969, I’ve read lots of medical literature and tried to keep up with the latest developments in medicine, health and nutrition that many physicians simply don’t have the time to follow.  Finally, I took 37 credits of biological sciences in undergraduate school so I understand, to a large extent, how the human body works.  One of my physicians once told me, “You’re the healthiest-looking sick person I’ve ever seen,” so I must be doing something right.

The following is my list of ten health tips which I believe should add at least 10-plus healthy years to your expected lifespan.  Of course there’s no guarantees in life but your likelihood for achieving much better health should be vastly improved,  The ten are: 1) choose the best health insurance you can afford, 2) eat a healthy diet, 3) exercise, 4) get adequate sleep, 5) maintain good relations with family and friends, 6) take dietary supplements and herbals, 7) get tested, 8) take responsibility for your health, 9) get effective medical treatment, and 10) keep up with the latest in health, medicine and nutrition. Continue reading

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With attacks to nationalism and patriotism coming from all sides, I thought it appropriate to provide some of the reasons why Americans should be proud that they are Americans, especially since our public schools usually teach the misdeeds of the U.S. but none of its numerous great achievements and countless acts of kindness and heroism.  A recent survey showed that only 16% of generation Z were proud to be American.  Americans, however,  have many reasons to be proud, a few of which I cite below. Before I do, let me first debunk the allegation that the U.S. is racist from its very beginning because of slavery.

Our founding fathers were initially reluctant to secede from England, but after repeated failed attempts at reconciliation, decided to do so.  They explained their reasons for secession in the Declaration of Independence. Since slavery was legal and prevalent in America under British rule, America inherited it and had to keep a limited form of it in order to have the Southern States ratify the Constitution and join the Union.  Seventy-five years after the Constitution was ratified by the 13 Colonial states, the  U.S. fought a Civil War to rid itself of this evil.  It cost the U.S. 650,000 lives, including that of President Lincoln, who was assassinated shortly after the war was over.  Had President Lincoln lived, reconstruction in the South would have been much easier.  In fact, there  remained significant systemic racism in the U.S. until the 1960’s and  the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.  Despite this, America survived, overcame its problems, and prospered.

The United States helped save Europe from Hitler’s Nazi Germany in World War II.  In addition, it saved about a million Japanese and American lives through its judicious use of the atomic bomb, which significantly shortened the war.  After that war, in the Cold War, the U.S. prevented the Soviet Union from instilling tyrannical communism throughout the world (with all of the poverty and suffering that accompanies it). These examples are not anomalies…the U.S. has come to the rescue of peoples throughout the world to liberate and assist them.  To be sure, America has made mistakes, but its intentions were usually good.

There are countless examples of the United States helping other countries and peoples throughout its history.  In addition, its medical and technological advances have made life easier for everyone on the planet.  A useful way to look at it is to imagine a world without the United States (see Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “America, Imagine a World Without Her”).  The U.S. military has no equal and as such many would-be evildoers are kept at bay, knowing full-well, that if the U.S. got involved, it would destroy them.  Aside from the greatness of America, its people are the most generous in the world, so when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Americans run to their checkbooks and credit cards and give.

From its inception, America has stood for liberty and freedom around the world.  Our Statue of Liberty is recognized all over the world as a symbol of freedom.  It was given to the U.S. by France because America stood for freedom and was a role-model for France, as described in Alexis de Tocqueville’s book, Democracy in America.  A simple measure of the desirability of the United States is to see that millions of people from all over the world  immigrating to it, some legally, some illegally.

America is and has been an exceptional nation, but if the Far-Left prevails, and it currently is, America will cease being exceptional.

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Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), was 8.2% in October 2022 and decreased to 4.0% by May 2023.  The working and middle classes are being seriously hurt and the government doesn’t appear to care.  It blames everyone but itself, though it is responsible for most of it.  How, exactly, did the government accomplish this?  And if the government is totally responsible, shouldn’t the government be able to fix it?

Government deficit spending is the main culprit. It began its huge increases in earnest with “The American Rescue Plan of 2021” which cost $1.9 trillion, then $1.2 trillion for the “Infrastructure Plan,” $1.8 trillion add-on to the FY  ’23 budget, and finally a $6.8 trillion proposed FY ’24 budget (fortunately reduced by 2 trillion thanks to the U.S. House of Representatives).  Not the oil companies, not Covid, not Russia, but President Biden’s Administration, as well as almost all Democrats in the House and Senate, along with a few RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who supported and voted for spending trillions that the U.S. does not have, so it borrowed it, bringing the National Debt to over $30 Trillion.    The Federal Reserve, which controls the U.S. money supply, is also to blame because it should have begun raising Federal interest rates long ago to slow down rising inflation.

Another culprit is the huge increase in the price of oil which has enriched and enabled Russia and impoverished many Americans.  Here again, the more-than-doubling the price of a barrel of oil is totally due to the Biden Administration because of its war on fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal).  Perhaps in 25 years from now a mostly fossil-free U.S. might be feasible, but currently the world does not have dependable and affordable technology to achieve this goal.

So what can be done now to significantly reduce inflation?  A few things, but it will take awhile to see results.  In the meantime, people need to economize in every area of their lives to get them through this period of high inflation.  To begin, the government must not pass any more huge spending bills since most of the money would be borrowed, which, of course, would only increase inflation.  Also, the Federal Reserve needs to be cautious in raising interest rates any further because it could cause a recession, but it might be necessary and is the price for reckless spending and the war on fossil fuels.  Next, voters must vote out of office Democrat Representatives and Senators to serve as a foil to President Biden’s out-of-control spending.

All of these things should stabilize inflation.  To actually reduce it to under 2%,  voters must vote in Donald Trump in 2024 with his pledge to the Nation and its people that he will bring inflation down to under 2%.  President Trump is the only politician that I believe can do it because he has already done it in his first term and demonstrated that he is tough enough to stand up to the crazies on the Left.

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On January 27, 2021, President Biden signed three Executive Orders concerning climate change.  The most controversial one stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, thus throwing out of work 11,000 Union direct construction workers as well as up to 100,000 other (indirect) jobs.  Another controversial provision banned new oil and gas leases on Federal lands, including the 19-million-acre ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge), though some of this land has been “unbanned”.  President Biden also directed Federal agencies and the Department of the Defense to make climate change a priority in their operations.

Climate change has been controversial since its onset in the 1970s when global cooling was the main concern by environmentalists. Therefore, we need to take a close look at it.  That’s what this post attempts.


Climate change, global cooling, or warming: terms that have been politicized to the extent that one has to question the sources of all data and facts cited to prove or disprove: 1) whether global warming, cooling or climate change even exits, and if it does, 2) is it man-made or caused by something else or a combination of both.  Further, if it does exist and is mostly man-made, 3) how bad is it and, 4) can anything be done to significantly stop it if it’s bad enough to warrant being stopped.  If we can answer each of these concerns, then we’ll know what to do, if anything.   Here’s my analysis:

1) Whether the earth is warming, cooling or staying the same basically depends on the point in time you select to compare this year’s  earth’s temperature to.  For example, a few hundred years ago the earth went through a “Little Ice Age” (1280-1850 AD) so of course today’s temperatures would be  warmer than then.  You may cite the melting Arctic glaciers as other evidence of global warming.  OK, but you need to consider that glaciers wax and wane over time and when Arctic ice is waning, Anarctic ice is waxing.  In other words, climate constantly changes (in the “Medieval Warm Period” from 900-1300 AD and it was a few degrees warmer than today’s temperatures).  Over thousands of years the Earth has cooled and gotten warmer and cooled and gotten warmer, etc.  In fact, the Earth has had 5 major Ice Ages over the past 2 billion years,  5 periods of serious global cooling.

2) In the last few hundred years some data suggests that the earth appears to have warmed and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increased, so a case can be made for there being a correlation between the two.  Remember that correlation doesn’t mean causation.  Scientists do know that there is a significant correlation between Sunspots and weather on earth.  However, how much of the recent warming is due to CO2 and how much is due to Sun spots and Solar Flares is suggested by the fact that although atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased, the earth’s temperature has remained almost the same, which suggests that carbon dioxide has little or no effect on the earth’s temperature.  A 2015 book by George Root, Climate Change Reconsidered, state that only climate change from 1950 to the present may be due to increased CO2 levels but contrary to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) formed under auspices of the UN, the maximum amount of global warming is only plus 0.22 degrees Centigrade per century.

3) Is any global warming, cooling, or climate change cause for alarm and action?  Thus far, it’s been relatively minor and any slight increase in the earth’s temperature is probably a good thing…more crops, better weather.  Of course, the adverse effects  from the previous huge California drought, specifically the lack-of-water problem in California’s Central Valley was 100% man-made by former President Obama’s policy of manipulating stored water for the Delta Smelt, a small fish on the Endangered Species List, rather than use it for the cropland and farmers that lived there and for the thousands of migrant farm workers that helped harvest their crops.  Insofar as extreme weather activity is concerned, the past half-century has seen fewer major hurricanes and extreme tornado activity in the United States.

4) Can anything be done about global warming , cooling or climate change if  it gets really bad in the future?  There are various ways to reverse global warming but not global cooling.  My preference is, if there is global warming,  the geoengineering proposals that seem preferable because they affect every country equally and do not harm any country’s economy.  So what should be done now, if anything?  “Watchful waiting” is in order but everyone needs to endeavor to get global warming or climate change out of politics because it should be solely a matter of science.  The Kyoto Protocols were rejected by the U.S. Senate in 1997 by 95 to 0.  And well they should have been, because the largest polluters, China and India. were exempted.  Moreover, the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord because the Accord did nothing to help the environment but would have cost America $3 billion/year that would have been redistributed to other countries.

Recall the “Hockey Stick graph” scandal in which a team led by a professor at the University of Virginia created a graph that eliminated data depicting the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period  in an effort to support the global warming hypothesis.  Then the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change actually and unbelievably included the misleading graph it in its Third Assessment Report.  Therefore, I believe it prudent to be very skeptical of any data depicting global warming or cooling.  However, if you’re an ardent believer in man-made climate change, you really should focus you efforts on the countries most responsible: China and India.  The U.S., despite its large economy, has done the most in cleaning up the environment.  In addition, if you really want to help the environment, focus your efforts on combatting ocean pollution.

With help from the Sun, the Earth’s climate changes constantly and gets warmer and then cooler.  People contribute some, but for the most part it appears the Sun is responsible.  From my course in meteorology at Penn State University,  I  learned that “yes, climate changes all of the time…that is the very nature of climate…”  However, large sums spent on projects that attempt doing something about it are not warranted until there is solid evidence and that we can significantly do something (unlike the political and do-nothing Paris Climate Accord).  Currently, claims of global warming are: 1) a ruse to give climate-related contracts to friends who will pay back significant sums (“kickbacks”) to politicians; 2) used as a rallying cry by which politicians attract and hold young, idealistic people to vote for them; and 3) the ruse the Left is using to weaken Capitalism.

The November 2018  fourth national climate change assessment by the U.S. Global Change Research Program paints a dire picture, with even larger errors in the upper tropical troposphere.  In addition, Dr. Michaels says that the only accurate climate model is the Russian model and that model shows very little evidence of upcoming climate change so I checked out what the premier and super-qualified expert on climate change (Patrick J. Michaels, PhD in ecological climatology) had to say.  Dr. Michaels states in a November 26, 2018, post in “Climate Depot” that “the draft fourth national assessment (“NA4″) uses a flawed ensemble of models that dramatically over-forecasts warming of the lower troposphere.”  In other words, climate change is very minor.  Other experts say that some data indicates the world is about to enter into a 25-year period of global cooling due to weak Solar Cycles 24 and 25.  Read Cold Sun and Dark Winter by John L. Casey, and chapter 2 (“A Less Giving Sun”) of the book, Twilight of Abundance by David Archibald if you would like to see the research on this.  A Newsweek magazine article, “The Cooling World,” dated April 28, 1975, first addressed global cooling.


To recap, climate and weather are primarily caused by the sun with only a small amount caused by people, so there’s only so much that can be done about it to make any difference.   If anyone says that climate change is “settled science,” you need to know that nothing in science is ever completely settled.  I estimate that about half of all scientists disagree with climate-change being mostly man-made.  Bad weather for a few consecutive years is simply “weather,” whereas bad weather for 15-20 consecutive years is “climate.” Weather changes all of the time.

Everyone should do whatever they can to keep our environment clean.  As far as I can determine, there is no climate emergency and no existential threat from our climate.  The existential threats to the U.S. are from China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran; all of the hoopla is partisan political B.S. (see Swedish professor and world-renowned environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg’s 2021 book, “False Alarm [how climate change panic costs us trillions, hurts the poor, and fails to fix the planet”]).


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In 2021 about two million illegal immigrants entered the United States with the assistance of Mexican cartels and the American government.  In 2022, 2.76 million  illegal immigrants got into into the U.S. This is about 230,500 illegals/month  which are added to the approximately 30 million illegals currently living in the United States.  They come from over 165 countries around the world.  Why is it happening?  How is this possible?  Is it fair to Americans?  What can be done about it?  That’s what this post will attempt to answer.

Mexican cartels make billions from illegals, drugs, and human trafficking.  Their motive is obvious…money, with a minimum of $4,000/illegal. However, the motive of the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party enabling illegals to get into the U.S. may not be so obvious.  As a pretext, concern is expressed for our less prosperous neighbors  south of our Southern border.  However, the real reasons are: 1) increasing the rolls of Democrat voters, since two-thirds of immigrants vote Democrat whenever they or their eventual children are able to vote; 2) increasing population (which includes illegals) in selected districts so as to give those districts greater Congressional representation; and 3) providing large employers a cheap source of labor as well as driving down the overall cost of labor.

Title 42 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, which enables the United States to turn back illegals at our borders based on Covid-19 threats, expired May 11, 2023. It is estimated that the number of illegals entering the U.S. now that Title 42 is gone will be explode.  At this rate, many cities and town will eventually be bankrupted due to all of the services they will need to provide to the tens of millions of illegals that will be in the United States.

So what’s to be done?  President Trump successfully secured the border so we know it can be done.  Were it done now, illegal immigration through our Southern Border would be very low.  The solution appears to be to repeat what President Trump did, including finishing the wall along our southern border.  This will not happen if Joe Biden is re-elected.  The only Democrat Presidential hopeful that would do this is Robert Kennedy Jr.  Any of the Republican Presidential hopefuls would do this.

Some books that forthrightly address the illegal immigration crisis are: 1) The Immigration Solution, 2) Border Insecurity, 3) Adios America, and 4) Whatever it Takes.

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Was there much voter fraud in the Trump-Biden presidential election?  Most Republicans say “yes,” Most Democrats say “no.”  Who’s right?  Of course, this is not simply a theoretical or intellectual question and it was not only important for the 2020 Presidential election, it’s important for taking any necessary corrective actions so that future elections have less fraud.


The FBI spied on the 2016 Trump campaign and the Trump presidency.  Then the DNC and Hillary paid for the phony Stihl-Russia Trump dozier that served as the foundation for the Mueller investigation.  Moreover, they impeached President Trump based on a phone call (which thankfully was recorded) between President Trump and the President of Ukraine.  Mainstream Media slanted and even fabricated stories about President Trump and did not report on any of Trump’s numerous achievements for the U.S., including his being nominated by four countries for the Nobel Peace Prize because of his getting three Middle-Eastern countries to make Peace agreements with Israel. Finally, the three giant Internet networks censored conservative speech, like the New York Post’s article about Joe Biden and his son and brother’s corruption.  All of the above led half of the electorate in America to believe that President Trump was so bad that anything they did to defeat him was ethically justified (“the end justifies the means”).  Check out “The Durham Report” if you doubt any of the aforementioned.


I know that President Trump won re-election because the metrics, other than the phony vote results, don’t make sense.  Here’s a few of the many reasons how I know that Trump was re-elected.  1) in a Michigan county a glitch was found in its Electronic Voting System software that changed 6,000 Trump votes to 6,000 Biden votes…and in 47 other counties in Michigan this same software was used in the same way…as in 28 other States; 2) to date, twelve of the “new” House of Representatives seats that were lost by Republicans in the 2018 Congressional elections have been won back by them in the 2020 election (and only two by Democrats).  This is telling because this phenomenon happens in presidential elections when the Presidential candidate wins big and carries the “down-ballot” races on his/her “coat-tails;” 3) Biden overperformed with votes in only those counties in the final battleground states that made a difference to whether the state went for Biden or Trump [using analyses via Benford’s Law]; 4) Attorney Sidney Powell on 11/8/20 “Sunday Morning Futures” said that they found 450,000 ballots with only “Joe Biden” marked; 5) large bags of ballots received and counted in the middle of the night without poll watchers present and all ballots for Joe Biden; 6) the number of votes far outnumber the number of registered voters in many counties; 7) 3.5% mail-in votes rejected in the 2016 election, 0.5% rejected in the 2020 election; 8) in Nevada, signature verification machines for mail-in ballots set at 40%; and 9) see my article on this blog if you think that stealing a presidential election is far-fetched…it’s called “Unethical, Corrupt, or Criminal Democrat Party.”


Millions of votes were stolen in the 2020 presidential election.  How do I or anyone know this for sure?  The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming.  I listed the major categories of fraud below for which there is a thousand affidavits:

  1. Thousands of dead people voting.
  2. Mail-in ballots being counted even though they were received after the deadline.
  3. Post Office employees illegally back-dating mail-in ballots so they could be counted.
  4. Electronic Voting System vote-counting software used in 28 states, switching votes from Trump to Biden.
  5. Hundreds of thousands of votes being unlawfully counted without a Republican poll watcher present.
  6. Disparate treatment of the votes, like those from the 7 Democrat counties versus the 60 Republican counties in Pennsylvania.
  7. Biden votes put through counting machines multiple times.
  8. Mollie Hemingway’s book, “Rigged” details how Mark Zuckerberg spent $419 million on buying election offices in  many States.
  9. Mike Lindel presented about 10 hours on OAN TV depicting how China assisted the Democrat Party in stealing the Presidential election.
  10. Dinesh D’Souza’s DVD movie, “2,000 Mules” showing video of official, ballot boxes being stuffed with illegal ballots.
  11. Economic Advisor, Peter Navarro’s 3-part report on the election: 1) “The Immaculate Deception,” 2) “The Art of the Steal,” 3) “Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipt.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT IN VOTER FRAUD.

Due to the history of stealing elections by the Democrat Party, starting farther back than Boss Tweed in Tammany Hall in 1850’s New York and continuing up to the present, it’s easy for those of us who follow politics closely and love our system of government, to believe that Joe Biden became President with massive voter fraud by his Party.

However, it is a fact that the Democrat Party facilitated 80 million plus ballots being mailed to voters without them being requested by voters.  This was the heart of the fraud because mail-ins are easy to fabricate and difficult to verify.  Many politicians said that they didn’t want to place an undue burden on their citizens by actually requiring that they appear in person and show a photo ID, such as a drivers license (which is even required of people of questionable age to buy a pack of cigarettes).  Does any adult really believe that lax voting standards have any purpose other than facilitating fraudulent voting?  It is important in a democracy for people to have faith in the process by which their leaders are elected, so care must be taken that it’s done honestly and that politicians are kept far away from the process.  Voter fraud is not new, but dates back to the beginning of our Republic (see Troy E. Nehls’ 2002 book, The Big Fraud; Andrew Gumbel’s 2005 book, Steal This Vote; Eric Eggers 2018 book, Fraud; the 2004 book by Hugh Hewitt, If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat; and the 2008 book by John Fund, Stealing Elections…How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy).


For the 2020 Presidential election, President Trump, every Republican leader/official, and every Trump voter, needs to do whatever they could to expose voter fraud and bring all of the perpetrators to justice.  “Moving on,” like some people might advise, simply perpetuates voter fraud and Republicans will never win another presidential election, and America needs to have at least two strong and viable political parties. The evidence brought to light was overwhelming but the courts didn’t even look at it.

All election officials must follow their State’s election laws or be penalized.  Since presidential elections are of national importance, the Supreme Court should get involved and require that a photo ID, either in the form of a driver’s license or a State-issued photo ID should be mandatory in every state in order to vote.  Later, perhaps also a slight revision and an addition could be made to the on-line E-Verify system created by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in concert with the Social Security Administration that is currently used by employers to ascertain whether someone is in the U.S. legally.  A “Voter Photo Authentication”  may be in order given the amount of massive voter fraud in the U.S. (millions/year).  Something also must be done to prevent criminal politicians from continuing to corrupt our elections.  Blanket mail ballots should be prohibited, requested absentee ballots are okay as long as there are Internal Controls in place to prevent abuse.  Serious consideration should be given to the very simple but honest voting system that the U.S. military used in the Iraqi elections it administered.  In that election, voters dipped their finger into indelible ink upon voting so that they could not vote again…using only paper ballots and all taking place in one day and counted that day.  It’s government’s fault that our elections got to be this bad and it’s government’s responsibility to clean it up.

For further information check out,, and Thomas Moore Society’s Amistad Project.

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Because I watched, listened to, and taped over 20 hours of testimony documenting overwhelming fraud in the 2020 election, I know that President Trump was re-elected President of the United States.  Those who disagree have not seen or heard the evidence but are simply basing their opinion on all of President Trump’s court challenges being defeated, not knowing that they were defeated based on procedural grounds and that the massive amount of evidence was not even heard.  In addition to having the 2020 Presidential election stolen, the next consequence of overlooking the massive election fraud was the stealing of the January 5 run-off elections for both senators from Georgia using the corrupted vote-counting machines and its malicious software.  However, Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnel, also helped lose both Senate seats by not agreeing to give Americans $2,000 stimulus checks a week before the election, which President Trump advocated.

On January 6 there was a Trump rally in Washington where president Trump spoke.  Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters attended it at the Ellipse across from the White House..  Meanwhile, about a mile away, hundreds of right- and left-wing fringe rioters, previously planned (according to the FBI) and got positioned at the Capitol by 12:45 pm, which was before the President finished his speech at 1:11 pm.  They then broke into the Capital building, which interrupted Congressional election-fraud debate and certification.  Debate resumed  hours later and Congress certified the Electoral College votes.  The media coverage of the “Stop the Steal” rally, Congress’ election-fraud debate, and the violence in the Capitol building was pitiful.  It exploited the violence by accusing President Trump of inciting it.  He did not, but asked rally attendees to “walk down to the Capitol to…cheer on our brave senators and congressmen to peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard.”  However, as I mentioned, the violent Left- and Right-Wing protesters were already there with the intention of breaking in and disrupting the Congressional debate on election fraud.

President Trump pleaded with all after the violence began at the Capitol to go home.  Nancy Pelosi asked that the 25th Amendment be invoked to throw President Trump out of office, otherwise the House would impeach him.  The days following, President Trump  appeared on T.V. and said that he was focusing on the peaceful upcoming transition.  Later, the President tweeted that he would not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration…President Trump is not a hypocrite politician.  Incidentally, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was more responsible than any other government official  for the violence by not at least giving a fair hearing to Texas’s lawsuit joined by twenty-two other states and the President because they (allegedly) did not have “standing.” In other words, it manufactured “lack-of-standing” as the pretext for avoiding doing its job as the court of last resort and gave no recourse to 75 million Americans who knew the election was stolen.

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States and has been a disaster.  Now, what will Trump supporters do with the massive evidence of voter fraud?  I taped over 20 hours of it and I know tens of thousands of other Americans did as well.  I predict that this issue will not go away…and may eventually even lead to serious violence.  It needs to be fully investigated before most people will be placated. To add insult to injury and continuing to inflame emotions, big tech companies and other large corporations penalized anyone that said that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen, which it was.  God help us.



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For more information…

In the old days, political candidates would tell voters what they stood for and voters would vote for those politicians whom they agreed with the most.  With the advent of polling and the use of focus groups, politicians now know in advance what voters want and most then tailor their speeches and “promises” to tell voters what they want to hear.

Politicians usually refer to this as “spin.”  Up to a point, it is spin.  But many politicians simply lie about their real intentions before they are voted into office…and go far beyond “spin.”  This is deceit and unethical but many people are easily deceived, partly because they want to believe whatever “their” politician and political party is advocating.

How does one find out which politicians are telling the truth and which ones are conning voters?  Start with being skeptical of all politicians.  Look at their record because what they’ve done in the past is the very best predictor of what they’ll do in the future.  Finally,  don’t be fooled by great and inspiring speeches.  We live in a sophisticated and complicated age where not much in politics is what it seems.  


These are some current examples of “unethical politics?” First define “unethical”.   We’ll just jump in with specific examples and you, the reader, decide whether some behavior is unethical or not.  You should be able to verify every example I cite on the Internet using the search engine DuckDuckGo.  Let’s go:

The Republican Party or GOP (Grand Old Party) is also known as “The Stupid Party.”  The Democratic Party is also known as “The Treason Party.”  Here’s why…when it comes to political strategy, for whatever reason, the Republican Party is naive, and possibly stupid.  When it comes to issues related to national defense, security, terrorism, and the economy, the Democrat Party has demonstrated that it is not only very weak, but its policies actually make things much worse.  But these are superficial labels and characterizations, so let’s go deeper and more substantive so, for the sake of time and brevity, I’ll simply cite just a few examples that I consider unethical:

-Former Vice-President Joe Biden, now President,  for numerous corrupt and illegal activities (a “Quid Pro Quo”) with Ukrainian government officials to assist his son, Hunter, to obtain millions of dollars (see Peter Schweizer’s book, Profiles in Corruption).

-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for  political reasons, not providing for the rescue of U.S. Ambassador Chis Stevens and other Americans in Ben Ghazi on September 11, 2012. 

-Secretary Clinton for deleting 33,000 emails from her server after receiving a subpoena to provide all of her emails to a Congressional Committee.

-President Obama, for political reasons, not pushing for a “status of forces” agreement with Iraq and consequently not leaving a small contingent of American troops to protect the victory that we won there (and ISIS consequently taking over much of Iraq and Syria).

-The Democrat Party for encouraging and funding violent demonstrators at Trump rallies.

-The Democrat Party for fabricating the phony “war on women.” (read Katie Pavlich’s book, “Assault and Flattery”)

-The Democrat Party for blaming climate change on carbon emissions rather than addressing the real upcoming global cooling which is due mostly to solar flares and sunspots, specifically weak Solar Cycles 24 and 25 (read John Casey’s book, “Cold Sun,” David Archibald’s book, “Twilight of Abundance,” John Casey’s book, “Dark Winter,” and my article “Is Climate Change due mostly to the Sun and Solar Flare or is it mostly Man-Made.”).

-The Democrat Party for advocating banning guns, thus endangering the lives of millions, especially women  (see John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” and Dana Loesch’s book, “Hands off my Gun”).

-The Democrat Party for: 1) stealing millions of votes (see Troy E. Nehl’s 2022 book, The Big Fraud, Andrew Gumbel’s book, “Steal This Vote,” and John Fund’s book, “Who’s Counting, How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk”), and for 2) its phony “voter suppression” charges as a pretext to be against Voter ID efforts and legislation that prevent voter fraud (see Ann Counter’s book, “Mugged”).

-The Democrat Party for constantly falsely claiming that the rich don’t pay their “fair share” of Federal taxes when the fact is that the top 10% of the wealthiest pay 70% of Federal income taxes.

-The Democrat Party for trying to suppress free speech (see Kirsten Powers book, “The Silencing”)

-T he Democrat Party for turning into a political-unethical organization intent on seizing and retaining power at any cost (see David Horowitz’ book, “The Shadow Party,”  Dick Morris’ book, “Power Grab,” and Mark Levin’s book, American Socialism).

-The Democrat Party for its racist history: being pro-slavery, pro Jim Crow laws, pro Klu Klux Klan for over 150 years (see Ann Coulter’s book, Mugged).

-The Democrat Party for opposing border security, and advocating extended-family chain migration, and the VISA diversity lottery, due solely on its desire for more undocumented workers who, when they become citizens, will vote almost exclusively for Democrats.

-The Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign for jointly paying $12 million to pay former British agent Christopher Stihl for having Russians create a fake dozzier on candidate Trump and then pass it on to the FBI, who used it to convince the FISA court (and keep it secret that it was funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign) and issue a warrant to listen in on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page and ultimately to instigate a special counsel to investigate President Trump for non-existent collusion with the Russians.

-ad infinitum.


It’s possible that any politician can become corrupted and lie through his/her teeth to the electorate.  America needs two major honest political parties.  Democrats need to do whatever needs to be done to return their Party to the honesty of one its former Democrat presidents, John F. Kennedy.  The health of the United States and all of its citizens depend on it.  It’s ultimately the responsibility of voters to keep their politicians honest by voting them out of office when they lie and deceive.  The corrupt media, however, has made it very difficult for most Americans to learn the truth about what their politicians are doing because it has taken sides, is no longer objective, and even goes so far as lying about the politicians and political Party it disagrees with.


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I believe that you have to have pets of your own to fully understand how we “animal people” feel about them.  I also believe that even referring to “companion animals” as “pets” is somewhat demeaning. Two of the first pets in my adult life were my cats, Bonnie and her kitten, Jenny.  They were special and I’d like to tell you a few of the things that I saw Bonnie do that demonstrates how special she was. One incident was an act of compassion and the other a demonstration of love.  You be the judge as to whether or not I’m attributing human qualities to my cat, Bonnie, or that she really was as special as I contend.

I first met Bonnie when she was a one-year-old homeless street cat.  I put out food and water every day and evening in my backyard for the homeless cats in the neighborhood.  Bonnie was a regular visitor, except that, unlike homeless feral cats that had never been socialized with people, she was very friendly. Suddenly one day she simply stopped coming around.  Months later, Bonnie, who had no name at the time, came onto my porch for some food and water and I decided to let her into my home because it was freezing cold outside.

She walked just a short distance into my parlor, looked around and returned outside to the bitter cold. However, within 5 minutes Bonnie returned to my porch accompanied by a black and white bloated, very sick cat. Both cats ate some of the dry cat food and drank some of the water that I had on my porch, and then both came to my front door and sat on the door mat.

When I saw Bonnie with her sick friend, I immediately opened the door and Bonnie’s friend entered my home but Bonnie walked away. I quickly put out some canned cat food as well as a cat bed, litter box and a bowl of water. The sick cat ate and drank like it was starved and terribly thirsty. Meanwhile, I didn’t see Bonnie around again for a few months.when I did see Bonnie again she seemed very fat. She came around every day and got fatter and fatter. It finally dawned on me that Bonnie, whom I thought was a male, was pregnant. From that moment on I couldn’t sleep peacefully at night. All I could think about was Bonnie’s kittens being born in the freezing cold and dying from the cold within minutes of birth.

So, one evening, when Bonnie came by for some food and water, I tried to entice her into my home. When I failed to get Bonnie to come in, I grabbed the cat carrier and a can of cat food and ran out and followed her across the street to a parking lot. She was so happy to see me pay attention to her… her tail wagged from side to side just like a dog’s.  I put an opened can of cat food into the carrier and thereby was able to lure her into it and took her to my home and let her loose inside.  The next day the “Cat Care Society” took in Bonnie and found her a foster home where she gave birth to six kittens.

Eight weeks later the Cat Care Society brought Bonnie and her kittens back to the shelter from the foster home and gave me the “pick of the litter” of the kittens. I picked an angel-faced little gray and white ball of fur who my wife named Jenny.  However, the Cat Care Society was very concerned about Bonnie. When they separated her from her kittens, she grieved and cried and would not eat but I couldn’t take her home yet because she had to be neutered and then needed a few days to recuperate. “Cat care” thought Bonnie might die. Meanwhile, I brought home Jenny immediately.

When I finally brought home the emaciated and grief-stricken Bonnie, she stealthily approached Jenny, sniffed her, and then began licking her. She was the happiest cat you ever saw!  Meanwhile, for weeks after being reunited with Jenny, whom she discovered on the floor by my sofa, it broke my heart to see Bonnie call and meow all around the sofa, thinking that her other five kittens were also there.

Bonnie and Jenny both became indoor cats and although Jenny grew up, Bonnie still preened her and played cat games with her like “Stalk,” “Ambush,” “Wrestle,” “Chase,” and “Cat-in-the-Box.” Bonnie was just one of millions of homeless cats on the streets who suffer from starvation, dehydration, being run over, freezing, being attacked by dogs and other cats, and being mangled by auto fans and belts when they snuggle up to a warm auto engine in the bitter cold.  Fortunately I was able to save Bonnie, and by so doing, also saved her kittens, including Jenny.  Bonnie and Jenny’s love for each other and for my wife and I, and the compassion that Bonnie showed for a sick cat friend by bringing her to my home for food and help was very touching and made me love her even more.

Do you see why we Animal People” feel the way we do about our “Companion Animals”?




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I’ve been married twice and divorced twice.  The dissolution of my first marriage was especially tragic because, although we both loved each other dearly (though I unfortunately rarely told my wife), we were not able to get back together despite that, and our marital breakup almost destroyed me (and I’m sure was very hurtful to my wife).   My brain tumor was mostly responsible for my first divorce, but poor communications played a large role in both of my divorces.  It’s so very painful for both parties to go through divorce to the extent that I believe that its possibility today in the U.S. (50%) is a legitimate reason why some may not want to ever marry.

But marriage is important, especially if you want to have children; therefore, you want to minimize the chances of getting divorced.  What do you do to accomplish this?  What I did after my divorces was to research and study marriage and divorce to learn why people divorce, in an effort to avoid repeating the mistakes I made that led to my divorces.


From numerous experts, but especially from the premier researcher on marriage, John Gottman, PhD, the most important skill to keeping a relationship or marriage healthy is for both partners to amicably resolve differences…in other words, negotiate or fight without metaphorically killing each other.  An easy-to-do measure from Dr. Gottman to help you determine if your marital/relationship communications are doing well is to frequently check to see if you’re having at least 5 positive interactions with your spouse/significant other for every negative one.  My first marriage tragically ended because my wife and I did not resolve our differences amicably.  Let’s look at what some of the other experts have to say….

In their book, The Intimate Enemy: How to Fight Fair in Love and Marriage, by George Bach and Peter Wyden, the authors ask if anyone ever heard from a significant other, “you never talk to me, ” or “you never listen to me!”

Because I’ve  made so many painful mistakes in my first marriage which resulted in it lasting only ten months, I became highly-motivated to not repeat the same mistakes.  Therefore my second wife and I learned to communicate with each other and became intimate friends and lovers by attending 5 pre-marital and 30 post-marital counseling sessions with 5 other married couples.  Achieving game-free spontaneity and the consequent well-being that resulted was well worth the effort. The caring needed in a successful relationship is defined by Masters and Johnson in their book, “The Pleasure Bond“, as “paying attention, being concerned, solicitous and protective.”  Fortunately, I learned how to express my caring with my second wife and my second marriage therefore lasted 25 years.

An important concept in men-women communications comes from John Gray, PhD in his book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”  Dr. Gray states that communication styles between the sexes are so different, that to truly understand each other, it’s very helpful to think of each sex as coming from different planets…and a recognition of those differences goes a long way in improving relations…basically because people don’t judge and treat each other with the caution and respect they otherwise would unless they thought the other was an alien.

The differences between the genders that make communications difficult are enumerated in Deborah Tannen’s book, You just Don’t Understand.  Dr. Tannen refers to “Report-Talk” (men) and “Rapport-talk” (women). She states, “For most women, conversation is a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships.  For most men, talk is primarily a means to preserve independence and is done by exhibiting knowledge and skill, and by holding center stage through verbal performance such as storytelling, joking or imparting information.

Psychologist and marriage counselor Barbara De Angelis continues this theme in a March-April 1992 “Special Report on Relationships” by stating that:

Women and men are from two different planets; we speak two different languages, it’s so essential to learn about their differences.  I know that men are solution-oriented in their conversation, so if I’m complaining about my day, I will add, “I don’t really need a solution, honey, I just want you to hold me.”  If I don’t, he may start giving me solutions, and I may get angry that he’s not being loving and attentive, and now we’re in a fight….”  Maggie Scarf, author of “Intimate Partners,” adds in that same article, that “when a woman brings up a problem, she wants to talk it over, to learn what it means.  A man hears a problem and wants to do something about it.  To most women, this is outrageous.  They feel that to do this (means) the discussion is over (and) is his way of saying, shut up.

The list of differences between men and women’s communication styles goes on and on.  Many of them are based on the fact that men and women have different psychological needs.  If each gender only understood those needs, both would be much happier.  From Diane Dunaway and John Kramer’s book, “Why Men don’t get Enough Sex and Women don’t get enough Love,” it states that these different needs can be summed up by saying that “men need to be needed and women need to be cherished.”  In a 1985 article, columnist Ann Landers conducted a survey asking women if affection was more important than sex.  Seventy-two percent of the 100,000 respondents said that they would be content to “just be held close and to forget about the sex act.”  According to Dunaway and Kramer, “Men have sex in order to feel good, women have sex when they feel good.”  Male-Female communications and love, sex, and intimacy are all intricately related; you can’t talk about one without addressing the others.

In Ellen Kriedman’s book, Light Her Fire, Ms. Kriedman states that “while dating, a man usually has no problem talking, because he has a goal in mind.  He wants her to find him desirable , so he’s charming, witty, and pays a great deal of attention to what she’s saying.   He wants to discover what her needs are so that he can fulfill them.  As a result, he has a women who finds him irresistible.  Once this happens, and she’s his forever, he stops talking.  In his mind, there’s less need to talk and listen to her than there was in the beginning.”

The Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite states that “most men said that, even with women friends or their wives and lovers, they feel some difficulty in talking deeply about their personal feelings — once again reflecting their early male training not to be too emotional.”

Further complicating communication between the sexes is the natural attraction that over 95% of the population has for the opposite sex.   Bernstein and Fast’s book, Sexual Chemistry, cites the nonverbal cues that men and women emit toward each other that demonstrate the sexual chemistry between them.  The book, More than Friends, Less than Lovers, argues that men and women can establish very gratifying relationships by becoming “intimate” without engaging in sexual relations.  This intimacy is a natural occurrence because today men and women work closely together.  But the guilt from illicit sex really messes up what otherwise could be a very good relationship.  In addition, 30 sexually-transmitted diseases make promiscuity a form of Russian Roulette. Desmond Morris, in his book, “Intimate Behavior,” gives a good explanation of the need for social intimacy.  Another book, Intimacy, discusses the need for intimacy.

Finally, while not explicitly contained in any books that I’ve read, but something that I found to be the most important factor in a successful relationship or marriage, is openness, honesty and forthrightness in dealing with each other.  I believe that one should not even tell white lies to a significant other when discussing important issues!  One can be diplomatic, subtle, and kind and not lie, while politely and respectfully giving your opinion.  You can’t work out your issues or problems together if you’re not truthful with each other about those issues and problems.  Many people use the excuse that they are simply being sensitive by telling a white lie, when in fact they may lack the courage to confront their significant other with what’s really bothering them.  I consider this to be a relationship/marriage-killer, no matter how noble the reasons for the deception.


There is an abundance of needless pain, suffering, frustration, and anxiety in relationships and marriages due to poor communications.  Marriage counselors can be very helpful but really good ones are rare and can be expensive.  Family and friends can be supportive but usually inadvertently give harmful advice because they can’t be objective and therefore make matters worse.  You can make your relationship/marriage better if you are motivated to do so and are willing to do your homework (read) on how to improve your communications and marriage; and then follow this up by setting some time aside every day to calmly talk through your marital issues/problems with your loved one.  I’ve just given you a taste of what’s out there by citing a number of books and authors.  Good luck in your search for a better relationship and/or marriage!




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In April of 1968 I married a very beautiful, “down-to-earth” woman with a delightful personality that I had fallen madly in love with.  In September of 1969, she divorced me.  In August 1978 I married a good-looking, fine woman whom I deeply cared about and who demonstratively needed my help.  In 2005 she divorced me.  Two marriages, two divorces.  What happened?  What can be learned from these tragedies that I can share with others to help them avoid the many mistakes I made?

I made numerous mistakes in my first marriage as well as making a disaster in responding to my breakup and divorce.  My first mistake was not being engaged much longer than five months before getting married.  A longer engagement was important for both of us to learn how to amicably resolve our differences…which renowned marriage researcher and author, John Gottman, PhD, says is the most important skill to have in order to have a happy marriage and avoid divorce.  Dr. Gottman also says that a couple should have at least five positive (supportive, friendly) interactions for every negative (criticism, contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling) in order to maintain a healthy relationship.  You can easily check the health of your relationship by applying these factors that Dr. Gottman’s research discovered.

Since my first wife usually lost her temper when we fought, I should have taken anything she said or did while in that  state with a grain of salt, but I did not.  In addition, we both made the mistake of informing family that we were having problems.  Family and friends are supportive and usually take your side, which although they make you feel good,  cannot be objective in analyzing and resolving marital problems, and therefore usually make things much worse. My family was especially protective of me because I had recent brain surgery, and they didn’t trust my wife since for all holidays, she arranged for us to celebrate with her family, contrary to an agreement we had.  Consequently, my family never got to really know and love the woman I loved, adored and married.  We should have gone to a marriage counselor to help us resolve our conflicts.

Finally, and most importantly, as very difficult as it was for me, I should have gone to my divorce-court hearing because I needed to be there in court to listen to my wife’s grievances and then tell my side as to what happened, and fight to keep her, perhaps through court-ordered marriage counseling. Though I loved my wife very much, I was not a good husband and foolishly did not tell her how much I loved her, which I should have frequently done.

Because we really loved each other, I firmly believe that were it not for my brain tumor, my wife and I would have worked out our problems and lived happily together and raised a family.  She wanted to be a good wife and eventually, a good mother, and the emotional irritation and paranoia that I experienced before and after my brain tumor was removed was temporary and eventually went away; and her running away, calling her parents to take her home and never even trying to resolve our differences I believe would have eventually disappeared. Our divorce boiled down to a huge misunderstanding: I thought back then that my wife threw me out, my wife thought that I left her, and my family thought I voluntarily left because my wife tried to stab me in fits of anger on two occasions… we never discussed the issue, so it was never clarified and resolved.

My second marriage was completely different, and I bent over backwards to make my second wife happy, including accepting a job in Denver and moving to the top of a mountain in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado so that she could have plenty of the quiet and solitude that she wanted and needed.  Knowing that I had been devastated by my first wife divorcing me, my fiancé insisted that we both attend five pre-marital counseling sessions with a marriage counselor before getting married, and soon after getting married I insisted that we attend 30 two and a half-hour “Communications-in-Marriage” couples counseling sessions with two marriage counselors and four other married couples.  This marriage lasted 27 years, followed by my now-x-wife traveling the U.S. for six years seeking a religious order. I financially assisted her in this effort.  Today we are good friends.

It was a bath that precipitated my first wife to give me an ultimatum  to either “not bathe then (she wanted us to immediately go food shopping) or get out,” and then follow it up after I bathed with forcing me to call a taxi and then pushing me out of our apartment (only  seven weeks after I had a large brain tumor removed; fifty years later I discovered that my mom had asked my wife to [temporarily] send me back to her).  Although I thought she told me to “get out,” I was paranoid so I might have had an auditory hallucination. Our conflict should have taken 15 minutes to resolve: apologies on both sides with explanations that we didn’t mean what we said (and perhaps making love after that).  However, it was never resolved.

A marriage is faced with many problems over a lifetime which need amicable resolutions.  The consequences of divorce on all parties are so painful that it should be used only as a last resort, after really trying together, face-to-face, to resolve the issues that brought you to the brink. We never seriously even tried because we hurt each other so badly and she was waiting for an apology from me, and I was waiting for her to invite me back since she threw me out. When I finally realized what needed to be done (grovel), my attempt was thwarted by my mother, who was especially protective of me because of my recent brain surgery, as well as my wife attempting to stab me in a fit of anger. My mom yelled at me for wimping out after she overheard my apologies and pleas to my wife on the phone to take me back because I was truly in agony without her.  Farewell to my marriage to a good wife (except for her very bad temper) that I dearly loved and adored (though I foolishly never told her), and hello to remorse and heartache for over 54 years (and still counting).

To reiterate, divorce is very painful for both spouses and their families so it should only be the very last resort after everything else has been tried and failed, including face-to-face discussions (not phone nor text).  The following is an example of what your discussions might sound like:

“I love you very much and want to make you happy.  I know you’re not happy with some of he things I say and do so please tell me what I can do or stop doing to make you happy.  You may need some time to think of everything so you may want to make a list during the next day, and I’ll do the same, and we can meet again tomorrow and discuss the items on our lists and clarify them so there is no misunderstanding by either of us.  After we’ve agreed, then we’ll both do our best to be a better husband and wife.”  We’ll keep a copy on the refrigerator door to serve as a reminder of what we will do to improve our marriage.  What do you think?”

If the aforementioned doesn’t work for you, marriage counselors are the people you confer with about marital problems and potential divorce; families and friends can’t be objective about you. Though they are probably well-intentioned, they usually makes matters worse.

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PS: For more information on avoiding divorce, read my article on this blog entitled, “Improving Communications in Relationships & Marriage.”  Also, because making love can help heal hurt feelings in a relationship, read the most informative article I’ve ever seen on the subject, my article on this blog entitled, “Older Men, Make Great Love Again,” which is relevant for all men, not only older men.  Finally, my article entitled, “Gut-check Before Getting Married,” might help in selecting a compatible mate.  My blog address is: (“Analyses of Domestic, National & International Issues”).


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Auto companies are moving ahead quickly with plans to produce electric vehicles, using the environment and government incentives and regulations as their justification.  Journalists haven’t even questioned the numerous assumptions in this decision and have displayed an unbelievable amount of incuriousness. Therefore, let’s ask a few basic questions that have not been asked by so-called “professional journalists”.

o Fossil fuels are burned somewhere to generate the electricity that fuels electric vehicles.  Are the pollutants created by the fuel burned by automobile gas engines greater than the amount created by burning the fuel necessary for producing the electricity needed to power electric vehicles?

o Are electric vehicles more susceptible to EMP (electric magnetic pulse) attacks than gas-fueled automobiles. Aren’t the high-voltage transmission lines that carry the electricity from the power plants to the gas stations extremely vulnerable to an EMP attack?

o The batteries used by electric vehicles require rare-earth minerals (Neodymium, Dysprosium, Cobalt, Nickel, etc.), most of which come from or are controlled by China whereas the U.S. could produce enough oil to fuel all of the cars on the road, and even have plenty to export.  Isn’t this a serious national security problem?

o The motivation of the younger generation for supporting electric vehicles is cleaner air; the motivation of government leaders appears to be massive under-the-table cash from “kickbacks”.  Think of the one-billion-dollar, government-funded, battery-factory boondoggle, “Solyndra,” as a great example (where the funds it received disappeared).

o Electric vehicles can eventually have a “kill switch” that can immediately disable them.  This has serious ramifications for tyrannical government officials because government can shut down anyone, anytime.

o Because electric vehicles are limited in the distances they can travel due to lack of recharging stations and how long it takes to recharge batteries, they limit freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.


The United States has huge gas, oil and coal reserves.  In fact, it developed them to the extent that it exported oil and gas when Donald Trump was President.  Today, it’s paying its enemies for oil, President Biden having shut down leasing Federal lands for oil and gas, as well as stopping construction of the Keystone XL and the Dakota pipelines, the drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and significantly raising fees for drilling.  These policies are making the U.S. more dependent on Russian and mid-East oi, enriching those countries and giving them the funds they need to cause mischief around the world.  Moreover, with the advent of electric vehicles, China will have a great deal of control over most developed countries due to it possessing over 90% of the world’s Cobalt, Nickel, and other rare-earth minerals that are necessary to make the batteries that are used in electric vehicles. In the event of a war, America’s power plants  would probably be destroyed very quickly, leaving those Americans with electric vehicles stranded.  The Unites States should therefore think twice before going “all-in” with electric vehicles.

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Crime has increased dramatically in the past two years in America’s large cities and is spilling over to the suburbs and towns.  In order to stop the increase and even reverse it, we must understand what is causing it.  Politicians say it’s the frustration caused by the Covid pandemic: others look at where the crime is occurring and the policies being pursued in those localities and conclude it stems from bad policies that were enacted in the past year that encouraged crime.  This post attempts to find the root causes of our crime-wave in order to offer viable solutions.

To begin, we need to see just how much crime there was in prior years to determine if it’s as bad as the press says it is.  Of the sixteen American cities where homicides have vastly escalated, 15 are run by Democrat mayors and city councils.  This is important because those policies affecting the criminal justice system in 15 are very similar and therefore may be the cause of the very large spike in homicides.  The policies we’re referring to are: 1) defunding the police, 2) not prosecuting robberies where the dollar amount of the stolen merchandise is under a specified amount, 3) city district attorneys not requiring cash bail for criminals who are then let free until their court date, 4) double standards for not prosecuting crimes against some groups (BLM, Antifa), 5) etc.

The aforementioned policies are absurd, however, for those that believe they are good, I submit the following:

  1. Defunding the police does not make police more careful about not violating civil rights.  Prosecuting bad policemen is part of the answer.  Training is another part.  Less police mean less enforcement.  Less enforcement means more crime.
  2. Not prosecuting robberies of under a certain cost inevitably leads to many more robberies because criminals know that will get away with it.
  3. District attorneys not requiring cash bail leads to many more criminals being free and on the street until their court dates.
  4. When some groups (BLM, Antifa) get away with rioting and destruction of businesses, but other groups are held to a much higher standard (January 6 protesters), faith in the fairness of  American Justice is lost (and tells people on the Left that they can get away with arson, looting, and mugging).

All of the above seem self-evident…it’s not rocket science to conclude what I concluded.  Therefore, why would such policies ever be adopted? There are some people that believe our justice system is unfair to minorities and the poor; however, courts offer free legal representation to anyone who can’t afford it.  While it may not be ideal, it does significantly help.  The criminal justice system policies being advocated and used by the Far-left have unintended consequences for law-abiding citizens that are intolerable.  Politicians and District Attorneys that advocate such policies need to be voted out of office and their destructive policies reversed.

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North Korea (NOKO) currently has three satellites circling the earth, possibly containing a super-EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon.  NOKO also has dozens of submarines and at least a dozen intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching America.  How did NOKO develop an EMP nuclear bomb?  NOKO (accidentally?) received EMP technology from Russia around 2004 and its nuclear tests have the signature of EMPs. Moreover, NOKO in January ’22 alone tested seven missiles, including hypersonic missiles, and many more since then.

Could the United States go from being the world’s only superpower to being impoverished, like most previous great powers through the ages?  Anything is possible, but I believe that an Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP) would seriously cripple the United States unless the U.S.  hardens its electric generation and transmission infra-structure (at a cost of at least about $4 billion).

If you saw the most recent version of the movie, “Godzilla,” you know a little about what EMPs can do.  EMPs are one of the greatest threats to the United States today and have even been caused naturally in the past, and are likely how the U.S. might be destroyed by NOKO, Iran, etc. with 90% of our population starving to death the first year following a major EMP attack.

If what I say is true, why haven’t you heard of it?  What are EMPs?  And is there anything that can be done to protect the United States from them, both those caused by nature and those caused by terrorists?

Electro-Magnetic Pulses can be caused naturally by Solar Sun Spots and Flares or by people using nuclear bombs exploded high above the ground.  A lightning strike is a small EMP.  There were EMP’s in 1859, when there was little electricity in use, and therefore just telegraphs were affected; in 1989, in Quebec; and a near-miss in 2012 when the earth was just missed by a major coronal ejection of the Sun that would have devastated the earth’s electronics.

A nuclear bomb detonated high over the U.S. could cause EMPs of such magnitude that all electronics (in phones, computers, autos, TVs, radios, etc.) would be “fried” and the U.S. would revert to stone-age existence with 90% of Americans dead within one year from starvation and people killing each other over food.  Because the U.S. has submarines with nuclear weapons on rockets, the U.S. can retaliate against aggressors, but some religious terrorists (like those in Iran) don’t care about retaliation.  In addition, to be effective in creating an EMP, a nuclear bomb would have to be detonated at least 25 miles above the earth, about in the middle of the United States.  Getting there undetected should be difficult, unless a “lost” plane gets into terrorist hands (and therefore could be disguised and used to carry a nuclear bomb above 25,000 feet altitude).

The effort by the Federal government to harden facilities in the U. S. from an EMP attack was reported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on September 3, 2020, and titled, “Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Program Status Report”.  I couldn’t discover whether this DHS program is still ongoing or whether the Biden Administration cancelled it. Take this threat seriously!

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One Good Friday and Easter Saturday I became inspired to say a few words about the Creator and tell how I know, not simply believe, that there is a God.  This question, plus the question concerning the existence of Heaven and Hell, becomes increasingly more important as we get older.  Since I’m old enough to be dead, and at 80 already have one foot in the grave, I thought I would pay my respects to the Big Guy/Gal/Spirit (God).

However, since my Blog emphasizes ”Independent Thought, I decided to make the case for God with no references to any of the World’s Religions or their Holy books.   Here goes…

I have many religious beliefs, some of which may not fit into any one religion, but they are beliefs, not certainties. But I do know one thing for sure, that there is a God.  He or she may be called by many different names but so what, it’s trivial, though I acknowledge that some religions make it a a big deal.

How do I know there’s a God?  The unbelievable vastness, complexity and orderliness of the universe alone convinces me, but you may need more proof than that.  I’ll explain how I personally know that God exists.  The following are my additional reasons, each one of which by itself doesn’t make the case alone so one needs to consider them collectively:

1. In the late 80’s, 90’s, and until about 2005 I lived on top of a 9000′ high mountain in the Colorado Rockies with my wife and cat.  I received a letter in the mail one Saturday requesting a donation of $500 to help the community pave the dirt road I lived on.  I wanted to do my part, especially since my property values would increase a lot if the road were paved, but I couldn’t afford it.   Therefore, I continued opening up my other mail, one of which contained a check for $520 from some investment I had made.  The amount and the timing were perfect but, of course, probably just a coincidence.

2.  Ten years later, I made a monumental blunder with my checking account, and somehow found my checkbook $1,900 short.  Two days later, in Monday’s mail, there was a check for a little over $1900 from some investment, another perfect amount as well as perfect timing.  Twice bailed out? Probably just another really lucky coincidence.

3. I took care of stray/homeless and even feral cats…with food, water, and medical care as part of the nationwide “Trap, Neuter, Return” program.  One Saturday a homeless pitch-black and friendly “Bombay” cat, with a little stub of a tail (later I named him “Bobby-Tail” because of his bobbed tail) came by my yard with a bad foot, trying to walk but limping very badly.  I brought him in and took him to my veterinarian, who found a cut on his foot and treated him.  The cost was $91, which I paid but couldn’t really afford right then.  Two days later I received a check in the mail for just over $91 for some refund from something.  The amount and timing was perfect!  A third coincidence?

On these three occasions, plus two more, the amounts and timing were perfect.  All times the money I needed was not for my personal use and was totally unexpected.  I was amazed…and after some thought I became convinced that they weren’t coincidences at all.  However, a really frightening incident that was the “slam-dunk” for me concerning the existence of God, happened back in 1968 and 69.  I even wrote a “first-person” article about it for Reader’s Digest but it was not published.  The weird but true tale follows:

4. I’ll skip the preliminaries; the “Amazing Kreskin” said that Quija boards only worked as a result of the unconscious mind that was actually moving the Ouija board pointer that spells out words as it goes from letter to letter and pauses between words.  Easy enough to test…I had the two board users face aside so they couldn’t see the board.   As I asked it questions, the pointer continued to move and answer them until my girlfriend, Maria, became so frightened by Quija’s answers, she refused to work the board anymore.  Here’s some of my exchanges with the Quija board:

“Quija, are you a man or a woman?”  Quija:”SPIRIT”

“Quija, are you a good spirit or a bad spirit?  Quija: “GOOD”

“Ouija, where do you get your power from?”  Quija: “SATAN”

“Ouija, everyone knows that Satan is evil, therefore how can you be good?  Quija: “GOODBYE”

“Ouija, when were you born?”  Quija: “I AM”

“Ouija, why do you talk to people?”  Quija: “PEOPLE NEED ME”

“Ouija, why do people need you?”  Quija: “TO MAKE THEM SUFFER”

“Ouija, I feel very sorry for you, how can I help you?” Quija:  “GIVE ME YOUR SOUL AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE ETERNAL POWERS OF EVIL”

I placed a set of Rosary beads onto the Quija board and asked: “Ouija, do you like me?”  Quija: “YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF THE SPIRIT WHO CAN CAUSE  SUFFERING BEYOND REALIZATION”

About a year after this encounter with the Quija board, I had a large brain tumor removed and was fighting for my life.  Half of my face became paralyzed and numb as a result of the surgical removal of a very large tumor, and my equilibrium and emotional state became really bad to the extent that my first wife, Maria, in a fit of rage at something stupid I had said/done, pushed me out of our apartment 5 weeks after my brain tumor surgery, and subsequently divorced me.  Since then I’ve had another few dozen more surgeries.  I would say that I experienced “suffering beyond realization.”  With only 1/2 of my face working normally, deaf in my left ear, and unable to walk straight, I no longer fool around with Quija boards. The point of my story on Quija is that,  if  in fact evil really does exist, then it follows that a good spirit (God) also exists.  You be the judge… (but I would not use a Ouija Board since many cases of alleged possession begin with using Ouija boards).

I know in God, based on my experiences as well as the vastness of the universe and the amazing capability and complexity of the human body.    I do have many more religious beliefs based on the world’s religions’ Holy Books.  However, many of my beliefs I consider details; the main thing is that, for me, there is no question that God does indeed exist.


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UNDERSTANDING AFRICAN-AMERICAN POLITICS (audio interview w. author Kevin Jackson)

I decided to interview Mr. Jackson, author of the books, The Big Black Lie, How I Learned the Truth about the Democrat Party; Race Pimping; and Sexy Brilliance; (25-minute audio of interview…click on the blue play icon below) because he is rare indeed…an unabashed African-American conservative.  Moreover, one won’t hear his views from traditional black leaders or the mainstream media but his views are worth listening to.

Mr. Jackson has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, was a management consultant for some of the world’s largest companies, ran his own sales organization, and has his own Blog and talk radio show.  He is a dynamic and elegant speaker who is in high demand for his clarity of thought and expression.

The interview with Mr. Jackson focuses on African-American politics and explores why Mr. Jackson holds the views that he does. He has been on MSNBC, O’Reilly, and Cavuto,  among many others, and has a clear and studied loud message for African-Americans, as well as anyone else interested in the welfare of that community.

In the interview, Mr. Jackson tells us about:

  1. How blacks were sold out by the Democrat party
  2. How to criticize former President Obama without being considered a racist
  3. How the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was far more supported by Republican Congressmen than Democrat Congressmen
  4. Why the Democrat Congress failed to revise welfare law even after Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan reported on how its “no man in the house rule” was destroying black families
  5. The origins of the financial meltdown, and much more.

To listen to my interview with Mr. Jackson’s, please click on the blue play icon below and then the hyperlink under them.

Kevin Jackson-African Americans Audio

Interview by Mike Russo.

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NY City Tammany Hall leader “Boss” Tweed, 1860’s-70’s

Although I’m slightly more conservative than liberal, I try to be even-handed in my writing.  However, the Left has become so radical, and even criminal at times, I think an article that is not even-handed is in order and appropriate. The following is a brief summary of what I believe has and is happening to adversely affect U.S. politics:

1. President Biden used to be a moderate Democrat for most of his political career, but he has governed  as a far-left radical after becoming President of the United States.  His policies are difficult to understand and appear to all be geared to hurting Americans and the U.S.  Examples of this include his dismantling of the myriad of immigration and border policies that kept the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. very low; putting America in huge debt by wasting trillions of dollars in allegedly helping Americans get over the pandemic; dividing America along racial lines by supporting and funding Critical Race Theory; weakening our military by not providing it with enough funds to even keep up with inflation; by removing economic sanctions from our adversaries such as Iran, China, and Russia.

2. Mainstream Media has become so dishonest that absolutely nothing it says about former President Trump can be believed .  It is guilty of “bias by omission” since it reports next to nothing that makes former President Trump look good or President Biden look bad.

3. Democrat Party leaders refuse to debate issues, but instead make “ad hominem” (personal) attacks against Republicans.  The reason for this is that their policies are absurd to the extent that they cannot be successfully defended from arguments against them.

4. Former President Trump is attacking Governor DeSantis, often unfairly. Trump can be mean at times and consequently will probably  lose the Republican nomination if he continues, because many do not like it.  He really needs to be more careful with his speech and never mimic the Far-Left’s tactics.

5. Far-left Democrats should commend President Obama because he did their bidding by trying his very best to drastically weaken our military, economic system, and Healthcare in order to further his Socialist agenda and that of the Democrat Party (by furthering policies that would create a large permanent poverty class dependent on the government for basic subsidence).  His political party is allowing large numbers of illegal aliens into the U.S. since most will eventually vote Democrat, and Obama doubled the National debt (from $10 trillion to $20 trillion), coming close to bankrupting the country (and President Biden is finishing the job).

6. The Democrat Party, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden destroyed healthcare insurance for millions of Americans; only those receiving free medical insurance did well under Obamacare.

7. The far-left shouts down conservative speakers on college campuses, as well as destroys property in its demonstrations, thus demonstrating it does not believe in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on freedom of speech and also cannot debate anyone that disagrees with them.

8.  Many Democrat leaders, such as Democrat Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, and House of Representatives  Democrat “Squad,” have advocated violence while the Main-Stream Media falsely accuse President Trump of instigating violence (I taped Trump’s January 6 speech…to “peacefully protest”).

9. Some Republican leaders are timid and cannot competently argue conservative policy positions though those positions are usually far better than liberal positions.  Were it not for Fox News and Newsmax cable TV stations, talk radio, President Trump, Governor DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, Rand Paul, Jim Jorden, etc., the Republican Party would be in terrible shape.  In other words, as ridiculous as most liberal positions are, the timidity of some Republican leaders, like Mitch McConnell, really hurts the adoption of conservative policy positions.

10. I believe that the far-left wing of the Democrat Party is shaping and mentally preparing its followers to hate Republicans and take over the Federal government.  We need to expose this criminality whenever we find evidence that it is happening, but cautiously, because the FBI has been weaponized and is looking for any excuse to lock us up.

11, 12, 13, etc.

In conclusion, if and when Democrat Party loyalists see what has happened to their Party and punish it by not supporting it (voting for it) until it changes, the Party should then clean itself up and consequently become more competitive and win many more elections.  If that never happens, God help the United States, because we will no longer be a Constitutional Republic but a third-world style dictatorship.  Let everything be peaceful as we go through this political turmoil.

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WW II British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said “if you’re not a Liberal at 20, you have no heart; if you’re not a Conservative at 40, you have no brain.”  What exactly did Churchill mean and does it ring true?

At 20 years old, people are usually idealistic and often believe what their mentors (teachers, professors, parents, relatives) inculcate in them.  However, teachers and professors in most of today’s universities and colleges have no practical experiences with socialism.  Their students hear only one side of national and international issues, and further, are discouraged to even listen to both sides, because the other side is characterized as being racist or sexist or whatever.

At 40 years old, people are usually much more mature, often with a spouse and children, and they begin devoting more time following public issues.  Moreover, they have lived long enough to become better at recognizing  the lies and deceit engaged in by many politicians.  And because many at age 40 now have children, national and international issues take on much greater importance with the realization that many Liberal/Progressive policies not only don’t work, but actually do harm to the people that they supposedly are intended to help.

I’m 50% Conservative and 50% Liberal.  That does not mean 50% Republican and 50% Democrat.  What’s Liberal or Conservative about $33 trillion in National Debt?  What’s Liberal or Conservative about health care that is confusing, disorganized, and unaffordable like Obamacare?  What’s Liberal or Conservative about a weak military or a foreign policy that punishes our allies and rewards our enemies?

At 80, I’m in the last few years of my life, and I’d love to leave this world knowing that the U.S. will be OK, but I’m not there yet, however most young people scare me because they are gullible and easily swayed but they still can vote, though many often know less than nothing about the issues…less than nothing because much/most of what they think they know is misinformation.  I don’t mean to sound critical, because it’s natural for the young to spend most of their time pursuing mates, getting an education, starting a career and raising a family.  How the young vote, the young being the group whose future would be the most devastated by another big-government statist president, however, will determine the fate of the United States.

Finally, many youth’s love-affair with liberalism and socialism is best answered with a comment by British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, who said:  “The problem with socialism is that, sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”  While the U.S. can’t run out of money because it can legally create through the Federal Reserve loaning funds to the Federal Government , its vastly reduced value from the resulting massive inflation from huge-deficit-spending programs have destroyed, and will continue to destroy, many livelihoods.

For further reading…


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For further reading


One of the very first investigations of the January 6 protest was conducted by the FBI, which concluded there was no evidence that the January 6 protest into the Capitol was coordinated.  The most recent “investigation” was conducted by the House of Representatives members, led by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and was totally political.  Its only purpose was to smear former President Trump and Republicans to prevent Trump from running again for the presidency.

The January 6 protest was routinely called the “January 6 Insurrection” by the Democrat Party and its sympathizers, the Mainstream Media.  However, there were no guns at this event.  The one person killed by gunfire during the protest (Ashli Babbitt) was a protester who was an unarmed non-violent female Air Force veteran killed by Capitol policeman Michael Bird, who didn’t even see Babbit’s unarmed hands when he shot and killed her.

Wanting to appear bi-partisan, Speaker Pelosi appointed two RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”), Liz Cheyney, Adam Kinzinger to the January 6 Congressional Committee.  President Trump authorized between 10-20.000 National Guard troops to protect the U.S. Capitol on January 6 but Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser would not approve it (and their approval was necessary).  A suspected FBI informant, Ray Epps, led and directed protesters to enter the Capitol building but the FBI never even questioned him.  Moreover, left-wing activist, John Sullivan, also directed the protesters to enter the Capitol.  In an interview, Liz Cheyney inadvertently revealed the real reason for the House’s January 6 Commission, “to ensure that Donald Trump can never be re-elected President.”  Some of the witnesses called to testify before the Commission refused to appear because they knew the obvious: that it was solely political theater and not a serious investigation.  Mainstream Media played along with the charade and reported it as if it were something other than the sham it was.


Much has been learned since January 6, 2021.  The most important is that Nancy Pelosi is largely responsible because she would not agree to President Trump’s request to allow 10-20,000 National Guard ready to maintain the peace at the Protest and at the Capitol.   Thanks to Kevin McCarthy for authorizing the release of 40,000 hours of video taken by the cameras in and around the Capitol.  It showed most of the protest was very peaceful and respectful of the Capitol though there were some unruly protesters which were the only ones that the January 6 Committee showed to the public while they prohibited showing the mostly-peaceful protest by the majority of protesters.  Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters remain in Washington jails without bail or even being charged.  Jacob Chansley, the protester who wore the horned helmet,  received a 4-year jail sentence and his lawyer and the judge were never shown the video exonerating him of all wrongdoing. I saw the video depicting the aforementioned on Tucker Carlson’s TV show on March 6, 7 and 8.  It was very difficult to believe my eyes, and then to see and hear U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, lie by stating that five police officers were killed on January 6 though no police officers were killed at the Capitol on January 6.


The January 6 protest got out-of-hand with some becoming unruly.  It was politically unwise for President Trump to hold his “stop-the-steal” rally on January 6, given the Democrat Party’s penchant for deceit and the FBI’s partisan political corruption in its leadership.  Democrat pollster, Pat Cadell, has called  the Democrat Party “the crooked party” for good reason.  The FBI investigation of the January 6 protest proved there was nothing there.  President Trump did not incite the crowd to riot…I heard and taped everything he said, however, the House’s January 6 Commission’s fake investigation milked this debacle as long as it could.  For a detailed and thorough account of the January 6 riot, see Troy E. Nehl’s 2022 book, The Big Fraud.

The most important “Take-Away” lesson from January 6 is that the Democrat Party has become completely corrupted and cannot be trusted about anything it says or does.

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Putin explains his thoughts on Ukraine in this book

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, had 200,000 Russian troops invade Ukraine on three sides beginning on February 24, 2022.  Why did Putin invade Ukraine and what did he want? He has said that he really wanted assurances that Ukraine would never be admitted as a member of NATO.  The U.S. had told him that decision was up to NATO and Ukraine, not the United States, and also signed a November 10, 2021, agreement to protect Ukraine.  However, Putin also said that he wanted to reconstitute the former Soviet Union and allegedly had a military second only to the United States (so his threat needed to be taken seriously).  Moreover, Putin saw how a weak President Biden left behind in Afghanistan hundreds of Americans, tens of thousands of Afghans that assisted the U.S., $85 billion in military equipment, a huge military base close to China… and therefore could invade Ukraine without concern that the United States would intervene.

Ukrainians have been courageously and fiercely defending their country against overwhelming odds using American Javelin missiles to destroy Russian tanks and American Stinger missiles to destroy Russian helicopters and planes.  In 1994, the U.S and Russia guaranteed Ukraine that it would be protected if it gave up its nuclear weapons.  It unwisely gave them up.  Civilians have been given weapons and taught how to make Molotov Cocktails.  Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has rallied many countries in the world to assist Ukraine with weapons, cash, and volunteers to defend themselves against the Russian military.  The United States, however, is Ukraine’s largest defender with over $118 billion being given thus far.  Ukraine is still being slowly destroyed every day with constant artillery, missiles and bombs.

President Biden demonstrated weakness and incompetence, but also, in the time that Joe Biden has been President, a barrel of oil increased in price from about $40/barrel to about $100/barrel. This has enriched huge-oil-exporter Russia to the extent that it could afford to have Russia’s military attack Ukraine with expensive missiles and bombs. The huge increase in the price of oil that enabled Russian aggression was due to: Biden preventing any new leases on Federal lands for oil and gas exploration and drilling; Biden stopping the Keystone and other oil and gas pipelines; Biden stopping any oil and gas exploration and drilling in Alaska; Biden significantly increasing fees for drilling on existing leases on Federal lands; Biden stopping off-shore drilling; Biden stopping fracking. However, the world is not technologically ready to cease using fossil fuels.  It might be in about 40 years.  The U.S. has “jumped the gun” and is paying the price in massive inflation as well as some of our adversaries, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, being enriched by the high price of oil.


If the United States began arming Ukraine when Russia began moving troops to the Ukraine border in April 2021, the war might have been prevented.  Now, a negotiated settlement is probably the most likely end of the war.  However, things could get a lot worse first, with poison gas and tactical nuclear weapons. It’s in everyone’s interests to end this war since 100,000 Ukrainians and 200,000 Russians have been killed as I write this post.  In addition, Ukraine is running out of fighters with old men and young teenagers joining the war.

Is peace even possible since Ukraine wants all of the Ukrainian land back and Russia wants to keep Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. It might be possible if each gets enough of what they want to compromise and strike a deal.  This is unacceptable to Ukraine…it wants all of its land back.  Moreover, it might be a very bad message to send to dictators, allowing Russia to keep their ill-gotten gains.  So what’s to be done?

Americans are currently supporting the war, but this will most likely will change if the war continues too long, so perhaps it’s time to give Ukraine the weapons it wants and needs to go on major offensives and push the Russians back into Russia.  The U.S. hasn’t done this thus far…it says for fear of  pushing Russia into using tactical (battlefield) nuclear weapons.  Since China appears likely to support the  war by providing lethal aid (weapons) to Russia, I believe it’s time to get serious about winning. The fact that the war is a political winner for the President portends that it will continue on at least until the 2024 Presidential election.

If it turns out that Ukraine cannot push Russia completely out of its country, then the U.S. should push it to negotiate peace with Russia, most likely giving Russia some Ukrainian land.  The fastest and least provocative way to end this war is for the U.S. to become energy independent again.  This would drive down the world price of oil to about $40-45/barrel, at which point Russia could no longer afford to continue the war.  

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For further readingHow do you know if news is fake?  This question was especially important in following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial where the mainstream news media as well as CNN and MSNBC were atrocious in continuously misstating the facts.  I know this because I watched some of the trial and heard the facts.  What’s to be done? Over the years I originated the following:

First, you need to consider the source of the news and ask yourself, “how does the journalist know what s/he is telling us?”  Many sources are simply someone’s conjecture being stated as fact.  If journalists were completely honest, they would begin many of their opinion pieces with something like, “I believe,” or “I think,” rather than stating what they think as fact.

Second, you need to look at access.  Most of the time you hear journalists, with no special access to the President, report on what the President is thinking.  Once again, you need to ask yourself, ” how did they get their information?”  It usually is speculation stated as fact or some anonymous unreliable source.

Third, you need to look at the track record of the journalist for reporting factually.  After observing a potential source of information for accuracy, I decide whether to continue to use that source, because it’s very time-consuming to double and triple-check every fact (so I need to know who I can believe).  Fox News’ Brit Hume, Shannon Bream and Laura Ingraham are three of the many sources I trust. Mainstream media, such as ABC, CBS, and NBC simply could not be trusted for reporting accurate information about anything involving President Trump.  Cable channels CNN and MSNBC are even worse to the extent that they are simply left-wing propaganda channels.  OAN (One America News) was mostly straight reporting of the news and reported about four times more news that any other TV channel, but of course it has been taken off the air.

Fourth, I avoid journalists who also are not truthful.  Being partisan is O.K. as long as the reporting is accurate and truthful.  For example, MSNBC’s Rachel Madow is very partisan and is not truthful, while Fox News’s partisan Sean Hannity is truthful, so I can trust Hannity but not Madow for accurate information.

Fifth, there are many other sources, including bloggers and radio talk-show hosts, who are great sources of solid information.  Radio talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh, now deceased, immediately comes to mind as someone who was a reliable source of accurate information.  Washington Examiner’s investigative journalist and chief correspondent, Byron York, is a great source.

Sixth, the very best source is the original, real, actual source of information, the kind you see on CSPAN-1, 2, or 3, not most journalists or reporters.  Subject-matter experts, like Gordon Chang and Michael Pillsbury, are great sources for information on China.  The best source for what President Trump said was President Trump himself.

Seventh, Mark Levin’s book, Unfreedom of the Press, Bernard Goldberg’s books, Bias and Arrogance, and Bob Kohn’s book, Journalistic Fraud, are but a few of the books that document how biased the news media is.  Everyone should be extremely careful taking anything from the mainstream media as factual and accurate.  The very best source to check on what sources are accurate is the Media Research Center (MRC). Most “Factcheckers” are worthless, or even worse, misleading.


Critical thinking is essential to determining whether a piece of news is real or fake.  If you are extremely partisan or are emotionally engaged for either side, looking at the news objectively is very difficult, but is possible if you really want to know the truth.  You need to take shortcuts for determining fake vs. real news  because thoroughly going through an analysis each time you hear a news story takes too much time that most people do not have.  My shortcuts are essentially watching and listening to credible, accurate and truthful sources.  With Kyle Rittenhouse I watched some of his trial and concluded that it was clearly a matter of self-defense, though it was imprudent of Kyle to go to the Black Lives Matter riot.  On the other hand, if you simply watched the reporting of the trial instead of the trial itself, you probably think that Rittenhouse was guilty.

Finally, be cautious in quickly accepting as fact anything you hear, read, or even see .  If it sounds crazy, perhaps it is.  The media has an agenda and usually doesn’t even report those things that don’t fit into its agenda (censorship by omission).  It is disheartening to see but it’s today’s reality.  Eternal vigilance in scrutinizing the media is necessary to keep it honest at simply reporting the news rather than fabricating or twisting it; our decisions are based on the facts we believe to be true; therefore, it’s very important to determine which news is real and which is fake.


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My quest for reliable polls began with the presidential polls used for the 2016 presidential election.  With only two exceptions, they were completely wrong.  If you knew those two exceptions in advance, you could have predicted the outcome of the election.  I did so and therefore was 75% certain that Donald J. Trump would become our next President.  It was really simple:  I looked at the polls that accurately predicted the previous (2012) presidential election.  There were only two, one of which polled daily, the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.  Therefore, I only believed the Rasmussen poll.


I initially thought that the reason for the poor poll results was simply the biased media funding fake polls in order to create a bandwagon effect (“push polls”) for their politician.  However, I decided to examine polls and find out why they differed so much.  The following is what I learned:

a) The design of a poll can easily create any outcome the pollster wants.  For example, the pollster determines what percentage of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to use in his or her polls.  These percentages largely determine the results of a poll.  Most of the recent polls used 24% of Republicans although the 2016 and 2018 election exit polls showed 33% of Republicans voted…which explains why the polls were so wrong.

b) Whether a poll is of: a) all adults, b) registered voters, or c) likely voters,  is the next most important factor in determining the results of a poll.  Only half of all adults vote, 80% of registered voters, and over 90% of likely voters vote.  The most accurate poll of Presidential elections has been the Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll which polls “likely” voters.

c) The way in which poll questions are worded can significantly influence the results of the poll.  For example, a question can be worded: 1) do you approve of the President? OR 2) do you approve of the President’s job performance? OR 3) do you like the President? OR 4) etc., etc., etc.  Often poll questions are deliberately ambiguous and therefore the results can’t be trusted.

d) How many people you poll is very important in order to get a representative sample.  Nothing under a 1000-person-poll is very reliable.

e) How you select the people to be polled is very important.  For example, only selecting people from the inner city would result in an overwhelming number of people favoring a Democrat and would not be a representative sample.  Same is true for a poll conducted of New Yorkers only.

f) Who is sponsoring the poll is extremely important.  A poll funded by the New York Times, Washington Post, or CNN will not depict a Republican President favorably because those newspapers and that TV station have a partisan agenda and are therefore unreliable.


I’ve attempted to show how polls can be manipulated to shape public opinion rather that guage it.  I believe that most political polls are seriously and deliberately flawed and therefore I don’t believe them to be reliable.  Past performance is the best way to judge a poll.  For example, the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll I used to believe to be the best of all of the Presidential polls, based on its past performance in both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.  Recently, the Trafalgar polls have been very accurate. Looking at past performance, therefore, is the quickest and easiest way to determine how accurate or misleading a poll is.

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Covid-19 will be with us for a very long time but the medical profession has unintentionally demonstrated what doesn’t work in combating it: lockdowns.  With Covid variants periodically arising, the best strategy suggests itself:  do everything to strengthen your immune system, including getting the vaccine and boosters, so that whatever virus attacks you, you’re prepared.  Also, wash your hands frequently, especially before every meal.  If you get Covid, there are effective therapeutics (treatments) readily available. The State with the lowest number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths is Florida…and Florida has no lockdowns and no mandated vaccinations, only voluntary.

Vaccination provides a personal benefit…it prevents you from dying from Covid.  It does not provide a public benefit…it does not prevent the vaccinated from spreading Covid (contrary to the BS you might have heard from politicians). Therefore, it should be an individual’s choice as to whether or not to be vaccinated. Deaths from the Flu are lower than deaths from Covid but Covid’s newest variant, Omicron, is very mild so far, so why all of the hysteria?  It’s way past the time to put Covid in perspective.

The unproductive and unnecessary government-mandated lockdowns have destroyed many businesses and lives.  Countries (like Sweden) and States (like South Dakota, Florida, etc.) that have not locked down are doing very well. If lockdowns, masks, and social distancing actually worked, the Pandemic would have been over by now.  Journalists, politicians, and physicians ask everyone to “follow the science”.  If everyone actually followed the science, they wouldn’t believe anything they hear about Covid from journalists, politicians, and politically- motivated doctors and agencies.

Instead, they would listen to what other countries have done and the Covid studies they conducted.  In addition, natural immunity which one gets upon becoming infected with Covid, is not even being considered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) though it is far more long-lasting and protective than immunity conferred by the vaccine.  Most other countries do consider natural immunity. Anyone with significant managerial experience would weigh the risks versus the benefits of each potential action to combat the virus.  Obviously, this has not and is not being done by the medical community.


I’m not a physician but I do follow the (real) science and I keep my immune system so strong that when I contracted the virus before I was vaccinated, I had symptoms for only 2 days (though I was 78 years old at the time).  I took daily 7,000 IU of Vitamin D, 1,000 mg Vitamin C, and after symptoms appeared I also took daily one baby aspirin, Pepsid, a Zinc lozenge, and Elderberry extract.  Everything I took for Covid was in addition to my other everyday supplements like a multi-vitamin/mineral capsule, magnesium, calcium, fish oil, quercetin, etc.

Good luck!

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Many politicians, as well as voters, say they loved President Trump’s policies but did not like him personally.  This is because former President, Donald Trump, did more good for Americans than almost all other Presidents; however, many did not like his blunt talk, demeanor, and temperament.  Is it even possible to have Trump’s policies without him?  Could DeSantis or Haley or Pompeo or Pence successfully implement Trump’s policies? That’s what this post is about.

I contend that you can’t separate Trump’s policies  from Trump…that he is essential to implementing his policies. From dealing with North Korean dictator Kim-Jung-Un and China’s dictator Xi, to getting oil companies making the United States oil independent, and significantly slowing down illegal immigration once again.  As political pundit, Dick Morris, puts it in his 2020 book, Return, “his temperament and accomplishments are cause and effect.  If you modulate his temperament, you won’t get the accomplishments.”

There are many people that vehemently do not want Donald Trump to become our next President for many reasons, only a few of which have to do with politics.  Instead, they fear his courage, his not being bribable, his wealth, his connections, his integrity, and his ability to take hit after hit and still get up and move forward to get things done for America (see my “Trump: a tough President for tough times” article in this book).  But do we really need Trump again?  I believe that we do, especially at this perilous time and for the reasons listed below.

The United States is at a crossroads.  The Socialist-Marxists are currently radically changing America, beginning with indoctrinating our children in the schools (see Pete Hegseth’s 2022 book, Battle for the American Mind), winning any National election they really want through massive fraud (see my “Trump won Big!” article in this book), impoverishing our Nation through frivolously spending money the U.S. does not have by recklessly borrowing from the Federal Reserve who simply creates money (as well as the inflation that goes with it), by allowing illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. so their children will be American citizens and probably vote Democrat, by discouraging the use of our huge fossil fuel reserves, thus giving China a large edge in overtaking the U.S. economy, by  making the U.S. more vulnerable to attack and intimidation by our adversaries (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea) by weakening our military, by wasting our SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve), by giving Ukraine much of our ammunition for our weapons and leaving us vulnerable to China, etc.

Former President Donald Trump has been battle-tested.  We have seen what he could do, and do it despite all of the Crazies on the Left, which nowadays, unfortunately, is almost all of the Democrat Party, which used to be far different; and Main Stream media, which has become indoctrination centers for the Democrat Party.  A Republican president needs much more than have great policies, s/he needs to be very courageous to even combat and win the Presidency given the massive election and voter fraud by the Democrat Party.  America needs Donald Trump again, the other contenders, with the possible exception of Governor DeSantis, are simply not strong enough or experienced enough yet for the “Final Battle”  (see David Horowitz’ book, Final Battle (The Next Election Could Be the Last).    




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Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The 2008 Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia v. Heller, ruled that the Second Amendment actually conferred an individual gun ownership right.

Are you pro-Second Amendment or anti-Second Amendment or somewhere in-between?  Are you for reasonable restrictions on gun ownership?  Where you stand on the gun issue really doesn’t matter much because most of the dialog surrounding this issue is simplistic and/or deceitful and/or political.

Why?  Because most of the measures which have been discussed and adopted have proven to be ineffective.  John Lott, author of the book, More Guns, Less Crime, is the very best authority on what works and what doesn’t, but have you heard his name even mentioned in the gun debates.  His research over more than a decade is explained in his book and should be the foundation of gun laws, not the political posturing that is going on around the country aimed at voters and guaranteed to do nothing except make matters worse.  Most people are not expected to know who knows what they’re talking about and who doesn’t, but the media is expected to know, but it either doesn’t or it doesn’t want to.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution allowing an armed citizenry was adopted by the Founding Fathers as a safeguard against government tyranny.  They wanted this because democracies eventually morphed into dictatorships, and with a standing army in the United States, this was a real possibility.  Fear of a dictatorial government is just one reason why emotions are so high surrounding the issue, especially with Venezuela  becoming a dictatorship, having banned guns to the general public in 2012.  Not many politicians will admit it because it sounds unbelievable, however, this is the heart of the issue: big-government Democrats want as much control of guns as possible, and limited-government Republicans want the minimum amount of control possible.  The major reason for many gun owners to have guns is the capability guns provide in protecting oneself and one’s family.  Other reasons are hunting and target shooting.

I bought my first handgun while living in downtown Washington, DC.  Washington banned even owning a handgun when I lived there.  However, I decided to break the local law and purchase a PPK (James Bond’s gun) after a close friend and neighbor had his head busted open by four hoodlums. Not too long after this I was attacked by three hoodlums just outside of my apartment.  Consequently, my wife and I moved to a safer neighborhood where I didn’t need a handgun.

We subsequently moved to a mountaintop in Colorado, located about one hour southwest of Denver.  While working in front of my property one day a motorcycle gang drove past me which got me to thinking that I could not protect my wife and I for the one hour it took for the sheriff to find and get to my home.  Consequently, I purchased a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, and a larger handgun.  Since we had no children and neither I nor my wife ever became hysterical, I kept all of my guns loaded and ready to use.  I considered them insurance and they made me feel much better about my ability to protect my wife.

You can see that my interest in guns has to do with protection.  The Second Amendment gives Americans that Right.  If you’d like to learn about the statistics that prove that more guns mean less crime, read John Lott’s, More Guns, Less Crime, and you’ll have the information you need to decide what needs to be done to help control gun violence. Other great books defending and justifying gun ownership are Dana Loesch’s, Hands Off My Gun, and Dennis Henigan’s, Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People. 

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Read how China has been at war with us…

Prior to China being admitted to the World Trade Organization (WTO), it simply had blind ambition, as well as big plans (see Michael Pillsbury’s book, “The Hundred-Year Marathon”), but after becoming a member with all of its trade advantages, China’s growth grew very rapidly to the extent that its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was only  a few trillion dollars less than the United States.

With its large GDP (about $18 trillion/year in 2022), China now has the financial resources to continue building a world-class military, and is in the process of closing the gap in its attempt to surpass the world’s number one superpower, the United States. In October of 2021, China demonstrated its hypersonic missile which is so fast and maneuverable and flies so close to the ground that it can’t be shot down by our current anti-ballistic missile system.  This, of course, means that China now has a first strike capability which is catastrophic for the West when it puts nuclear warheads on its supersonic missiles.

Aside from its large military build-up, China has already surpassed the U. S. in manufacturing and exports to the extent that many countries, including America, are now dependent on China for basic commodities, including numerous medicines.  In addition, it has engaged in many nefarious activities, such as developing covid-19 in its Wuhan Virology lab and not giving a “heads-up” about it to the world when it “escaped”.  Moreover, it has enslaved about a million Uyghurs, an Islamic group that live in northwest China in Xinjiang Province.  Also, it was instrumental in stealing the 2020 Presidential election because President Trump imposed hundreds of billions in tariffs and feared he would thwart China’s ambition of overtaking the U.S. as the world’s superpower.

China’s huge telecommunications company, Huawei, is currently in the process of developing the world’s first  5G (fifth generation) communications network. This is important because other countries will follow the 5G leader, the U.S. or China, and 5G doesn’t simply allow you to download much faster, it will enable autonomous cities and appliances and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to spy on everyone.

China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” had about 80 countries participating as of August 2018.  It provides financial assistance for railways, ports, highways, airports, pipelines and information networks.  It is entrapping many countries in unsustainable debt and is promoting China’s interests.  This initiative is not being done from a desire to help other countries, but instead to ingratiate countries to China so they will comply with its wishes.

I believe it’s clear that China is overtaking the United States, and when it does, the U.S.  and the world will be worse off.  What can be done to prevent this?  Many things, but they all have one thing in common: they require someone at the helm, in charge, who recognizes the threat and is tough enough to stand up to China and then do what is necessary for America to successfully compete with it.  I’m talking about re-electing former President Trump, who has already stood up to China with tariffs and other significant actions.  China is frightened of Trump.  They can’t bully him. The U.S. needs him.  See Newt Gingrich’s book, Trump vs. China.  To be fair, Governor DeSantis might also be strong against China, but he’s unproven on the International stage.  Donald Trump is the “Big Dog” but he’s America’s Big Dog and the U.S. needs him.

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White privilege means that whites have an advantage in life and society over blacks and other people of color. White supremacy means that whites are superior and should be dominant over the other races.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that “white privilege”  and “white supremacy” are real current phenomena.  Obviously, they were real in the past.  What can and does society and individuals do about it, if anything?  First, I believe, it’s necessary to acknowledge that it’s unfair.  Then, of course, it’s important to determine if there’s anything that can be done to correct the situation.  Here’s my analysis of the “white privilege”  and “white supremacy” issues:

Life is not fair: some people are tall (an advantage), some people are fat (a disadvantage).  some ugly (a disadvantage), some good-looking (an advantage), etc., etc.  Since skin color cannot be easily changed,  minorities must overcome any disadvantages and everyone needs to be aware of any bias they might have against others.   I know from personal experience that my physical appearance kept me from achieving my full potential and that my great parents and Ivy League education helped prepare me to mostly overcome my half-paralyzed face, closed left eye and very poor equilibrium that my first brain tumor left me with.  In addition, I  had to learn that I must work hard in order to overcome the stereotype that my particular physical handicaps portrayed of me.

On the other hand, though much less common, being black is sometimes an advantage.  President Obama was elected President after serving only two years as a U.S. senator with no managerial, business, or military experience.  This was previously unheard of!  Why?  White guilt! (see Shelby Steele’s book, White Guilt, published 2 years before Obama was elected President).  Moreover, Affirmative Action helps anyone of color, even members of wealthy African-American families. Is that fair to the very poor of any race or nationality?  Therefore, shouldn’t Affirmative Action be revised to only help the poor of any race?

I believe that government can only do so much to correct the unfairness of life and that in attempting to do so, it often makes things far worse for the people it is trying to help, through unintended consequences.  Good intentions count for nothing, except in politics where it’s used for propaganda.  Only results really matter!

Just one example should prove my point: prior to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA), about 29% of the disabled were employed.  When last I checked a few years ago, about 21% were employed.  Why?  Due to the ADA, it’s nearly impossible to fire someone who is disabled, so employers try not to hire them in order to avoid not being able to fire them if they don’t work out.

There is some solace to the unfairness of white privilege and white supremacy, as well as other unfair things that life throws in our paths: success is that much sweeter when we overcome and prevail despite obstacles!

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I decided to interview Dr. Smith (25-minute audio: click on the blue “play” icon at the bottom of this introduction to hear it.  Although there is some information about these foods and supplements, you don’t hear much from the medical profession…and the research I’ve seen suggests significant and substantial improvements to health and a reduction in medical disorders from them. Therefore, I wanted hear from a medical researcher and MD what the real benefits are.

The interview revolves around the research findings on vitamin D, resveratrol, pomegranate juice, dark chocolate, green and black teas, and testosterone.  Dr. Michael Smith is a medical doctor with specialties in radiology and internal medicine, and currently serves as the clinical information specialist with “The Life Extension Foundation” (, a non-profit organization devoted to researching and disseminating information on preventing disease and medical disorders. Dr. Smith has been with The Life Extension Foundation for many years. He received his MD degree from the Southwest Medical Center at the University of Texas in Dallas.  In the interview, Dr. Smith makes it very clear that the only way to accurately determine: 1. The appropriate amount of vitamin D to take for optimum health (5-8,000 International Units), 2. What percentage of cocoa solids your dark chocolate should have for optimum benefits (70%), 3. How much green tea you need to drink each day (unless you take a green tea supplement…18 cups), black tea…the new green tea, 4. The benefits to the heart and prostate from pomegranate juice,  5. The benefits of proper levels of testosterone and how to obtain a physician who will prescribe testosterone for you (LEF Health Advisers will help you find a doctor in your area). To listen to this interview, please click on the following blue “play” button. Michael-Smith-LifeExt-Reversatol-DarkChoc-Tea-Testosterone Interview by Mike Russo.

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One of the most important decisions most people will ever make is who to marry, if anyone.   A good marriage can be very fulfilling, so if you marry,  you want it to succeed, make both of you happy, raise a family if you both choose to do so, and last a lifetime.   How do you do that?  Some marriage counselors have much  more than their share of broken marriages, and I have had two marriages and two divorces, but it’s true that you learn a lot more from your failures than from your successes, so I’m presenting my analysis.  But first let’s look at a few of the grim statistics on marriage in the United States:

o 50% of married couples will eventually divorce

o 60% of second marriages fail

o 20-25% of men and 10-15% of women in a marriage have had an affair

o 45% of people in marriage say they would not marry again

In an interview with Longevity magazine many years ago, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was asked, “do you think you’ll ever meet the right man?”  She replied, “I was very lucky because I find eight times the right man.”  Of course we want our first  and only spouse to be the right man or woman.  My experience with marriage/relationships comes from my two marriages, two divorces, living with a girlfriend for three years and reading everything I could get on marriage and relationships so that I wouldn’t ever have another very painful divorce.  Of course you can’t help being attracted to who you’re attracted to, however, at some point in your relationship you should take a hard look ( a “gut-check”) at your loved one.  Here’s my advice for what to look for in considering a lifelong mate:

1. FRIENDSHIP: It’s very helpful if you and your intended are best friends before you marry, to the extent that you both can be yourselves and be able to joke around with each other and have fun in each other’s company.

2. HONESTY: Being honest, but tactful,  with each other is very helpful.  Making “I” statements can make this possible, so you might say, “I think that…” rather than imperial statements such as, “that’s bad” or “that’s good.”  Be diplomatic in your honest communications with each other, and not lie…but do not be brutally frank or unkind.   Why is being diplomatically honest important?  Because it fosters trust and intimacy.  Look for honesty in a potential mate.

3. RESPECT: Respect each other’s feelings about people, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and interests.  Of course, the more of these you have in common, the better, but you really need to respect your significant other’s views even though they may be very different from yours.  Does your spouse-to-be respect your feelings?

4. RESOLUTION: Resolving differences amicably is something that John Gottman PhD, marriage researcher and counselor, advocates as the most important skill for maintaining a good marriage.  My first marriage lacked this and was the underlying culprit responsible for its failure.  To check this out you need to be going together long enough to have at least one good fight or big disagreement to see if you both can resolve it amicably (and if not, to work on learning how to do it).  This ability I believe is more important than almost anything else.

5. FIVE to ONE BALANCE: Dr. Gottman said “a healthy balance between positive and negative feelings and actions toward each other…really separates contented couples from those in deep marital misery.”  Further, “if there is five times as many positive interactions as negative between couples, the marriage is likely to be stable over time.”  Dr. Gottman then specifies that negative interactions are criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.  Use this in determining how well you and your significant other might get along as husband and wife…look at your positive and negative interactions…is there a healthy balance?  If not, modify your behavior so that it becomes healthy.

6. LOVE and SEX:  Of course these are very important…in fact, I heard a marriage counselor comment that, “if the sex is good, the marriage is usually good.”  You can find good lovemaking technique in my “Older Men Make Great Love Again” post on my blog,  Love is much more complicated than sex and needs a book (or at least a blog post) all to itself.

7. SIMILARITY:  The more you and your spouse-to-be have in common, the better your chances for a successful marriage.  Religion, ethnicity, economic class, culture, interests, etc.  Even if you’re a perfect match, there’s still no guarantee of a happy and lasting marriage.  My first wife and I were almost identical to the extent that I often thought that had I been born a woman, I would have been born as her. Yet 17 months after we were married, she divorced me.


There are many other good qualities that you hopefully will see in your spouse-to-be, such as forgiveness, patience, unselfishness, caring, and keeping lines of communication open to you.

Even if you do everything well, there’s still no guarantee that your marriage will succeed.  To illustrate, Ellen Kriedman states in her book, Light her Fire, “while dating, a man usually has no problem talking, because he has a goal in mind.  He wants her to find him desirable, so he’s charming, witty and pays a great deal of attention to what she’s saying.  He wants to discover what her needs are so that he can fulfill them.  As a result, he has a woman who finds him irresistible.  Once this happens and she’s his forever, he stops talking.  In his mind, there’s less need to talk and listen to her than there was in the beginning.”  And, of course, the female partner might equally change after marriage, but in a different way.

Finally, it’s certainly a lot easier, after discussing your concerns with each other face-to-face, to stop dating someone whom you think you would be incompatible with, rather than marrying him or her and eventually getting divorced after a few years of marriage and a few children.  It’s far better to be single a little longer rather than getting married quickly and being miserable because your prince or princess turned out to be a frog, con artist, spouse abuser, philanderer, alcoholic, drug addict, gambling addict, gold digger, etc.  Whatever your problems, things can always get a whole lot worse.  If you love someone even though he or she has serious problems, it’s important to consider what your heart says, but your mind should make final decisions…and keep in mind that few spouses are better companions and more loyal friends than homeless stray cats or dogs that might visit your home for food and water, or that you find at a shelter, so you might want to consider adopting a stray for companionship and take your time before getting married.

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THE CHRISTMAS CAT: a story based on fact*

Kimmie the cat lived a quiet and peaceful life in her home on top of a 9,000-ft.-high mountain in the Colorado Rockies.  As Christmas drew near, little Kimmie would sit on her favorite window ledge and watch the snow fall and pile higher and higher.  When it snowed continuously for three days in late December, she knew she wouldn’t see brown soil again until May.  Kimmie was happy and content with her lot in life.  Her number one person, Sharon, was very gentle and kind to her, petting her and singing her to sleep every night.  Her number two person, Mike, wasn’t as gentle as Sharon, but he had a good heart, looked after her, and made sure she had food in her bowl the mornings when Sharon was still sleeping.

On occasion, things would get wild and crazy in Kimmie’s home when a foolish mouse would sneak into it seeking food and shelter, and Kim would chase it and play with it.  But most of the time things were quiet.  However, Christmas was just around the corner so Kimmie was very excited.  You see, Kimmie loved Christmas as no other cat did, because it was around Christmas many years ago that her parents adopted her.

“What will Santa bring me this year?” she thought.  Kimmie usually received cat toys and edible treats for Christmas, in addition to a beautifully-decorated spruce tree that she would pounce on top of and slide down. Kimmie liked doing that even more than playing with a mouse.  Except for one thing, Kimmie had seen and done it all in her 15 years of life.  The thing she had not done was to go outside of her home without being in her pet carrier.  She never had the opportunity to play with a squirrel, rabbit or chipmunk.  But this Christmas she planned to change all of that.

The day before Christmas finally arrived and little Kimmie’s heart beated rapidly in anticipation of her journey outside of her home.  Kim had no way of knowing that a winter storm was headed her way.  She kept a careful eye on the doors when Sharon neared them.  She couldn’t miss even one opportunity, because one chance is all she might get.  Finally, that fateful moment arrived when Sharon opened the side door that led directly outside.  Kimmie sprinted to the door as fast as she could.  She was so quick that she was just a blur to Sharon.  The next moment she was in the spacious outdoors with everything white with snow, especially the pine, fir, and spruce trees.  She looked back at her snow-covered home and heard Sharon calling her: “Kimmie, Kimmie, come back.  It’s too cold for you out there.”  But little Kimmie had made up her mind…she wanted to explore the woods.  Besides, she could always go home later.  It was very cold outside; much colder than she thought it would be.  She found a trail behind her house and walked and walked for what what seemed like forever.  She could see for miles.  There were endless mountains and wilderness and not a person or a home around.  Kimmie’s little paws quickly became frozen; they were not used to walking on snow.  “It is so beautiful outside,” she thought. “but it sure is cold.”  She came across a rabbit and chased it.  The only thing she ever chased in her house were mice!  “A rabbit is much more fun than a mouse,” she thought.  Then a fox wandered by so she hid.  “It’s my lucky day,” she thought.  “That fox might have caught me and I don’t even have claws to defend myself.”

Meanwhile, back at home, Sharon was filled with grief and guilt and could not stop crying.  She blamed herself for Kimmie getting out.  She called Mike at work and he immediately came home so that they both could scout the woods around their house in an attempt to find Kimmie before the winter storm arrived or before a fox or coyote caught her.  They began by putting out dirty bedsheets on an outside clothesline so that Kimmie might catch their scent in the air and thereby find her way home.  Then they went tramping through the woods with Sharon calling, “Kimmie, Kimmie, come here little sweet pea.”  But Kimmie was nowhere to be found.

By this time Kim was feeling the effects of the relentless cold and began shivering and sneezing.  She hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since she left home early that morning.  Kimmie missed the warmth of her home, the abundant food, and her fluffy cat bed.  She was cold, tired, hungry, and thirsty and just wanted to go home. Although she searched and sniffed the air, she just couldn’t find her home.  Meanwhile, Mike and Sharon were getting exhausted and were running out of places to look for her.  They could feel the air turning much colder.  Then it began to snow. They knew that it would be dark in a few hours and temperatures would go down to below zero and eventually to minus 30 degrees.

Then a fateful coincidence happened: Bear, a neighbor’s German Shepard, spotted Kimmie at a distance.  He knew who she was, and she knew who he was.  Bear had never seen Kimmie outside of her house so he figured that she had run away and was lost.  He ran over to her and said, “Kimmie, you’re not an outside cat; what are you doing out here?”  Kimmie tearfully replied between sneezes that she ran away that morning to see the woods but now was lost.  Bear replied, “I’ll never understand you cats, you don’t make any sense.  Follow me, you crazy cat; you’re far from home, but I know where you live, and I’ll get you back there.”  Kimmie followed Bear.  She didn’t realize how far from her home she had traveled.  When her house came into sight she lept for joy.  Bear said, “just keep following me, mouse-eater, you’re not home yet!”  The snow was coming down really heavily now and temperatures were already down to zero.

When Kimmie and Bear reached Kim’s house, little Kimmie meowed loudly for Sharon or Mike to let her inside. Bear just looked at Kimmie in amazement.  Then he said to her, “This is how you do it, fur ball: woof, woof, woof!”  Sharon heard Bear’s barking and came quickly to the door.  Sharon said, “what do you want Bear?  You know Garrison doesn’t like me to feed you!”  Then Sharon saw little frozen Kimmie, as Kim meowed and sneezed on the top of her lungs.  She said, “Oh Kimmie, Bear found you and brought you home to me!”  Sharon then picked up Kimmie and hugged and kissed her, and said to Bear, “what a wonderful friend you are. You saved my Kimmie!  Come inside and warm yourself by the fire.”  But Bear just barked and went back onto the trail.  He had to get home before the winter snowstorm got any worse.

Kimmie was the happiest cat in the whole world, and Sharon and Mike, the happiest people.  It was Christmas eve night, and the Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas tree hadn’t been decorated yet, because Kim’s folks had spent all of their time searching for her.  Kimmie snuggled in Sharon’s lap and just purred and purred, as Sharon petted her near the fireplace and talked ever so sweetly to her.  She had just eaten a can of Fancy Feast cat food and was nice and warm.  Only the day before she had been wondering what special treats and toys Santa would bring her for Christmas.  As she basked in love, affection, warmth, and abundant good food, she thought to herself, “how naive I’ve been.  I already have the best Christmas present a cat could ever have.  It’s a cold world out there away from family and friends.  Truly, there’s no place like home.”

*The only things in this story that are not true are: 1)Kimmie did not run away or get lost; and 2)animals can’t speak human languages.  All of the names, places, characters and descriptions in the story are real.

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The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery in coastal Georgia were pages in the book of race relations in America that were corrupted by politics.  Other  pages that turned political include Mike Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York, etc., etc.   The Brown incident was due to a policeman protecting himself from being killed; the Garner incident was due to the police being overzealous and inappropriate in its use of force.  Years later the U.S. is still agitated by those incidents and others, including where two New York City police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, were ambushed and killed for revenge while sitting in their police car. Why is this happening?

I believe that many Americans are obsessed with race.   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that his dream was that one day his four little children would live in a nation where they would be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  In other words, a “color-blind” society was his dream.  The opposite has and is taking place even though race relations in the U.S. for most people are okay.   Democrat politicians and their minions call anyone a racist who disagrees with them, whether or not it has anything to do with race.   Moreover, the government encourages discrimination in many, many ways including something so minor as requiring race and ethnic information in order to get medical care (I refuse to provide it calling it “racist” on the form).

My perspective on race relations today versus throughout the past is that, with the exception of the past 15 years, relations have improved significantly in the past 60 years.  But if my perspective is accurate, why is racism such a major concern today? Is it really Democrat politics as I stated earlier?  Author of the book, The Big Black Lie, Kevin Jackson, blames the Democrat Party in its attempt to convince voters that Republicans are racists.  In his book, Wrong on Race, Bruce Bartlett enumerates the Democrat Party’s history of racism.  Most recently, author of the book, Mugged, Ann Coulter, gives a very detailed account of racial demagoguery by the Democrat Party from the seventies to Obama.  My own experience and observations validate what I read and make me angry.  The pain and suffering by all parties has been perpetuated solely for political gain.  I also agree with Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The End of Racism, that the American obsession with race is fueled by civil rights and political establishments that have a vested interest in perpetuating black dependency.

Will this obsession with race ever end?  Only when the deception behind it (like the media using Trayvon Martin’s photo when he was an innocent-looking 12-year-old instead of his then-current 18-year-looking self) is fully exposed and widely acknowledged.  Unfortunately, that day may never come.  What would Dr. King say?  Nothing…I believe he would be  in tears!

Let’s go back in time to when African-Americans were freed from slavery and see what Booker T. Washington, born a slave, who established the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama to educate and train African-Americans and was the most prominent African-American in his day (1856-1915), said in his book, “Up from Slavery”:  “…the policy to be pursued with reference to the races was, by every honorable means, to bring together and to encourage the cultivation of friendly relations, instead of doing that which would embitter.”  What is happening today is the opposite of what Mr. Washington advocated and is being done mostly in order to keep 90% of African-Americans voting for the Democrat Party.

Obviously, the violent protests by the racist groups were reprehensible and the violent protests against them were also wrong.  The violence was wrong.  President Trump condemned the violence on three occasions on TV as well as in a few tweets yet he was still criticized.  This indicates how political “race” has become in America.  It needs to stop.  The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives all Americans the right to protest but no one has the right to protest violently and hurt others.  Police need to do their job and immediately arrest anyone being violent; however, police need to be supported by their political leaders.  Fat chance!

My credentials for stating the above: while working for the Federal government for over 40 years,  I volunteered to perform three “collateral-duty” jobs that took up to 15% of my official work time, each for a minimum of five years.  Two of the three involved fighting racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination.  In one of my collateral-duty jobs, I was instrumental in increasing Latino employment by my Federal Bureau from under 1 % to 6% of the workforce (as the Hispanic Employment Program Manager); in the other collateral-duty job, I counseled about a dozen minorities and women in seeking remedies for alleged discrimination (as an EEO Counselor).  Each of these positions required extensive training which I was happy to take and I performed well, to the extent that I received EEO awards from my bureau and the Department of Interior.   These experiences, plus working at my father’s butcher shop (with a 99% African-American clientele) while growing up, working as a counselor at a camp with 50% African-American “campers,” and attending a Junior High School with 50% African-American students, gives me a far-better perspective than most Caucasians in understanding race relations.

Let’s end the obsession; we’re all children of God and we all bleed red.

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The evidence that President Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide is overwhelming, yet you often hear that there is no evidence or that State courts looked at it and found nothing.  In this post I describe some of the evidence that documents how the election was stolen:

  1. The State Courts’ and the Supreme Court positions against President Trump are irrelevant because they didn’t even hear the evidence by claiming (erroneously) that President Trump and the 22 State litigants didn’t have standing to bring their lawsuits.
  2.  In her book,  “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized our Elections,” Mollie Hemingway, brilliant political analyst details how Mark Zuckerberg gave $419 million to two far-left radical organizations that then used the money to infiltrate and buy off election offices in the large cities in the “Battleground” states which then swayed the election to Joe Biden.
  3.  In addition to the traditional Democrat Party fraud, which began over 150 years ago with Boss Tweed in New York City politics, the type and magnitude of the massive election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election was unprecedented. China remotely reprogrammed electronic voting machines in Battleground Cities in Battleground States to flip millions of Trump votes to Biden votes.  The real election results were Trump 80+ million votes to Biden 68 million votes.
  4. The best compendium of most of the fraud was prepared by economist Peter Navarro, Ph.D., one of President Trump’s advisors. The report is 82 pages and has three volumes: volume one is called “The Immaculate Deception,” volume two is called “The Art of the Steal,” and volume three is called, “Yes, President Trump won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipts.” I had to use the “DuckDuckGo” search engine to obtain a copy.
  5. Time magazine published in its February 15, 2021 edition, a lengthy article, entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” It documents the manipulation, State law and Rule changes, etc. that Left-wing groups perpetrated to assist Joe Biden to become President.
  6.  After the election, Rudi Giuliani went to the “Battleground States” and held hearings with members of those State legislatures and listened to poll workers testify to the fraud they witnessed on election night.  I recorded over 20 hours of testimony.  .
  7. After the election, Mike Lindell (“the Pillow Guy”) pulled together many experts in computer science and cyber-theft, demonstrated in a few 2-hour presentations how China, by reprogramming the electronic voting machines, flipped millions of Trump votes to Biden votes.  Presented were numerous screen shots of the actual IP addresses in China of the sender and in the U.S. precincts where they were received and the number of votes flipped.  I recorded it when it aired on the T.V. station, One America News (OAN).  Considering that President Trump cost China hundreds of million of dollars in tariffs, it is certainly plausible that China would throw the election for Joe Biden.
  8. All Republican political leaders know from bitter experience that they must win elections decisively; otherwise, the election fraud committed by the Democrat Party will ultimately prevail (see Hugh Hewitt’s book, If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat).
  9. Elon Musk, multi-billionaire, upon purchasing Twitter, has published e-mails showing collusion between the FBI and Twitter suppressing any news about the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer implicating his father, Joe Biden, in huge corruption and conspiracy.  Enough Biden voters to change the election results say they would not have voted for Biden had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop story.
  10. Ad Infinitum.

There is no question that the 2020 U.S. Presidential election was stolen with significant help from China.  The “Big Lie” is really that it wasn’t stolen.  Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and the “Deep State”  have all assisted in this corruption.  Nothing less than the future of the Republic is at risk unless election fraud is stopped.  The Left cannot win with its insane policies; it can only win by using fraud and deceit.


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Hillary’s America gives a detailed account of the history of the Democrat Party. The DVD version is entertaining as well as informative.

I remember discussing the 1960 Presidential election with my father after watching the very first T.V. Presidential Debates, trying to decide who would make the better President, Richard Nixon or John Kennedy.  Both candidates had similar positions on issues. Though inexperienced, Kennedy was youthful, energetic, good-looking, and came across  very well on television.  Nixon was more dour and did not look good on T.V.  However, my dad and I thought that Nixon’s experience trumped Kennedy’s and that this was the most important factor to consider.

Of course, Kennedy was elected President and, aside from his mishandling of the “Bay of Pigs” fiasco,  governed well.  Although his father, Joseph Kennedy, bought the election for his son by buying votes in Cook County, Illinois, as well as in Texas, President Kennedy, aside from his womanizing, was basically an honest and effective president, and consequently is still beloved to this day by many millions of people. President Kennedy was one of the first presidents to cut taxes to stimulate the economy, something that no Democrat President would do today (though Democrat President Bill Clinton drastically cut the Capital Gains tax in the mid-90’s resulting in huge increases in trading stocks and consequent vastly increased revenues to the federal government.

Upon President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President and served out the remainder of Kennedy’s first term.  His escalation of the Vietnamese war was unpopular but his Civil Rights legislation was (legislation that President Kennedy originated).  Johnson allegedly said that “this will have the N****** voting Democrat for 200 years.  African-Americans had been previously voting Republican for 100 years after Republican President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (the Democrat Party was the party of slavery, the Klu Klux Klan,  and Jim Crow laws).

After Republican Gerald Ford became President when Richard Nixon resigned in 1974, Jimmy Carter became the next Democrat President in 1976.  Both inflation and interest rates skyrocketed under the Carter Administration, and when Carter persuaded the Shah of Iran to allow the Aiytolla Khomeni out of exile in Paris and back into Iran, Khomeni quickly fomented revolution and took over Iran.  Fifty-two hostages were taken from the U.S. embassy in Tehran, were held for 444 days, and only released 30 minutes after Republican Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President in 1981.  President Carter was thought to be a religious person, better suited to be the Nation’s preacher.

President Reagan reduced tax rates (which resulted in the Gross Domestic Product of the U.S. doubling in 10 years), strengthened the military (including the Strategic Defense Initiative, “Star Wars”), cut back Federal regulations, and created Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).  All of these got the economy booming.

Republican President George H.W. Bush subsequently served as president from 1988 to 1992 and had U.S. troops push Saddam Hussein’s troops out of Kuwait and back to Iraq in the first Gulf War..

Democrat Bill Clinton became President in 1992, governed as a moderate, and was considered a successful President despite his tryst with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, which eventually led to his impeachment. Under his Presidency there were 4

years of Federal budget surpluses, thanks mostly to Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, Budget Committee Chairman, John Kasich, and the Republican House and Senate. His support of the popular welfare reform led to greatly reduced welfare rolls and consequently to his re-election in 1996.

After Republican George W. Bush served as President from 2000 to 2008, Democrat Barrack Obama became President in 2008 on a slogan of “Hope and Change,” after serving as a U.S. Senator from Illinois for 2 years, and moved the Democrat Party to the far left.  He was re-elected in 2012 and served as President for four more years.  As President, Obama pushed through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) that mandated very poor healthcare unaffordable  for most people except those receiving subsidies.  In addition, Obama pushed the Dodd-Frank law that destroyed 40% of community banks, shut down many coal-fired generating plants and consequently lost about one million jobs, wasted billions from the Federal budget by investing in failed “green energy” “kick-back” plants like Solyndra, emphasized man-made climate change instead of sun-caused  climate change, increased the National debt from $9 trillion to $19 trillion, decreased the strength of the military to its weakest in decades, did not leave a small residual military force in Iraq which resulted in terrorists regaining a strong foothold in the region, negotiated a really bad deal with Iran which would have led to nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and possibly a  nuclear war, and did not take the threat from ISIS seriously, etc., etc., etc.

On January 20, 2017, Republican Donald Trump was sworn in as President and subsequently implemented policies which grew the economy by over 4%/year Gross Domestic Product (GDP), after only  about  one and a half years in office.  This after eight years of President Obama having an average of 1.9% GDP growth.  The stock market went from about 18,000 Dow Jones Industrial Average to over 28,000 in less than three years from the day Trump was elected President.  Moreover, President Trump and the Republicans in Congress significantly cut taxes on individuals, businesses and corporations which resulted in the economy growing at an unbelievable rate to the extent that I believed that budget deficits would disappear by the end of 2024 if Trump were re-elected in 2020. Finally, one of the most important accomplishments was his “Operation Warp Speed” that produced  vaccines for Covid-19 in nine months, rather than the 3-4 years that it would have otherwise taken.

Joe Biden, however, became President in January 2021 and immediately began reversing President Trump’s policies.  After only a few months in office the country began falling apart, with huge surges in illegal immigration and drugs, huge increases in government deficit spending and its consequent inflation, China and Russia challenging the U.S. all over the world, etc.  Today’s Democrat Party is for open borders, Sanctuary Cities, high taxes, late-term abortions, Socialism, government-run healthcare, and fraudulent elections; and against ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), law enforcement, gun ownership, low taxes, energy independence, and a strong military.

From Conservative Democrat President John Kennedy to Far-Left Democrat President Joe Biden, the Democrat Party is no longer the Political Party that your father might have voted for….it has become a far-left party for the very wealthy whose dark agenda is quickly destroying freedom in the United States.  This has been possible only because of the corrupt Mainstream Media and Big Tech enabling it.  See Elon Musk’s recently-released Twitter emails between Twitter and the FBI and “Big Tech” corporations  colluding  on suppressing political speech that it disagreed with.



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Why would I respect and admire former President Trump?  Here’s a few of the reasons why.

  1. President Trump every day made America great again by signing Executive Orders and laws to increase America’s prosperity, defenses, security, etc.  His tax cuts law, for example, revived the economy to the point where the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), until the Coronavirus lockdown, was routinely over 3% every month, though under the Obama Administration  never was over 3% for any year over his 8-year Presidency.  GDP measures the size of the economy. The tax cuts for people, businesses, and corporations, plus the cuts in regulations resulted in the lowest unemployment rate in history for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans, as well as an extremely low unemployment rate for all Americans.  President Trump spent over $700 billion in fiscal years 2018 and 2019 for the military which had become seriously weakened by President Obama’s starving it for financial resources during his 8-year presidency.  His Veterans law allows veterans to see any doctor and receive Federal reimbursement.  His “Right-to-Try” law enabled fatally-ill people to get experimental drugs as a last-ditch effort to save their lives.  He made the U.S. energy independent through Executive Orders abolishing Obama’s harmful over-regulations.  He built 500 miles of 30′-high wall along the southern border to protect Americans from drugs, terrorists and criminals.  Etc., etc., ad infinitum.
  2. He fought back hard when unjustly accused, which is far different than many, timid, gutless, Republican leaders.  Not only did he fight back, he continued to push his agenda, which was to help all Americans, despite the relentless attacks and misreporting by the Mainstream Media, academia, Hollywood and Democrat Party leadership.
  3. President Trump did what’s in the best interests of the U.S., far different than his predecessor, who put politics first.  For example, his insistence for a border wall was absolutely essential for national security and to stop drugs and terrorists/criminals from mixing in with other immigrants, thereby easily crossing the border to illegally enter the U.S.
  4. He regained America’s place in the world and was not timid in leading, unlike his predecessor.
  5. He has a wonderful wife and impressive children, which says a lot about him.
  6. He talks bluntly, unlike most politicians, therefore there is no need to speculate on what he really means.
  7. Although very wealthy, he did not put on airs and is not pretentious.
  8. He was loyal to his supporters and his political party.
  9. He called out the media for misreporting and even fabricating news, which was far different than many spineless Republican leaders.
  10. He planned, organized, directed, coordinated, and controlled the huge effort to protect the public from the Coronavirus, forced government agencies to develop Covid vaccines in record time, and then restarted the economy in an effort to bring it back to its recent former prosperity.                                                                 


President Trump was a different kind of President.  He accomplished in a day what most Presidents take a month or more to do, if ever.  He was fearless and did what needed to be done to help all Americans, regardless of the consequences.  Because he was not a politician, his blunt talk alienated many, however he improved the United States so dramatically and so quickly that I cannot help but respect and admire him.


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For the past 75 years the Democrat Party has promoted itself as helping the poor, African-Americans, and the “little guy.”  Today’s modern Democrat Party says that it is the self-avowed champion of illegal immigrants.  I contend that it has never been, and is actually hurting illegal immigrants, the poor and African-Americans and is no friend to these groups.  This is how it is doing this:

  1. Because illegal immigrants will work for lower wages, they push down the wages that employers pay to their other workers, many of whom are legal immigrants, unskilled workers and the poor.
  2. Through Democrat propaganda that says that African-Americans are continually discriminated against today, many believe that they are victims and buy into the victimhood mentality and adopt defeatist  attitudes and therefore don’t even attempt to excel and achieve the “American dream” because they have been brainwashed to believe it’s useless.
  3. Many female migrants traveling north to cross the U.S.’ southern border have been sexually assaulted along their journey, so encouraging illegal immigration hurts many women.
  4. Mexican cartels use illegal immigrants crossing he U.S. border to lure Border Patrol agents to other parts of the border so that they can smuggle illegal drugs, and illegals that are criminals in their countries, into the U.S. much easier, so open borders is very harmful to Americans.
  5. Human trafficking is rampant through the southern border and is made possible by the cartels who charge large fees to the immigrants or have them work for them in the illegal drug trade.
  6. When its advocacy of a $15/hour minimum wage is made mandatory, like in Seattle, many “starter” and “beginning-wage” jobs are eliminated, thus removing the first step of career ladders that unskilled workers need to join the workforce.
  7. The Democrat policy to outlaw guns denies law-abiding women, poor, and minorities the capability to defend themselves from criminals with guns, which is especially important to them because crime is usually high in their neighborhoods.
  8. Democrat advocacy and funding of Planned Parenthood, whose clinics are mostly located in Black neighborhoods, support abortions in line with the Eugenics movement promulgated by its founder, Margaret Sanger.
  9. The Democrat Party encourages and advocates dependency on government as one of its major methods of recruiting and retaining its voter base.
  10. The Democrat Party believes that “the ends justify the means” and its Democrat Presidents consequently have done many illegal acts such as using the IRS, Justice Department and the FBI to combat its enemies (see Mark Levin’s 2021 book, American Marxism; Stephen Moore’s 2022 book, Govzilla).  This often results in their political enemies being impoverished (which was their intention), like general Michael Flynn.
  11. Democrat leadership in all cities where they govern have inner cities, mostly of minorities, that are crime-ridden, dilapidated, and impoverished.  This is a direct result of Democrat policies of Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, easy-on-crime, banning guns, no-cash bail, high taxes, not supporting local police, rent control, etc., etc., etc..

The Democrat Party has targeted minorities, illegal immigrants, and the poor but their policies have actually significantly hurt them.  Once these targeted groups realize this, there should be a backlash. The mainstream media, a Democrat support group, however keeps this lie alive.

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Have you ever lost weight but later gained it all back?  Do you care what you eat and drink affect your health and appearance?  Ninety-five percent of dieters regain all of the weight they lose in a diet!

In 1993 the Denver Post reported on a study of 1,532 autopsies of teenagers and young adults who died from trauma in a dozen cities.  Early heart disease was found in the coronary arteries of half while 100% of the teens had fatty patches in their hearts’ aorta, the body’s and the heart’s main artery.  In addition, a 1988 Harris poll conducted for Prevention magazine showed that 64% of U.S. adults were overweight.

Being obese, according to Prevention’s Giant Book of Health Facts, substantially increases the risk of colon, prostate, breast cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and many other illnesses.


What do I know about diets to be advising anyone on losing weight?  My first diet dates back to 1969 just after I had a large brain tumor removed.  During recuperation from my surgery, my wife cooked my favorite foods and fed me well to the extent that I became heavy at 210 pounds, which for me was a lot.  To lose weight I checked out all of the known diets at the time, which all seemed unhealthy to me…and any weight lost would be almost guaranteed to be gained back, like most dieters experience.  So over the years I decided to create my own diet, based on the lowest-calorie foods of my favorites.  To be successful, my diet had to lead to permanent weight loss as well as being healthy.


It seemed to me that diets failed to result in long-term weight loss because the foods they were restricted to were foods that people did not particularly like.  Consequently, as soon as the desired amount of weight was lost, a dieter would return to his/her old eating habits and this would inevitably lead to gaining all of the lost weight back.  This phenomenon needs to be taken into account if your goal is permanent weight loss.  Keeping this in mind, a workable diet would use, to the extent possible, smaller portions of the dieter’s favorite foods but keeping high-calorie forbidden and restricted foods to an absolute minimum.  For my personalized diet, I looked up the caloric content of all of my favorite foods and concentrated on eating low-calorie foods, which were basically fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and 1% milkfat milk and yogurt. I also concentrated on nutrient-dense, non-starchy foods so I avoided potatoes, rice, white bread, pasta, etc.  Finally, I weighed myself every morning but also used a full-length mirror to check daily how my body looked.

For information on good nutrition, I started by reading a book called, Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Nutrition but were Afraid to Ask, by David Reuben, M.D.  I also read about a dozen diet books, including Dr. Robert Atkins’ books on his ultra-low carbohydrate diet and Dr. Barry Sears’ diet books on “The Zone,”  which is based of Nobel prize-winning research.  Recently, I’ve been following the “Intermittent Diet” where I fast from after dinner to lunch the following day.

For health reasons, I only used extra-virgin olive oil, used the no-calorie natural sweetener, Stevia, in place of sugar to the extent possible, avoided all foods made with partially-hydrogenated oils (trans-fatty acids), and also avoided foods with high fructose corn syrup.  In other words, I used no coffee creamer,  but did use only whole milk to whiten coffee.  In addition, I only used mustard (13 cals./tbs) instead of mayonaise (100 cals./tbs) on sandwiches.

I limited eating meat and ate mostly chicken, fish, and grass-fed lean beef.  Since I love animals, I even tried being a vegetarian for an entire year, eating beans , eggs, milk, and tofu as my main sources of protein. Finally, I walked and exercised at home every day in order to change my “set point” and therefore burn more calories every hour, even while resting.


Using variations of my diet from age 25 to age 79 I was able to maintain my normal weight.  However, beginning at age 70 it became much more difficult for me to maintain a normal weight due to Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X.  To counter this was difficult but possible…I used exercise and walking every day, a very low-carbohydrate (modified Atkins diet), low-calorie, smaller meals, green tea extract supplements, resveratrol supplements, and fish oil supplements.  I even used Metformin, a prescription drug for diabetics and pre-diabetics since I was pre-diabetic.  Finally, I tried many diets over the past 50 years, including the newer diets, Paleo and Keto, but quickly quit the last two after my research found them to be unhealthy.  The most recent very effective diet I tried was one of the variations of the “Intermittent Diet”… I only ate during daylight hours.


You don’t need much willpower to lose weight…you simply need to create an environment where you will lose weight no matter what!  Specifically, remove all high-calorie and unhealthy snacks from your home so that, when you want to snack, your choices are limited to natural applesauce, hummus, celery, carrots, pickles, refried beans with corn chips, etc.  No ice cream or pizza in the freezer, no cookies, cakes, pies, chips or pretzels in your house  or apartment.  When you eat at a restaurant, don’t go overboard…and no desert.  Do all of this and you will lose weight.  If you have Metabolic Syndrome, you need to go on a modified Atkins diet (Atkins diet, but using only healthy fats, fish and meats, plus eat beans so you will consume a little more carbohydrate than Atkins allows).  Follow my recommendations for a lifetime and you’ll be thin for a lifetime (and you should add years to your expected lifespan).  Good luck!

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For more information…


Joe Biden has been president for over two years so it’s past time to assess how he’s doing.  America is doing very poorly in almost every metric and it appears to be almost entirely the Biden Administration’s fault. Biden’s approval polls reflect this, though you would never know it if you only watch Main Stream Media. How did the President destroy the economy, raise inflation, make illegal immigration out of control, mess up our departure from Iraq, weaken the military,  etc., in two years?

While Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate, he governed as a Far-Left radical.  In addition, President Biden appears to have  dementia and other Biden Administration officials, like Ron Klain, are actually formulating the policies Biden is implementing.  These are my speculations as to why the Biden Administration has failed at every single endeavor it has engaged in.  If there are any Biden policies or actions you believe have been successful, then your sources of news have been corrupted (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, etc.).  Let’s examine some of President Biden’s policies.


I believe the following issues are the most important to the public: 1) The Economy, 2) Energy Independence, 3) Illegal Immigration/Border Security, 4) Crime, 5) Covid, 6) The Military, 7) Ukraine-Russia, 8) Afghanistan.

1.THE ECONOMY:  To adequately examine the economy, let’s look at a) inflation, b) employment, and  c) GDP (gross domestic product).  Trillions of dollars of unnecessary spending that was requested by the Biden Administration, and approved by the Democrat Congress caused this unprecedented inflation.

a) Inflation hits the poor hardest.  In April ’22, it was 8.3% (in 2020, under Trump, 1.4% inflation).  The cause began with the $1.9 Trillion “2021 American Rescue Plan”.

b) Employment appears to currently be doing well with unemployment at under 4%.  This was expected because of the “V-shaped Recovery” that President Trump enabled with his “across-the-board” tax rate cuts for everyone.  Wages recently grew at 5.5%, but with inflation over 8%, purchasing power decreased.  Note, however, that unemployment is a lagging indicator for recessions.

c) Gross Domestic Product (or GDP) measures the total cost of all goods and services produced by the United States.  It actually decreased in the first two quarters of 2022 which traditionally meant  the U.S. was/is in a recession (in 2020, under Trump, GDP growth was 6.5%).

2. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: On the day he was inaugurated as President, Joe Biden began his war on fossil fuels that he promised during his presidential campaign. He immediately shut down the Keystone and Dakota pipelines and the permitting of oil and gas exploration and drilling on Federal lands.  He discouraged financial institutions from loaning money to oil and gas companies and significantly raised fees for existing oil and gas leases on Federal lands.  He’s now stopped very large  oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

The consequences of all of the aforementioned is the price of gas significantly increasing in price as well as the 6,000 products made from oil significantly increasing in price.  Most consumer products are trucked to their destination so their prices have also necessarily vastly increased because of the cost of fuel that transports them.

3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION-BORDER SECURITY: 2020 Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, promised “open borders” if elected President, as did all of the other primary election Democrat candidates.  Since being elected, illegal immigration has vastly increased to over 200,000/month and is expected to triple if Title 42 is ever lifted. Most of the illegals are young single men, some of whom carry backpacks containing Fentanyl and other illegal drugs in order to pay the cartels their $4,000-$8,000 fee to cross the U.S. southern border.  Moreover, there are a number of criminals intermingled with non-criminals…human trafficking is also rampant.

4. CRIME:  The Democrat-supported “Defund the Police” movement that coincided with the 574 riots that took place in the summer of 2020, destroyed countless small businesses, including black-owned businesses.  Even V.P. Kamala Harris got involved by raising money to bail out rioters. The January 6 protest in the U.S. now appears to have been directed by a FBI-collaborator (Ray Epps) and arranged by the Democratic Party.  Democrat District Attorneys in Democrat-run cities are not prosecuting many classes of misdemeanors resulting in crime increasing exponentially in those cities.  Moreover, the-illegal the protests around Supreme Court justices over the then-draft Roe vs. Wade Alito opinion, were not investigated by the US Department of Justice nor condemned by the Biden Administration.  All of the aforementioned leads me to ask the obvious question, “why is the Democrat Party soft on crime,” and why isn’t the Department of Justice doing its job?

5. COVID: Response to Covid by the Federal and most State governments has been a combination of incompetence, anti-science, and political. The victims of this chaos was the American public, many of whom lost their lives, their livelihoods, or their health and well-being.  Unnecessary lockdowns hurt many State and local economies and schoolchildren, and mandatory vaccinations resulted in many people being fired, including from some critical jobs and the military.  Moreover, CDC (centers for Disease Control) officials were not transparent in their decisions, nor did they recognize the obvious, like the superiority of the natural immunity acquired when one caught the virus.  Consequently, a one-year pandemic has lasted years!  Why did States and the Federal government do what they did?

6. THE MILITARY: China is in the process of surpassing the U.S. military.  Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is very close in size to the United States and therefore China has the money to spend on its military for China to become a superpower like the U.S.  Fortunately it’s still  behind in nuclear weapons.  Russia does have a large nuclear arsenal to match the U.S.  It also has, unlike the U.S., many small tactical battlefield nuclear weapons, which Ukraine may eventually see. Recently, it has demonstrated its hypersonic missiles which are so fast and travel so close to the ground that they can’t be shot down.

While our adversaries are getting stronger, the U.S. military’s budget was increased only enough to keep up with inflation.  Also, U.S. military leadership is emphasizing teaching CRT (critical race theory) to all of our troops.  Our military has also fired soldiers that refused to be vaccinated. Why?

7. UKRAINE-RUSSIA:  Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 with the expectation of defeating Ukraine in a few days.  That was many months ago and Ukraine is still fighting and holding its own against Russia, using mostly American weapons.  To date the U.S. has given many billions to Ukraine, all of the money being given is borrowed and will add to U.S. inflation.  Meanwhile, the Ukraine-Russia war could have been avoided had President Biden started arming Ukraine when Russia started moving troops to its border with Ukraine, and if he refused Ukraine membership into NATO (instead of signing an agreement to support Ukraine).  Why?

8. AFGHANISTAN:  Unilaterally (with no consultation with other world leaders), President Biden changed the U.S. departure date from Afghanistan to August 31, 2021. as well as not adhering to the Trump policy of making the departure “conditions-based.”  He also made the departure site the Kabul airport and asked the Taliban to oversee the departure of all civilians.  Consequently, 13 American soldiers were killed, over 100 Americans and tens of thousands of Afghans that helped us were left stranded in Afghanistan, many of whom were eventually assassinated.  Moreover, $85 billion in U.S. military equipment was abandoned in Afghanistan.  Ultimately, this fiasco led to Russia and China to be emboldened and to become more aggressive with Ukraine and Taiwan.  Was this simply incompetence?


President Biden is on course to become our very worst president, by far.  The eight areas I looked at above are simply a small part of his actions that are destroying the U.S.  It’s understandable given his obvious dementia and his reliance on the Far-Left in the Democrat Party for guidance.  He will probably remain President for another two years, so it’s anyone’s guess how bad the U.S. will be by then.  I blame Mainstream Media for this debacle because none of this would have been possible had it done its job covering the news rather than covering up any news that made the Biden presidential campaign and then its Administration look bad.

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President Obama signed the “Iran nuclear deal” (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – “JCPOA”) with Iran in 2015, allegedly to delay it from developing a nuclear weapon.  It wasn’t a treaty because the Senate would not ratify it, but it cost the U.S. $150 billion and probably many lives because much of the money was used to fund Iran’s terrorist operations around the world.

When Donald Trump became President, his foreign policy advisors reviewed the deal and deemed it to be worse than worthless for many reasons, including: 1) no restrictions on the development of ballistic missiles, 2) no inspections allowed of military sites, 3) no cessation of proxy wars in the Middle East.  Trump gave Iran an opportunity to revise the agreement, but Iran refused and Trump consequently withdrew the U.S. from the deal in 2018.

When Joe Biden became President, he had negotiations re-started to get the U.S. back into the original agreement.  The new negotiations, however, appeared worse than the first, with Russia negotiating with Iran on behalf of the United States and even more billions being offered to Iran, in addition to removing the sanctions imposed by President Trump.  The short expiration dates in the deal remained the same as the original deal even though 7 years had elapsed since that deal was made (2015).

Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism in many countries.  Giving them billions would have facilitated this.  Iran currently sells missile-firing drones to Russia which is using them in its war against Ukraine.  At government-sponsored rallies in Iran, “Death to America” is chanted.  Iran already has missiles to reach its hated enemy, Israel.  Any funds the U.S. would have given them or money they could have made if we had lifted the sanctions that prevented them from selling oil, would have been used to develop missiles that could reach the U.S.  See Bibi Netanyahu’s book, “Bibi: my story.”

The Biden Administration was eager to enter into the disastrous deal with Iran in order to delay its development of a nuclear bomb. However, Iran has cheated and hid some of its nuclear sites under the former deal and continued to develop missiles that could reach the United States.  I believe former president, Trump, had the right idea in keeping Iran poor with  sanctions so it could not afford to sponsor many of its terrorist activities around the world nor develop a nuclear bomb or ICBMs.

This absurd “deal” is bad for the United States, Israel, and world peace and thankfully is now dead.  However, Iran can produce a nuclear bomb very quickly.

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Wherever you stand on the abortion issue, partial-birth abortion is probably abhorrent to you, because after 6 months in the womb, there is no question that a fetus looks like and is a baby.  A baby not yet born does not have the protection of the law, however, this is only a technicality…it’s a baby!  If you don’t think so, look at a Sonogram and watch the little one move around with his/her heart beating, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy!

My knowledge concerning partial-birth abortion began with Robert Bork’s book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah.  One of the chapters in Bork’s book discusses partial-birth abortion and includes a gruesome description of the procedure.  This sounds like a straightforward issue so why the controversy and the politicization and why is it still legal to abort a baby during the third trimester of pregnancy, especially since there are many couples waiting to adopt infants?  At the very least, partial-birth abortion is infanticide.

Over 61 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court in 1973; over 1.5 billion babies were aborted worldwide since 1980…some of these were partial-birth abortions.  When Judge Bret Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate to sit on the Supreme Court, taking Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat, the political left attempted to make the case that Justice Kavanaugh would try to overturn the Supreme Court abortion decision of 1973, Roe vs. Wade, although Kavanaugh referred to that decision as “settled law.”  However, once the Court became comfortably conservative, Roe vs. Wade was overturned via the “Dobbs” decision, which simply left the issue with each State.  Therefore, a ban on late-term or partial-birth abortions is still needed in many States.

The Democrat Party successfully attracts women to be part of its base using the abortion issue, which accounts for the gender gap between male and single female voters.  However, I believe that partial-birth abortion is detested by majorities of both genders and by majorities in both major political parties although it’s being used politically. The first four to six months of a pregnancy should be enough time for anyone to decide whether or not to abort a pregnancy, thereby rendering partial-birth abortions unnecessary.  It’s time to end this horrific practice.

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The Democrat and the Republican parties have completely opposite ideas and policies on growing the economy and creating jobs, but it’s difficult to understand how this can be.  No longer simply theory, but proven time-and-time again to work, cutting tax-rates and cutting regulations stimulate the economy and creates jobs to the extent that the additional tax revenues generated from the rate-cuts usually exceeds the cost of those rate-cuts.

President Kennedy did this, as well as Presidents Reagan and Trump.  Why doesn’t the Democrat Party understand this, but instead sticks with Keynesian economics which allegedly doubled the duration of the Great Depression in the 1930s?  Also, many Democrat Senators and Congressmen and women embrace Socialism, which has destroyed every economy that has fully embraced it (currently Venezuela).  Understanding the economics of it is so simple that I can only conclude that the Democrat Party doesn’t want to understand it, but why not?

One of the constituencies that the Democrat Party claims is the poor.  The Democrat Party’s policies, however, keep the poor being poor.  On the other hand, “Supply-side” economics (see Milton Friedman’s book, Free to Choose)  pulls up many of the poor into the working class, middle class, and some will even become wealthy.  When this happens, they frequently no longer vote Democrat.  It’s therefore in the Party’s self-interest to keep people poor, keep them victims, keep them envious and vengeful, have them believe they’re the victims of racism, discrimination, etc.

Another reason I believe the Democrat Party  wants everyone (except themselves) to be poor is that it strongly encourages equality of results or outcomes (called equity, not equality)  and with their preferred economic system (socialism), everyone except government and political officials, will eventually be equal but equally poor (ask citizens of Venezuela).

The most recent evidence that this is so was the relentless attacks against the huge Trump and Republican tax-rate cuts, using the phony pretext that the cuts only benefited the wealthy.  Since the wealthiest 1% of the population pays about 37% of Federal income taxes and the top 10% pay about 70%, they receive back the most in dollars, though they are just a small amount of the population.  In addition, lowering the corporate tax rate from the very highest in the world, 35%, to a much lower and more competitive rate, 21%, benefits not only the stockholders of the corporation but all of the people that a corporation employs, as well.

It’s far past the time that the Democrat Party changes its posture on stimulating the economy and creating jobs based on reality.  Actual great results have been achieved every time by reducing tax-rates and regulations and usually pay for themselves in generating greater tax revenues.

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MUGGED: racial demagoguery

I read Ann Coulter’s book, Mugged, and learned a lot of new information from this lawyer and best-selling author.  None of the information surprised me but it was insightful reading Ms. Coulter’s relentless array of facts.

Basically, Coulter contends that very few of the racial incidents in the last 50 years have been racist (civil rights battles were mostly won before the seventies); instead, they were racial hoaxes, perpetrated by demagogues for various reasons and motives.

One of the most important facts that Ann Coulter shows in her book, Mugged,  is that all segregationists were Democrats and that the Democrat Party fought against Civil Rights legislation for 100 years going way back to Abraham Lincoln’s time when Lincoln and his Republican Party ran on an anti-slavery platform.  This is not news to us who know American history but it is big news to millions of Americans that have been brainwashed and now believe the racist propaganda politicians spout off.

Another very important and horrific fact brought to light in Ms. Coulter’s book is the fact that a major consequence of every racial hoax is the slaughter of whites by young black hoodlums seeking revenge for what they hear and believe to be true about the (phony) racial incidents (Google: “Blackout Game,” “Polar Bear Hunting,” “Flash Mobs”).

Why do I believe the aforementioned to be true?  First, because I trust Ann Coulter in accurately portraying the facts.  Second, because I not only worked for many years assisting minorities in combating discrimination as a Federal collateral-duty EEO Counselor and then as a Federal collateral-duty Hispanic Employment Program Coordinator, but also have closely followed many racial incidents, including Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

“Mugged” gives the details of many racial incidents, such as the Tawana Brawley rape hoax with Al Sharpton’s involvement.  I believe that some racism still exists, but there are many politicians and race hustlers exploiting race simply to get your vote, and use the very toxic “Critical Race Theory” (which contends that all whites are oppressors and all blacks are victims) and the”1619 Project” (which contends that America was really founded to further slavery, contrary to what the Declaration of Independence says).


Ann Coulter’s book, Mugged, ends with Barack Obama.  The United States has made fantastic progress since it left British rule in 1776, which back then had slavery.  Eighty-seven years later President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves (in 1863).  One hundred and thirty-seven years after the slaves were freed, the U.S. elected its first African-American President (Barack Obama in 2008).  In the 1960’s, significant Civil Rights laws were passed to help combat discrimination.  Today, many politicians are unethically using race to create racial strife to further their political agendas.  It’s no coincidence that 90% of African-Americans vote Democrat, though Democrat Socialist policies are preventing them from achieving their dreams.


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For further reading

Inflation in the United States was as high as 9%, now it’s down to 6%.  Inflation in some countries is even higher, in others lower.  Most of it due to huge deficit-spending, a global oil shortage that arose  from the U.S. no longer producing its share of oil, and disruptions to supply chains for food and goods  due to the lockdowns.  Two years ago the U.S. met all of it’s own oil, gas and energy needs (oil production in 2020 was 13 million barrels per day, in 2021 jt was 9.6 million BPD).  The poor and people with moderate incomes were hurt the most from the resulting inflation, with many people no longer able to afford to pay for their daily necessities like food, transportation, and housing.

The shame of it all is that it’s 100% the fault of governments: Federal, State and local.  Government is supposed to help its citizens, so how can this be?  This is how….  The Far-Left wing of the Democrat Party (the AOC/Bernie Sanders wing) has taken over that Party and now dictates its policies.  For example,  it has enabled millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. (open borders), made massive deficit spending, mandated Covid lockdowns (which did nothing except destroy jobs, businesses, economies, and children’s education), defunded police (which led to huge increases in crime), allowed over 500 BLM and Antifa riots the summer of 2020 (which also destroyed many businesses, etc.).  Other devastating Far-Left Democrat policies  include Federal lands being removed from permitting leases for oil/gas exploration, much higher costs for existing oil/gas Federal permits, subsidizing alternative fuels, advocating banks not lend money to oil, gas, and coal companies, which have all significantly increased the price of oil which is mostly responsible for the large increases in inflation.

The Presidency and both Houses of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) are currently controlled by the Democrat Party so their policies are the only  ones being passed into law and implemented by President Biden, and their energy policy is to discourage the use of fossil fuels and encourage electric vehicles and some forms of alternative energy sources (wind, solar).  In fact, they truly believe that high fossil-fuel prices are a good thing because it makes the very high cost of alternative means of energy production more competitive.  Currently, the generation of most electricity in the U.S. is obtained from burning coal and natural gas, both of which are fossil fuels.

If you believe that climate-change is mostly man-made instead of the result of solar flares and the sun, you might think that this policy of discouraging the use of fossil fuels is good…and one day it may be; however, the United States and the world are not technologically ready for it yet, and this premature transition appears to be on-course for causing a world-wide depression and the widespread poverty and starvation that goes with it.  Why would this happen?  To answer this question, we need to look at what fossil fuels are used for: 1) transportation via vehicles, ships, and planes for food and goods from farms and factories to outlets throughout the world, 2) a major ingredient in fertilizers to grow crops, 3) a major ingredient in synthetic fibers to make fabric, rugs, tires, 4) to burn as fuel for heat and energy, 5) in plastics and floor coverings, etc., etc. (for about 6,000 products).  Consequently, one can readily see that fossil fuels are used for many purposes other than fuel and that they are extremely important to the United States and every country in the world.  Check out Alex Epstein’s, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, if you’d like to learn more about their importance.


America has been needlessly thrown into a technical recession by the Biden Administration with its Regressive anti-fossil fuel policies. It has begged some of our enemies  (Iran, Venezuela) and friends (Saudi Arabia) to increase their oil production to no avail.  At the same time it has and is, through numerous actions, discouraged the United States from becoming energy-independent again as it was under President Trump.  Will it ever change?  I don’t think so, because its anti-Capitalist, Socialist-Marxist philosophical underpinnings mandate high energy prices to help destroy the fossil-fuel market, which is what the Left uses as a pretext to disguise its real objective, which is to destroy Capitalism.


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I decided to interview Dr. Michael Smith [25-minute audio can be heard by clicking on the blue “play” icon  at the bottom of the final paragraph in this post on my blog,].  The scientific literature shows that certain lifestyle choices and nutritional supplements can help delay and even prevent  Alzheimer’s, so I wanted to ask a medical doctor, who’s knowledgeable on the latest research in this area, what he thinks.  

UPDATE SINCE MY INTERVIEW WITH DR. SMITH: 1) according to a CAIDE (Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia) study, coffee given to mice, equivalent to 5 cups of coffee a day by a person, gives  65% less risk of getting Alzheimer’s,  2) scientific research conducted at MIT developed and tested Magnesium L-Threonate which allegedly doubles long-term memory and increases short-term memory by 20% by increasing the density in the synapses between brain cells;  3) a supplement called PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) has been researched and allegedly found to foster the growth of new brain cells, something that had been thought to be impossible; 4) researchers have found that people who ate the most strawberries or blueberries delayed the onset of Alzheimer’s by 2 1/2 years; 5) to keep the brain from shrinking as you age, high-dose DHA (a transfatty acid in fish oil) or walking 6-9 miles/week are both effective; 6) methylene blue has been found to slow the progression of Alzhemier’s by 81% (and also is effective for Parkinson’s and Huntington’s); 7) there is promising research on reversing Alzheimer’s by an FDA-approved cancer drug, Bexarotene,  which reversed Alzheimer’s in 2 weeks in mice (note that a physician can prescribe a FDA-approved drug for any medical problem if s/he can justify its use); 8) taurine, an amino acid, has been  shown to promote the formation of new brain cells and enhance their connections (neurites) in laboratory studies; 9) Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC), a B-vitamin, is a precursor to the fat that is in brain cells’ myelin sheaths which cover and protect the connections between brain cells,  and is required to repair them (their deterioration leads to dementia); 10) follow the MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) to slow the rate of cognitive decline and protect against Alzheimer’s; 11) follow as much as possible the 36-point plan from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, especially by eliminating all simple carbohydrates and processed food, increasing vegetables, fruit, fish, sleep and exercise, taking daily vitamin D3, B-12 under the tongue lozenges, and Coenzyme Q10; 12) according to the Life Extension Foundation, its supplement, “Memory Protect,” which contains very low-dose Lithium and a colostrum-derived proline-rich polypeptide, has been shown in both animal and human studies to halt Alzheimer’s progression; 13) Viagra reduces the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s by 69% according to Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News on 8/19/22, who cited a recent Harvard study; 14) the new anti-amyloid antibody drug, Leqembi, slows cognitive decline by 26%; 15) follow the Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction Program Daniel G. Amen, M.D.’s book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; and 16) I personally take Life Extension Foundation’s (LEF) supplement, Cognitex Elite, because it contains ingredients shown to significantly brain function, such as Phosphatidylserine, Sage Extract, and blueberry extract; and I also take 3,000 mg fish oil/day because the EPA and DHA fatty acids it contains improves brain function and reduces inflammation.

My interviewee, Dr. Michael Smith, is a medical doctor (MD) with specialties in internal medicine and radiology, and currently serves as the clinical information specialist with the Life Extension Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to researching and disseminating information on preventing diseases and medical disorders.  In this interview he discusses preventing neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment.   Dr. Smith received his MD from Southwest Medical Center at the University of Texas in Dallas and has been with The Life Extension Foundation for 8 years.

In my interview with Dr. Smith, various nutritional supplements and lifestyle choices are discussed as ways of helping prevent the onset of neurological disorders. You will hear about how nerve cell structure is the focus of prevention, not function, which traditional medicine focuses on.  You will hear about the benefits of phosphatidylserine, phosphoryl choline, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B-12 under-the-tongue lozenges, vitamin D3, fish oil, R Lipoic Acid, etc.  Also discussed are lifestyle choices such as your cookware, some baking powders, and more.

Neurological disorders are so devastating that all avenues must be pursued since traditional medicine has no cures; therefore prevention has become especially important.  If you have any neurological disorders in your family, listening to this audio should be helpful.  Click on the blue link below and then the hyperlink under it.

I’m not a physician.

Michael Smith-Preventing Neurological Audio

Interview by Mike Russo

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There’s a very dangerous so-called “game” being “played” by young men in America.  It has maimed hundreds and killed dozens of people.  The object of this vicious “game” is to knock out someone with one punch to the face or head.  Most of the perpetrators are young black males and most of the victims are  white men and women of any age.  Racist?  Obviously!

What’s behind this brutal “game”?  Some say that fatherless boys are being initiated into a gang.  Others quote the perpetrators (perps) as saying they just wanted something to do.  So who and what is really to blame?  It’s complicated with lots of blame to go around.  But to even begin solving this problem, we must first understand it.  Let’s begin with the blame:

1.Single mothers can do a good job in raising their girls and boys up until they reach puberty (about 12-13).  After puberty is usually too late for boys but even then a good man in the house is essential to serve  both as a role model and a disciplinarian to boys.

2.Fathers who don’t stick around to be fathers to their children, especially to their sons.

3.Boys without fathers either join a gang or the Boy Scouts.  In poor socioeconomic areas, gangs and single-parent homes are prevalent.

4.The Welfare System, which provides financial incentives for single-parent families and encourages, through its policy of providing financial assistance to mothers only if there is “no man in the house.”

5.The News Media for not reporting on incidents of the Knockout Game so that people are forewarned and know that they need to be more alert, vigilant, and careful when walking around, especially at night.

Okay, so what can be done to stop the carnage?  First and foremost is that the Media do its job of reporting all incidents of the “Knockout Game” so that the elderly and women will know what situations to avoid.  I’ve only seen reporting of the Knockout Game on Fox News and therefore I believe that most people have not even heard about it nor know what it is, and therefore are especially vulnerable.

The second thing that can be done depends on politicians and government officials.  In no government program should a “man in the house” prevent a woman from receiving welfare payments…because a good man in the house is usually needed in order to raise sons to become good men.

The third action that would help thwart the Knockout Game is to do everything possible to keep young men occupied…working, if possible.  Because raising the minimum wage to $10+/hour is estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to cost from 500,000 to 1,000,000 youths to lose their jobs because their employers could no longer afford to pay them, that idea should be shelved for now (or raised only a $1/hour for now).  Minimum wage jobs are entry-level jobs…About half of those minimum-wage employees are making more than that after 6 months on the job.  Many youth will never get that first job if the minimum wage is raised too high.

Since the Media refuses to do its job, clergy need to talk about it in their churches.  This is not ideal, but it would get the word out (forewarn) to many potential victims so they can take appropriate actions (avoid potentially-dangerous situations).

Politicians’ constantly beat the drums alleging racism/sexism behind everything, and agitate Women, Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, etc. for political purposes and mainstream media will therefore probably never report insightfully and analytically. Politicians need to stop the “race-baiting.”

Local police and local judicial systems must fairly and justly put the perps away for a long time.

Everyone needs to keep distance between themselves and individuals  and small groups of young men.

The barbaric “Knockout Game” may never completely go away but hopefully it will diminish to the point where it won’t hurt or kill many people.


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TRUMP WON BIG? (check out the evidence)

There is no question that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen…that President Trump won re-election by a huge landslide.  However, he lost his re-election challenges in the State courts as well as in the Supreme Court, so how can this be?  It’s important to discover what really happened so that it can be prevented from happening again. Let’s check out some of the things that happened…

1. Time magazine article of February 15, 2021, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” by Leslie Dickstein, Mariah Espada and Simmone Shah.

This lengthy Time Magazine article is essentially a victory-lap by the Left on their collusion and coordination in defeating Donald Trump’s re-election.  It’s objectivity is easily assessed by closely scrutinizing a quote allegedly by President Trump at his protest rally on January 6.  Time says that “he told them to go to the Capitol and ‘fight like  hell.'” The remainder of Trump’s comment that Time left off is:  “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”  Do you think Time accidentally simply left off the exculpatory phrase?

I included it first because many people have no idea that this type of collusion went on, though the Time article only a addressed the legal coordination, and none of the illegal fraud.

2. Dr. Peter Navarro’s three-part, 82-page report and analysis: 1)”The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities”; 2)”The Art of the Steal”; 3)”Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipts”.  

Peter K. Navarro has a Ph D in economics from Harvard University and was a Professor emeritus for economics and public policy at the University of California-Irvine for more than 20 years before becoming Assistant to President Trump.  His 82-page three reports and analyses provide the details of the election fraud committed in the six battleground states that was far more than enough to steal the 2020 Presidential election from President Trump.  I was only able to obtain this report using the “DuckDuckGo” search engine.

3. The book, Rigged: How Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections,  by Mollie Hemingway.                           

Mollie Z. Hemingway is a brilliant investigative journalist who explains the election fraud committed in the 2020 Presidential election, including censorship by Big Tech, the Press concealing unfavorable news about Joe Biden, the Democrat Party manipulating the Covid crisis to make voter fraud much easier, and how Mark Zuckerberg used over $400 million to help steal the election.

4. The movie, “2,000 Mules,” by Dinesh D’Souza.

This documentary exposes some of the massive fraud used to steal the election from the American public.  It’s different from the other fraud that’s already been exposed extensively but which, of course, you’ll never see on Mainstream Media (New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angelis Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.).  It does this using: 1) geotracking, and 2) videotaping.

Geotracking was used to monitor the cell phone movements of paid criminal ballot-traffickers (“Mules”) that deliver them to the mail drop-boxes. The videotape was obtained from official State surveillance cameras, where you see Mules stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent ballots.

5. Presentations aired on One America News (OAN) TV network by Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell, aka: :”The Pillow Guy,” spent millions of his own money to have computer and cyber-security experts analyze the 2020 Presidential election for election and voter fraud.  The analysis and its findings were aired on One America News in multiple presentations (which I taped), called “Absolute Proof,” and “Absolute Interference,” and “Absolutely 9-0.” It actually shows numerous screen shots of tallies of votes being switched in many precincts, mostly by China, in the “Battleground” States from Trump to Biden. Taken all together, President Trump won by a huge landslide.  The official tally had Biden winning by 81,000,000 to 74,000,000, but the real tally was 80,000,000 Trump to 68,000,000 Biden.  President Trump cost China hundreds of billions through the tariffs that he had imposed, so for our foreign adversaries, the massive vote-flipping operation  was worth the risk and cost of the operation.

Political opponents to Trump call Lindell’s “Absolute” series a “Conspiracy Theory.”  I saw the video data of the flipping and the operation…it’s a “Conspiracy Proven Fact,” not “Theory.”

6. Suppression of news that would have affected the election.

It’s no longer a secret that the FBI persuaded Mark Zuckerberg (according to an interview with Zuckerberg) to prevent on Facebook any mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop and its evidence of his father’s involvement in taking bribes from Ukraine, Russia and China.  Mainstream Media also banned any mention of the laptop scandal though the source of the information was the New York Post, a reliable source of news.  Countless other stories were buried by the Press and “Big Tech” who covered-up the news rather than covering  it when it didn’t fit their pro-Biden, anti-Trump narrative.

I included this information because about 10% of people who voted for Joe Biden said that they would not have voted for him had they known about the information on Hunter’s laptop implicating his father, which is enough votes to have swung the election to Trump.

7. Democrat Party pushed changes to State election laws/rules. 

Although the U.S. Constitution stipulates that State Legislatures are in charge of running elections, State courts instead have mandated changes in State election procedures that facilitated widespread voter and election fraud, enabling the election to be stolen from President Trump.  Changes such as allowing mail-in votes to be counted after the election, even if they had no postmark on them, not requiring signature verification, canvassing ballots, etc., etc., ad infinitum.  Moreover, when election irregularities were challenged in State courts, the evidence proving the fraud wasn’t even heard.  The same thing happened in the Supreme Court, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts.

8. “The Big Fraud” by Troy E. Nehls (see chapter 8, “The 2020 Win by All Means Election”)

Congressman Nehls was a new congressman and had just taken office on January 6 and therefore actually witnessed what happened in the Capitol building.  In his thorough book, he explains why there is no doubt that Donald Trump won that election.

9. “Internal Radical Service” by David Horowitz and John Perazzo: Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars to Advance Leftwing Causes Illegally and Unconstitutionally 

This book supplies all of the details and specifics of some of the massive fraud in the 2020 election buy numerous tax-exempt NGOs, including the $419.5 million that the Zuckerbergs donated to fraudently swing the election to Joe Biden.


The 2020 Presidential election was a farce, worthy of the worst of “Third-World” countries and dictatorships.  The United States is well on its way to being taken over by malevolent forces in the best tradition of George Orwell’s “1984,”  and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” (otherwise known as the Democrat Playbooks).  Conspiracy Theory?  A “Big Lie”?  Check out Mark Levin’s “American Marxism” and Pete Hegseth’s “Battle for the American Mind,” among many others.  Can it be stopped? The Democrat Party needs to rid itself of its Far-Left cancer, but only voters can do this by watching the actions of their political leaders, not simply listening to their B.S., and voting the “Crazies” out of office.  The Mainstream News Media is corrupt and an arm of the Democrat Party…it cannot be believed about anything…it should just report the facts and do genuine investigative reporting but I don’t think this will ever happen.  Also, Big Tech needs to be forced out of the political censorship business where it does not belong and does not know what it’s doing and consequently is destroying our Country.  Finally, the Republican Party needs to toughen up and do politics as if the fate of the Country and its people depended on it, because it does.  First order, Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, must depart because he’s far too timid (as well as corrupt) to lead the battle in the Senate which needs a very strong leader to stand up to the “Woke” Crazies on the Left and the RINOs (Republicans in name only) on the Right.  May God help us.





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Dominion or Animal Abuse?

The Bible says in Genesis 1:26 that God said, “and let them (mankind) have dominion over (animals)…”  Mahatma Gandhi said, “the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

According to Daniel Goleman’s bestseller, Emotional Intelligence, animals with a limbic system in their brain, have emotions.  All mammals, which includes most farm animals, have limbic systems and therefore have feelings and fear, are joyful and love.  Animals also have varying degrees of intelligence, but most importantly, they feel pain and suffer.  As such, what right do people have to support their being tormented, suffering, and dying gruesome deaths?

Former “Beatle”  from Britain, Paul McCartney, said “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”  In plainer English, if people could see the horrific slaughter of animals, many would find it difficult to eat anything with a face.  I’m the son of a butcher who went with his father most mornings to a few slaughterhouses to purchase the meat we sold at his butcher shop. While there, I saw animals slaughtered, some humanely, some cruelly.  I therefore have firsthand knowledge of what happens in slaughterhouses.

Too much red meat (beef, veal, lamb, pork) is bad for your health, except that meat is high in quality protein.  Chicken (loaded with antibiotics) and fish (containing PCBs and mercury) are not good routine food choices either, although both are healthier than red meat.   So what should one eat for optimal health, nutrition, and ethics?   Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of The End of Diabetes,  says basically “beans and greens,” and all other vegetables as well.  Meat should be used only for seasoning.

You may believe that farm animals are just dumb animals.  However, if that were true, how do you explain Priscilla the 3-month old pig, who in 1995 was inducted into the Texas Veterinary Medical Association’s Pet Hall of Fame for saving 11-year-old Anthony Melton from drowning by swimming to him, oinking to grab her harness, and then swimming with Anthony hanging on, to shore.  This story was reported in the book, Animal Miracles, and it is not unusual; it happens frequently.

In addition to slaughtering animals for food, we hunt them for sport, experiment on them causing needless suffering and pain, train them to fight each other for our amusement, do not neuter our pets to the extent that there are an estimated 100,000,000 homeless stray and feral cats alone in the U.S., most of which will eventually starve, freeze or thirst to death.  I had my own  cat shelter for ten years in Denver and “trapped, neutered, and returned” (TNR) about 100 feral and stray cats and therefore know of what I speak.

Many animal rights advocates are considered fanatics.  However, Abraham Lincoln, definitely not a fanatic, said “I’m in favor of animal rights as well as human rights.  That is the way of the whole human being.”

Finally, getting back to Mahatma Gandhi, if his assertion is correct that “a nation’s greatness is judged by the way its animals are treated,” is the U.S., or any nation on Earth, great?  It appears that many people in most nations have abused their dominion over animals.


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A very small percentage of the population say they prefer being the opposite sex.  If an adult wants this and is able to pay the expenses to do it, so be it.  However, there are some children who think they really should be the opposite sex and their parents and/or teachers agree and want to support the child in this endeavor.  I believe that this is a very bad idea simply because, up until puberty (about 13-years old), children are almost gender-neutral.  They become a man or woman when their sex hormones rev up at puberty.  Up until then, plus a few more years for mental maturity (21 years old), children do not have the experience to know what they want. I worked with a total of about 500 boys as a Scout leader for 7 years and then as a camp counselor five years and therefore I know quite a bit about children.

Most of those who undergo transgender surgery eventually return to their biological gender, often with missing parts of their anatomy and lifelong regret. So what’s behind today’s push to Transgenderism?  Specifically, why do some politicians, school administrators, and children’s hospitals, as well as Twitter and many others actually encourage it?  So who are the culprits behind knowingly destroying children’s lives through pre-maturely advocating sex-change surgeries?

Absent hard evidence, which of course there will never be in this matter, all I can do is speculate.  My conjecture, however, is seasoned with over 60 years of following politics, reading, watching, listening, voting for both major political parties as well as listening to subject-matter experts: children’s hospitals, some surgeons, physicians and pharmaceutical companies have a vested financial interest in Transgender hormone treatments and surgeries.  Moreover, many public school administrators, counselors and teachers are true believers in this insanity.

Finally, it is my firm belief is that the political Left has helped create another niche group and is cultivating it in order to have it vote for its political candidates.  The Democrat Party of the past would not do such a thing knowing some of its negative consequences.  However, today’s Democrat Party is controlled by the woke far-left, which has very different values than classical liberals that believed in free speech, civil rights for all,  was anti-war, etc.

Legislation is needed prohibiting childhood sex-change surgery.


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TRUMP or DESANTIS in 2024?

Who  should voters support in the Republican Presidential Primary election in 2024?  Trump and DeSantis are currently the two leading contenders, but of course Pence and Haley will also probably enter the race.  That’s what this post analyzes.

Donald Trump has proven his effectiveness as President, and DeSantis has shown his abilities as governor of Florida.  Both men are genuine conservatives, and both have demonstrated that they have the courage to stand up for their beliefs and fight the “woke crazies” on the far left that are now in control of the Democrat Party.

While Ron DeSantis pushed through the Florida legislature a law that outlawed teaching children from the third grade and below about sexual behavior, our major foreign enemies (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea) feared Trump because he was tough, as well as unpredictable, which today is extremely important.

Both men have impressive educational backgrounds, Trump at U. Penn’s Wharton School and DeSantis at Harvard University.  The  dream Republican Presidential 2024 ticket, of course,  would  be Trump-DeSantis.  After the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, however, there’s a strong urge to fight against the tyrannical Far-Left by having Donald Trump as the Republican candidate; moreover, former President Trump has been able to withstand the Left’s unprecedented onslaughts and impeachments and still succeed and even thrive.  Governor DeSantis, on the other hand,  is extremely popular and doesn’t have the high negatives like Trump.  I believe DeSantis would implement Trump’s policies and would build on Trump’s successes such as his 1.4% inflation, U.S. oil independence and $2/gallon gas, and therefore prevent the Left from re-implementing their Socialist-Marxist policies that are destroying America.

A huge consideration, no matter who runs for the Presidency in 2024, is the massive election and voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 election which will likely be repeated again and again.  The Democrat Party has demonstrated that it can win any election it wants to win through deception and fraud.  It has the financial resources, desire, 150-year fraud history, and the unethical disposition to do so.  To cite just one of many examples, its emphasis on lockdowns and restrictions, though doing nothing to minimize Covid, did enable it to justify using the fraud-friendly mass ballot mailings that were  part of its 2020 success.  Trump knows what happened with election fraud, and therefore he is in a better position than most to prevent it from happening again.  However, Governor DeSantis has worked on the anti-fraud measures that Florida put in place and is part of he reason why he was able to legitimately keep his win for governor by 19%. (see Troy E. Nehls 2022 book, The Big Fraud, for detailed and accurate information on the 2020 election fraud).

In summary, I believe that both Governor Ronald DeSantis and former President Donald Trump are more than qualified to be the 2024 Republican nominee.  They, plus Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, and Larry Elder should all compete in the 2024 Republican Primary and may the most qualified person win.

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KIMMIE THE KAT: a funny story

Many years ago, when I was young and foolish, I was under the mistaken impression that all a man really needed for true happiness was a good woman. But as I’ve gotten older and a little wiser, I’ve come to see the light: a real man needs a good cat! Now I can imagine that some of you reading this are skeptical so I decided to scientifically compare a good woman, my second wife, with a good cat, Kimmie.  My  statistician says that 4 examples will suffice. I’ll keep score.

Before Kimmie the cat came into our lives, my wife, Sharon, and I really wanted a dog but we lived on the fourth floor of a condo in downtown Washington, DC, so a dog was out of the question. Then we got 5-month old Kimmie from the cat lady of Reston, Virginia. When I brought Kimmie home she was dirty and full of fleas, so Sharon and I decided to give her a bath. Fully wet, Kim looked like a drowned rat but a cute drowned rat. Giving Kimmie a bath was a real growth experience for us. I’m sure you cat owners out there know what I’m talking about.

That was Kimmie’s last bath!!!… What did I conclude from this?  Comparing the woman I know best, my wife Sharon, to the cat I know best, Kimmie, I decided that although a woman can take an hour to bathe, a cat can’t bathe itself and also is a real terror to bathe, so in this respect a woman is superior to a cat. Therefore let’s give women one point.

After moving from Washington to the mountains of Colorado I was hoping that some field mice would visit our home so Kimmie could develop her stalking skills.  I even suggested to Sharon that I buy some white mice and turn them loose in the house, but for some unknown reason Sharon did not like my idea. However, the day finally arrived when an unfortunate little field mouse got into our home seeking food and shelter.  Kimmie instinctively chased the mouse and even caught it, but she put it down on the floor and let it run away. She played “cat and mouse” with the mouse for two weeks, catching it, letting it go, catching it again, letting it go again. Finally one night at about 2 am, my wife heard some crunching sounds and that mouse was never seen again!

Now Kimmie is an old pro at catching mice. A mouse only lasts one night and in the morning the mouse’s hind quarters are neatly laid out for Sharon and I to admire. While this might gross out most people, I feel like a proud parent. What does this tell me?  In comparing a typical woman to a typical cat, not only can’t Sharon catch mice, she’s afraid of them…so give one point to Kimmie. The score is now women one, cats one.

When I take kimmie to the vet each year for her annual medical checkup, I get a good laugh.  Kimmie is probably the most timid cat that ever was, but the vet is frightened half to death of her. I hate to ridicule, but if you saw how scared he was of this tiny, eight-pound ball of fur, you’d chuckle too.  Kimmie’s last trip to the vet included her being tranquilized to have her teeth cleaned. That meant she had to stay at the vet’s overnight so she wouldn’t hurt herself while under the influence. When I went the following morning to get Kim to take her home, the vet asked me to go and get her from the back room.  I guess he was tired of my telling him how gentle and timid she was. I went to Kim’s cage, opened its door and was confronted with a hissing, snarling little tigress. I said, “Kim, it’s me…cut the bull; sweet pea, it’s me.” nothing worked. Maybe the vet is not such a scared-y-cat after all. What did I learn from this? …, comparing Sharon going to the doctor to Kimmie going to the vet, Sharon, unlike Kimmie, usually tolerates going to the doctor so she is superior to Kimmie in this regard. the score is therefore women 2, cats 1.

Sharon sleeps late in the morning.  Therefore, when I’m not home, Kimmie goes hungry for awhile early in the morning unless she can get Sharon up to get her breakfast. Being a smart cat, Kim developed a routine where she wiggles her whiskers under Sharon’s nose to tickle her to wake her up. She then follows this by licking Sharon’s hand with her sandpaper cat tongue and then standing on Sharon and meowing loudly into her face. Finally, if Kimmie’s especially hungry and it’s getting late, she climbs to the top of the nearby armoire and leaps from there onto the bed where Sharon is sleeping. If you knew my wife, you’d know that getting her out of bed in the morning is very difficult and that these feline tactics usually don’t work, but Kimmie keeps coming up with new ideas so she can get her morning fix of Purina.

So what does this tell us… comparing Sharon to Kimmie, Kimmie gets up very quickly in the morning, though she does take a lot of “cat naps”. This point therefore goes to cats: the score is women 2, cats 2, a tie score.

So to answer my initial question: “does a man need a good woman or a good cat to be happy?” As a true “cat man,” who never met a cat he didn’t like, I’m glad I have a statistically valid reason for not having to choose between Sharon and Kimmie. On the other hand, Sharon is a true “cat woman,” therefore I’m glad she doesn’t have to really choose between me and Kimmie.

This man needs a good woman and a good cat to be happy!


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Many public schools did not offer full-time in-school, face-to-face education during the
Pandemic, and the on-line “Zoom” classes that were offered were not effective for most students.  However, Private, Religious  and Charter schools were fully open and have been for most of the
Pandemic.  Why the large difference between public schools and other schools?  The short answer is that the Teachers Unions, for a number of reasons, wouldn’t allow their members to return to classroom teaching.  Local governments have agreed to incentives that the Unions demanded, but it wasn’t been good enough. Because most public schools usually had predominantly minority students, all of the bad effects of schools being locked down fell mostly on them.  So what should parents do to prevent their children from ever being affected again like this?


IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, putting your children in religious or charter schools is the answer.  Charter schools are so popular that they run lotteries to select their students, so parents  should sign up their children for the lotteries.  Some States have passed legislation that give parents the education money to send their children to the schools they want to send them to (see Thomas Sowell’s book, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies”).  In addition, many public schools have morphed into indoctrination-institutions for brainwashing children, teaching racist theories such as “Critical Race Theory” and the “1619 Project” while at the same time not teaching the greatness of the founding of America and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  These are not simply insignificant teachings, they turned children into self-hating anti-Americans, so many public schools have become something to avoid.

IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD IT, what do parents do if their children are stuck in a partially locked-down public school or if they observed their children being taught half-baked theories?  I believe the answer is to: 1) attend and speak up at local school board meetings, 2)  get elected to local school boards to change curriculums, 3) provide children with materials that give the accurate side of history, such as those offered on-line like (in accordance with the philosophy that the best remedy is to offer more free speech, not to shut down speech you disagree with), contact “Parents Against Critical (Race) Theory” [], 4) pressure politicians to change funding of schools by having public education funds follow the children so that parents could choose what schools to send their children to and control their children’s education instead of the Teachers Unions, and 5) Home School children.

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I agree with three of the four alternatives mentioned in the title to this article: Creationism, Evolution, and Intelligent Design.   For the religious, if God is capable of doing anything, then why could he not simply create the world through natural means…through evolution?  For the secular, how do you know that God is not behind the creation of the universe and all life in it, using natural methods such as evolution (“Intelligent Design”)?  I see no contradiction between evolution and special creation.

I believe that Christians and Orthodox Jews  might say that Moses explains in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible that God created Adam and Eve on the sixth “day”.  However, biblical scholars do not interpret the length of the period of time which is simply called “day” as a 24-hour day.  So a “day” could be two-billion years and seven of those “days” could be 14 billion years, which is about the age of the universe.  Moreover, when Moses wrote Genesis, no one back then would have understood or believed anything as complicated as evolution.

For believers in evolution, how can you know that there is no God?   I have a Trilobite fossil that’s from the Ordovician Geologic period which was about 400 million-years-ago.  Moreover, dinosaur bones have been dated, using radioactive “half-lives,” as being about 60-million-years-old.  There’s simply too much fossil evidence that supports some form of evolution.  However, the universe is unimaginably vast and the human body alone so unbelievably complex…could these things evolved without an “intelligent design” by (you name it) God, Allah, a Supreme Being, etc.?  I think it is more likely that there is God and that some interpretation of the Biblical story of creation, if you specify that God used natural means, is probably true.  There is no contradiction.  Incidentally, it’s now known that birds evolved from dinosaurs, which I think shows that God has a sense of humor.

Aside from the objective reality of whether God exists or not, the idea of God is positive and uplifting and helps people get through the inevitable crises in their lives.  The Bible got me through a huge brain tumor that almost killed me and was also able to survive the consequent devastating destruction of my first marriage.  God and religion are the foundation upon which ethics and morals stand.  Even for those that do not believe in God, the foundation of whatever ethics and morals they have, ultimately came from a religious ancestor.  Finally, it appears to me that Creationism and science are compatible: you can believe in both.

Anyone interested in exploring religion to discover one that is right for him or her should enjoy reading M. Scott Peck, M.D.’s books on The Road Less Traveled.

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As one ages, the body loses muscle mass and people consequently become frail.  This natural phenomenon is called sarcopenia.  This can be dramatically slowed or even reversed with the four basics of good health: 1) adequate amounts of high-quality protein, mostly with food (eggs, meat, poultry, fish, dairy, beans, nuts, whey powders), 2) movement (walking, exercise, cleaning, gardening, etc.), 3) adequate amounts of quality sleep, and 4) nutritional supplements (daily vitamin, resveratrol, calcium, magnesium, fish oil, 5,000 IU vitamin D, sublingual vitamin B-12, CoQ10, blueberry extract).


As you age, your skin dries, wrinkles, and thins and this makes you look old.  Two practices I learned of and used for an entire year to fully work was taking 1000 mg fish oil capsules/day and bathing only with Dove soap, plus avoiding bad habits like smoking and sunbathing, both of which wrinkle your skin. You can’t change your genetics but you can change enough of the four basics to good health to significantly delay, reverse, and possibly avoid Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases of aging.  The following explains the four basics:

  1. FOOD: Chicken and fish are the only meats that don’t significantly raise your risk of death each year.  Processed meats cured with nitrites (lunch meats, hot dogs, bacon, etc.) also significantly raise the risk of death.  Eat nine vegetables and fruits daily, but no potatoes, no sugared fruits, and only stone ground whole wheat bread. Use no or very little sugar or artificial-sugar-sweetened beverages.  Instead, use the natural sweetener, stevia, in your coffee or tea.  Only use extra virgin olive oil from California since 80% of imported olive oils sold in the U.S. are adulterated with cheaper oils.  Avoid partially-hydrogenated margerine as well as high-fructose corn syrup (found in non-dairy coffee creamer).
  2. EXERCISE: Aside from food, exercise is the next most important factor determining good health, both cardio and weights. If you can’t be bothered with these, then walking 30-minutes/day for 5 days each week is the next best thing.  Try walking at a moderate pace and every  5-minutes or so try stepping up the speed for a minute.
  3. SLEEP: Most adults need seven hours of sleep/night for optimum health.  Many people, however, suffer from obstructive or even central sleep apneas. If you snore, you may have sleep apneas.  I’ve tried C-PAP (continuous positive airflow pressure), Bi-PAP, and V-PAP since 1991 after an overnight sleep study showed that I had 59 arousals every hour of sleep.  I therefore now use (after 4 more sleep studies) a VPAP (variable positive airflow pressure) every night.  Sleep apneas cause wrinkles and fine lines around eyes as well as making your gut protrude, increase your chances of Alzheimer’s, etc.
  4. SUPPLEMENTS: a half-century ago there was very little research on nutritional supplements, and most health claims were therefore B.S.; today there is a ton of research (testimonials are not research) thanks to Life Extension Foundation-funded research, as well as  LEF’s monitoring and reporting of research from around the world.  Since many people have limited funds, you need to know the few essential supplements everyone should take daily: 1)multi-vitamin-mineral; 2)calcium; 3)magnesium; 4)fish oil; 5)vitamin B-12 lozenge; 6)5,000 IU vitamin D; 7)CoQ10; 8) Resveratrol; 9)blueberry extract.  Avoid most herbal supplements.


Your face reflects your overall heath.  While many are not too concerned about health benefits, most do want to look their best.  Hair dye will make you look a lot younger, however actions taken to improve your health will make you look your best.  Follow the four basics I cited above and you will look great.  Be sure to take fish oil supplements and use Dove soap and give it a full year to work its magic.  I’m 80 but am told I look 60 or younger so I know it works.

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With the Democrat Party moving very far left to the extent that it can now be accurately called the socialist party, why are half of voters still Democrats?  That’s what we’ll examine here.

The Democrat Party’s history goes way back to Andrew Jackson.  President Jackson was a populist and championed the working class, though he did force the Seminole Indians in Florida to move to Oklahoma, far from their Tribal lands, with many dying along the way, thus the name, “Trail of Tears.”  After its Confederacy lost the Civil War,  the Democrat Party supported the Klu Klux Klan and then the “Jim Crow” laws that kept African-Americans subjugated.

Aside from its checkered past, the Party successfully fought to have itself branded as being a champion for the poor, minorities, and the working class.  If this were ever true in the past, it’s certainly no longer true today.  Today’s Democrat Party is not your father’s Democrat Party.  Therefore, I ask the question, “why do about half of Americans still vote Democrat?”  Here’s why…

-President John F. Kennedy was the most prominent Democrat in the past and many voters still think of the Democrat Party as being the Party of JFK (though it has moved far to the left from where JFK stood on issues).

-The mainstream media (New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) are propagandists for the Democrat Party.  Over 90% of their reporting on President Trump was negative and much of it was actually fabricated, reporting on the insignificant “palace intrigue” rather than on Trump’s substantive accomplishments with the economy, jobs, minority employment, etc.  Stories that made liberals look bad were usually not reported.

-Most of Hollywood is a major propagandist for the Democrat Party, using its fame with the public to sway voters.

-Most Universities and colleges are propagandists for the Democrat Party.  Professors deliberately mis-state  the Conservative side of issues and also attribute nefarious motives to Republicans and Conservatives.

-Silicon Valley uses its vast power to suppress conservative ideas on the Internet but airs liberal and far-left ideas.

-Most Republican politicians, with the exception of former President Trump, governor Ron DeSantis, and a few others, generally do not fight back against the constant onslaught of criticism and phony allegations from their Democrat opponents and the mainstream Media.  Therefore, voters hear mostly just one side criticizing the other and never even hear both sides of issues.

-There is a significant amount of voter fraud, as documented by various credible sources such as the Pew Research Center.  Almost all of the fraud is for Democrat political candidates and explains why Democrat National Committee policy is against any form of photo ID being required to vote, using the pretext that it’s voter suppression.  Voter ID makes voter fraud much more difficult.

-Many voters do not closely follow national issues.  They repeat what they hear on the Left’s propaganda mainstream media (MSM) machine, but they don’t know both sides of the issues.  Therefore, followers of MSM are usually Democrats, thus the war by the Left against Fox News, which is not part of the MSM.  Even simply hearing the conservative or Republican side would change the minds of many voters.

-Most Democrat issues are phony issues, created to persuade voters to vote Democrat.  These include the non-existent “War on Women”, the Left’s attempt to take protective guns away from law-abiding citizens through its “War on Guns”,  blaming climate change mostly on people rather than mostly on the sun and solar flares, calling everyone a racist who does not agree with their position on issues, the Left’s war on the police, the military, and ICE, etc., etc., etc.


I’ve been following politics since the 1960 TV debates between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon.  Back then, both political parties were relatively honest in advocating their views.  It’s much different today.  Other than being against every policy that the Republican Party supports, what policies do President Biden and the Democrat Party stand for?   From his Presidential Executive Orders and Actions, Biden is for abolishing ICE, not finishing constructing the border wall, giving all illegal aliens amnesty, a weak military, free college, Obamacare, and Sanctuary cities among other things.  The Democrat Party-controlled Congress has passed a $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief package that contains only 9% covid relief, proposed a $2.2 trillion infrastructure package with less than 25% of it to be spent on infrastructure, and is has proposed a voting “reform” bill that is so corrupt it would ensure that there could never be another Republican president.  It does this be removing all safeguards to election integrity. Good-bye to the Republic, hello to George Orwell’s “1984.”  God help us!

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MADAM CHAIRWOMAN (of the Crow Nation)

This true story is about the most charismatic person I have ever met, seen or heard.  She was the chairwoman of the Crow Nation from 1990 to 2000, Clara Nomee.  I first met and heard Chairwoman Nomee speak while attending an all-day meeting in Crow Agency, Montana in 1991 and was so impressed with her awe-inspiring way of speaking from the heart that I’ve never forgotten my encounter.

It’s often said that “adversity builds character.”  Perhaps that accounts for Chairwoman Nomee’s charisma.  Up until 1976, Mrs. Nomee had a problem with alcohol.  During that winter both of her parents died within 3 months of each other.  Consequently, her drinking increased to the point where she reached a crossroad and asked the Lord to “take my life or change it.”  For all of the following years she didn’t have a drink.

In 1985 she married Carlton Nomee, who a year later became vice-secretary of the Crow Nation.  In 1988, Mrs. Nomee ran for the Office of Tribal Chairperson with only a few supporters.  While she did not win that position, she was elected Secretary of the Tribe.  As she became more insistent and questioned how the Tribal government operated, she was phased out of her job.  Because she had little money, her furniture and car were repossessed and her electricity was turned off.  Because she had been unjustly branded a trouble-maker, when she attended church, people walked out; and when she drove down the street, children threw rocks at her car.  Her dog was shot, the windows of her home broken, and her life threatened.  But Mrs. Nomee prayed every morning for the strength to persevere as she looked out over the Big Horn Mountains from her home. After praying, she cared for her brother, Rayphael, who had been paralyzed from the neck down from an accident 28 years earlier.  In addition to praying every morning, she attended every political gathering and eventually became the spokesperson for many.  Finally, in May of 1990, with the blessing of many tribal elders, she was elected tribal chairperson of the Crow Nation after a bitter battle between contenders.

Although it was not the first elected office Mrs. Nomee had held, it was the first time that the position of Crow Chief or Tribal Chairperson had been held by a woman.  Mrs. Nomee wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps, Chief “Henry Pretty-on-Top;” as well as other famous Crow chiefs, such as Chief “Sits-in-the-Middle-of-the-Land,” Chief Plenticoup and Chief Robert Yellowtail (see the photo).  As chairwoman, Mrs. Nomee became a role model for Indian women and was an excellent example of how someone turned her life around.

The challenges she faced daily in attempting to obtain jobs and much-needed public facilities for her people mandated that she have all of her wits about her all of the time.  As Tribal Chairperson, she was in a position to do more good than at any other time in her 55 years.

She was instrumental in having a hospital built on the reservation and having the Crow Tribe once again authorized to negotiate its own contracts.  She planned to have the old, small  hospital renovated into a nursing home and worked hard to develop jobs for the large number of unemployed on the reservation using the Jobs Training Partnership Act.

Just as life was hard for Mrs. Nomee, it had been hard on the Crow and other Native Americans as well.  A hundred-and-fifty years ago the Crow Reservation had covered 40 million acres.  Now it’s down to a mere three million.  The Crow served as scouts for the U.S. government over 150 years ago but have not had there loyalty rewarded.  Native Americans in the East taught American settlers how to grow corn, tobacco and cotton.  Native Americans on the Plains saw their food supply disappear in the mid-1800’s: tens of millions of buffalo were slaughtered by pioneers and settlers for their tongues and hides.  Many millions were killed for “sport” from trains that traveled through the West.  As their hunting grounds became settled and taken from them, the way of life of Native Americans was destroyed by forcing them to become dependent on the U.S. government, which shattered their self-esteem.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my story, I was very impressed when I heard the Chairwoman speak.  In addition to hearing Mrs. Nomee that day, I heard other Crow officials speak at that meeting.  Listening to them was a moving experience for me.  I had never heard a people so open, honest and considerate of others.  Though they had good cause for being very angry at some in my agency, they not once raised their voices.  Although my testimony as a technical expert, who had prepared extensively and was ready to make fools of the managers in one of our regional offices and thereby handily win the day for the Crow, the Crow chose not to call on me because it would have certainly meant, at the very least, my getting into big trouble with my Office.  Later, when we broke for lunch, the Crow honored me by insisting that I sit at the head of their table.

Although the Crow have many problems, as do many Native-American nations, Mrs. Nomee made a difference.  Unemployment on the reservation ranged from 60-80%.  According to a local authority, 85% of Crow deaths were related to alcohol abuse.  Consequently, you may want to consider donating to some of the many Native American charities.  Most of my donations are to these charities.

My experience with the Crow renewed my faith in humanity.  As I flew back to Denver from Billings, I thought of all I had seen and heard.  I concluded that the openness and honesty that I witnessed was how God meant people to be and I was fortunate indeed to have seen and heard the Chairwoman, a person of integrity, conviction and love for her people.

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Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and many politicians as well as academia advocate Socialism; the National Debt doubled…increased by $10 trillion to $20 trillion during President Obama’s 8 years; annual Gross Domestic Product growth under 2% for Obama’s entire reign; …ad infinitum.  Currently, President Biden is creating a far worse record with very high inflation and needless deficit spending, $8 trillion to date in only 2 years as President.  Is Capitalism to blame for America’s woes under Presidents Obama and Biden or did President Trump prove that Capitalism is the solution to our Nation’s economic problems through the economic miracle he created while President?

Let’s take a closer look, first with very brief definitions of Capitalism and Socialism so we’re clear on what we’re talking about.  From the book, ‘isms and ‘ologies by Arthur Goldwag, Capitalism is the “free exchange of goods in a competitive marketplace.”  Also, in that book, “Socialism” is defined as the opposite of Capitalism.  Further, “In socialist economies, the means of production are either controlled by or directly owned by the state…” European and Nordic countries are not socialist, but simply are capitalist countries with many welfare benefits, free healthcare, and very high taxes.

Capitalism is fueled by a motive to make profits and it does this by providing goods and services that consumers want and at a price that can beat competitors’ prices who also provide similar goods and services.  This forces capitalists to constantly improve quality and undercut competitors’ prices.   Socialism eliminates the profit motive and therefore satisfies some people’s altruistic side and also attempts to redistribute wealth from the “haves” to the “have-nots,” satisfying some people’s idea of fairness.  Because in Socialism there is no continuous need to improve efficiency and effectiveness, there usually is significant waste and inefficiencies.  Capitalists would argue that they earn their profits, attending college for many years and then working 70-80-hour workweeks… and it’s their taxed profits that enables government to have the money to help others.

Capitalism creates wealth,  which then is taxed and used to help the poor and needy.  Socialism makes equality of outcomes most important, consequently leading to everyone being equally poor with no large sums of funds available for government and charities to help those in need.  Socialism takes away the incentive for people to work hard and excel to provide for themselves and their families.  In 2019, the top 50% of taxpayers paid 96% of all Federal taxes.  The bottom 50% of taxpayers paid 3.6% of Federal income taxes.

Government is usually the culprit behind much fraud, unemployment and economic downturn and  is responsible for our current economic woes.  Loans to people unable to repay them was the precipitating event that caused the 2007-8 economic downturn.  Quasi-government Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac forced banks, with threats of lawsuits, to make those bad loans.  Therefore, to have the government fully control the economy is insanity.  Government does not understand business, does not understand how jobs are created, does not comprehend how many of its regulations, especially “Obamacare,” are destroying the economy.

The Dodd-Frank Bill, proposed by and named after two of the most significant initiators of the 2008 economic downturn (Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd), was truly absurd.  For all of its harm to small banks and to the economy, it didn’t even address the cause of the downturn, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

So, let’s answer our two basic questions, “Is Capitalism Ethical”, “Does Socialism Work?”  Capitalism is a huge engine for job creation and wealth to the extent that the Pacific Rim countries have embraced it, as well as China (and they are all becoming wealthy fast)…and there’s nothing unethical about making a reasonable profit for providing goods or services.   Socialism, on the other hand,  can be forced to work, but at the cost of civil liberties, prosperity, unemployment, and political interference in all aspects of our lives.

Finally, how about some people becoming billionaires?  Is it ethical for anyone becoming that wealthy?  Huge wealth is certainly a possibility and a reality under Capitalism.  However, very wealthy people pay most of the taxes and also eventually give away much of their wealth, after providing for their families, to charities, which use it much more wisely than the government ever will. Finally, if you still have a problem with Capitalism, then call it “free enterprise” which means the same thing but is more descriptive and uncontroversial.  And if you’re still unconvinced if socialism works or has ever worked, just check out what’s happening in Venezuela, and if you think Socialism is great, then continue to vote for Democrats and be prepared for the continued decline of the United States.



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For further information…

Ending the Covid Pandemic was important for economies to normalize.  From the beginning of the pandemic, most governments around the world made poor decisions that resulted in the pandemic lasting many years.  They did this by misusing the authority governments are granted during emergencies. Most, but not all, had good intentions.  Because the Pandemic was caused by a novel (new) virus, and authorities and scientists therefore didn’t know how to properly handle it, the early miss-steps by governments were completely understandable.  However,  many later studies provided in-depth information that suggested the best policies to pursue to deal with the virus.  Since I’m an American who has followed U.S politics since 1960, I’ll restrict my analysis to America.

Americans were told that “lockdowns” of businesses were necessary to slow the spread of Covid.  Many States and Cities did this which resulted in hundreds of thousands of small businesses and restaurants going out of business and millions of Americans losing their jobs.  Many schools were also locked down resulting in many millions of school children missing over a year of in-person learning.  Americans were forced to endure other hardships including even low-risk children and young adults wearing masks and proven therapeutics which were scandalized and denigrated.  I contend that most of these actions were politically-motivated, did little or nothing to combat the Pandemic, and even made the situation worse than it would have otherwise been.

Some of these actions have been uncovered and are widely acknowledged, like New York governor Cuomo’s directive that had elderly  nursery-home residents hospitalized for Covid  returned to their nursery homes (which led to widespread Covid deaths in nursery homes). Most bad actions by governments have not yet been uncovered but are suspected with much justification.  For example, each month over 200,000 migrants illegally cross our southern border, almost none being tested for Covid-19 or vaccinated. To me this indicates how the Biden Administration really feels about controlling the virus.  I believe, as do many Americans, that it wants to prolong  Covid-fear until the 2024 Presidential election so that there is justification for unsolicited ballots being blanket-mailed, allowing similar unprecedented election fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election.

What should governments have done to overcome the virus and get back to normal?  With many Covid studies now completed, as well as the results in from countries around the world, it has become much clearer what the path should have been taken and what path should be followed now. One of the relevant facts are from an Israeli study that shows that the natural immunity one gets from having had the virus is 27 times more effective than vaccine immunity.  In addition, natural immunity stops a person from being infectious to others, which the vaccine does not.  Finally, while vaccine immunity begins to wane after 3-6 months, natural immunity lasts much longer.  Other relevant facts come from countries, such as Sweden, and States such as South Dakota and Florida, that did not lock down.  Today, countries and States that rode out the virus without imposing lockdowns are doing much better than States like New York and California, and their non-mandated-state economies are booming.  Very high doses of Vitamin D strengthened my immunity to the extent that my Covid lasted  only 2 days.  For those who got sicker, therapeutics like Regeneron and Ivermectin were very effective in curing Covid, and even more therapeutics now being widely used.  Therefore, it is far past the time to open up economies and treat Covid like one more illness that can make you very ill and even kill you. Vaccinations should be encouraged but not mandated.  Governments, hopefully will follow the science next time.

The author of this post, Mike Russo, is not a physician but does have a Masters degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, including  a course in research methods.  Moreover, he has taken Masters-level courses in program analysis and evaluation, and law from George Washington University.


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Office politics is important to study because one must understand it in order to effectively handle the political games and power struggles that can interfere with employee careers and productivity.  In the July 10, 1984, Washington  Post “Federal Diary,” Mike Causey reported that of 800 senior federal personnel officers responding to a Merit Systems Protection Board survey, almost one in every five said that they had been improperly pressured by managers to save or fire employees during the 1981 reduction-in-force.

Good management and supervision includes an understanding of office politics and power.  Because the phrase “office politics” has a bad reputation, even its beneficial and ethical aspects are not usually the subject of serious attention. Managers, supervisors and employees may not advance in their careers sufficiently because of their disdain for office politics and its prudent use.  If a manager is unaware of and not in control of the politics in his/her office, s/he will not be able to manage his/her employees and programs as well. On the other hand, excessive involvement in office politics can drain the energy, time, motivation and productivity that should otherwise go into the job.  Dr. Andrew Dubrin, in his 1990 book, Winning at Office Politics, cites five levels of involvement in office politics, from the most political to the most naive. They are: Machiavellian, Office Politician, Survivalist, Straight Arrow and Innocent Lamb. For those who are interested, Dr. Dubrin’s book contains a 100-question test which will show how political you are.

The Types of Office Politics

I classify office  politics into three categories: clean, dirty and situational.  “Clean” (ethical) office politics comprises those things one can do to advance his or her career and get the job done at no one’s expense and without being unethical or immoral. Examples of clean office politics include loyalty to one’s supervisor and working in one’s own interest. “Dirty” office politics is immoral and/or unethical and is something which is done to the detriment of others. Examples of dirty office politics include backstabbing and stealing credit for another’s work. “Situational” office politics, as its name implies, is ethical or not depending upon the situation in which it is used.  A good example of situational ethical office politics is the “fait accompli” (accomplished fact). This tactic simply involves taking an action even though it will not be welcomed by the boss. Later, after reaping the benefits of the action, the employee pleads innocence if the boss questions him/her on it.  The employee tells the boss that s/he didn’t now that it would meet with disapproval. With some supervisors this tactic is sometimes necessary though not without risk. Another tactic is “going over the supervisor’s head.” If the tactic is used on a straightforward democratic supervisor, it is usually unethical; therefore it is considered situational office politics.  Another situational ethical tactic is “withholding information.” White collar workers are knowledge workers and information is their stock-in-trade. There are times, however, when it is ethical to withhold information, such as when a supervisor will take all of the credit for the information supplied and not give the employee proper credit.


How to Treat Supervisors

No matter how high a level employee you are, there is always someone you must answer to. Therefore, in your role as a subordinate, the keystone of office politics is your relationship with your boss. If you keep your relationship sincere and unmanipulative, you are using clean office politics. Your aim is to help make your boss look good.   There are many clean tactics which you can use to improve your relations with your boss. The simplest is showing your boss loyalty.  Loyalty is reporting only to the boss and not going behind his/her back to others; following and respecting the boss’ direction without grumbling or second guessing; disagreeing with the boss only in private; making efforts to instill the boss’ ideas, plans and actions in other employees; not disclosing secrets about the boss; and standing up for the boss when s/he is the subject of criticism.

While teaching an adult education course in “clean” office politics and power in Washington, DC, I found that loyalty to the supervisor is the most difficult for people to understand, let alone accept and use. Students frequently volunteered opinions, such as “my boss is a fool, I know much more than s/he,” and “I don’t know how that idiot ever got his or her job.” Perhaps much of what I hear about supervisors and managers is true; maybe many of them are incompetent in managing work and people. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant here. The boss has legitimate power; s/he writes  your performance appraisals, has the responsibility for your work, and can either praise or discredit you to his or her superiors. If you and your boss don’t like, or at least respect each other, and there’s nothing on the horizon which may change the situation, you should consider changing jobs. Incidentally, showing loyalty to the organization you work for also makes good political sense, although personal and organizational loyalty may not be compatible at times.

How to Treat Peers

The respect and cooperation of your peers is another essential component of clean office politics and obtaining power ethically.  A few tactics should help you achieve this sometimes very elusive goal: help peers when they need it; be trustworthy and friendly; back them up; don’t complain about all the work you have to do; and avoid pretentions. Incidentally, most dirty office politics occurs among peers, so the above is especially important if you want to minimize the risk of fostering their envy, and the malice, slander and sabotage that it can foster. Envious people try to downgrade the person and/or the person’s accomplishments of which they are jealous.

How to Treat Subordinates

Finally, relations with subordinates have a role in office politics. Giving recognition for the good work of a subordinate is an outlet for genuine appreciation. Treating subordinates with respect because they are people first and employees second is both humanistic and, coincidentally, part of being a good manager. Finally, a supervisor should not take advantage of subordinates with his/her power.

The aforementioned clean tactics are referred to as political or interactional skills and are most important in judiciously using office politics and power ethically. Other clean tactics fall under the aegis of “visi-posure.” This is a combination of visibility (seeing those above you) and exposure (being seen by those above you).       The following are some examples of ethical tactics you and/or your staff could engage in:

  • Staff promoting themselves by talking with you about their progress and keeping you informed of what they’re doing.
  • Staff originating and initiating new ideas, putting them in writing and giving them to you.
  • Staff getting to know the people in the organization by attending office parties, using the cafeteria at work and remembering names.
  • Staff developing a professional attitude by avoiding excessive emotionalism, dressing for success, not engaging in negative gossip about people and not being a clock watcher.
  • Staff speaking up at meetings because that is where they are sometimes seen by people who do not usually see them.
  • Staff asking questions because this is necessary to obtain the information they need to continually improve their job performance, as well as showing their concern for the job.
  • Staff doing things outside the confines of the job. This allows them to meet people throughout the organization.
  • Staff talking about their progress so you know that they have definite goals and want to get ahead.
  • Staff developing a support system through involvement in professional organizations. This provides them with a support system separate from the job and can be important if they run into serious political difficulty on the job.
  • Staff developing a specialty so they can stand out from the crowd and get the recognition they need to advance their careers.


Up to this point we have dealt only with clean office politics. Let’s look at the dirty side so that you can more effectively protect yourself and your staff from it.

Paranoia vs. Naivete

To consider dirty office politics rationally, one must endeavor to be completely objective about oneself.  Some people are absolutely convinced that someone is out to get them. Because people, on occasion, are really out to discredit someone else for various reasons, one needs to make a clear distinction between objective reality and paranoid thinking.  Paranoid thinking exists when the amount of fear, anxiety and concern is not justified by real danger. To illustrate, it might be considered paranoid to be excessively fearful of crime in a predominantly crime-free community, whereas, to be concerned about being mugged while walking along some sections of the formerly infamous Fourteenth Street corridor in Washington, D.C., at one o’clock in the morning is prudent, not paranoid, and should result in appropriate action (like quickly leaving the area). To combat paranoid thinking, if you believe someone is out to get you, ask yourself “how do I know this to be true-;” “what am I observing that leads me to that opinion;” and “is this sufficient to warrant my belief that someone is out to get me?” It often takes considerable thought to sort out all the relevant information and form a rational opinion as to whether or not you’re someone’s target.

On the other hand, though not bad in terms of mental health, naivete in office politics can be hazardous to your career. If you think that everyone’s out to help you, give yourself a naive-zero on the accuracy of perceptions scale below. Likewise, if you see a coworker’s power and influence rising as yours is descending and you do not get at least a little suspicious, score yourself once again near the naive-zero on the scale.  Another indicator that you may be an actual or potential victim of dirty office politics is when former enemies in the office suddenly become friends; they may have found a common enemy — you.  The graph below illustrates the distinction between being paranoid and being naive. It is intentionally simplistic to illustrate the point.

Accuracy of Perceptions Scale


N                                   R                                  P

A                                   E                                  A

I                                    A                                  R

V                                   L                                   A

E                                   I                                   N

T                                   T                                  O

E                                   Y                                  I


Slander differs from gossip in that gossip is not as malicious, persistent and purposeful as is slander. One defense against slander and backstabbing is not to allow the slander to damage your self-image.  Another defense is to launch a small counterattack. by innocently asking associates on occasion why the slanderer is so unhappy. By knowing that someone is slandering you, you can more effectively combat it. The following are options you have to-combat slander: 1)confrontation; 2)exposure; 3)retaliation; 4)rewarding the guilty party to make him or her feel guilty, suspicious or confused; and 5)eliminating the cause. Often people readily accept stories on the grapevine without verification. Most of the time these stories contain partial truths, misunderstandings, distortions or outright misstatement of fact. Clever slanderers, however, base their dirty work on real incidents; they simply define or explain the incidents in an intentionally-distorted manner so as to make someone look stupid or incompetent. They also get to the manager first with their distorted version of an incident so as to “poison the wells” for any other versions that may follow. Since supervisors and managers must rely, in large part, on information from subordinates, they therefore have to be especially wary of the derogatory comments they hear about employees. Since the “reputation” method is commonly used by managers to informally assess staff, even if a diligent manager follows up on rumors and makes first-hand observations of an employee, selective perception may bias the observation, since s/he is starting out with preconceived ideas that were furnished when one subordinate gave the “lowdown” on another. To counter the tendency towards selective perception, a manager must suspend judgement until s/he has sufficient data to form a defensible opinion. Personally, I prefer confrontation and asking an employee and thereby allowing him or her opportunity to explain.

A devious tactic, less onerous than backstabbing and stealing credit, is using flattery (not genuine praise) to manipulate people into doing what you want them to do. Constantly raising questions concerning a peer’s judgement and providing misinformation (with some truth thrown in for plausibility) is another tactic practiced by clever unethical office politicians.


Of the three types of office politics, “situational” is the most difficult to use wisely. This is because most people have an image of themselves as being good, honest, righteous, ad infinitum, and they therefore rationalize many of their actions as being warranted by the situation or someone else’s actions. Many atrocities have been explained and “justified” by situations. The most recent examples are acts of terrorisrn which killed or injured innocent people.

In addition to the fait accompli mentioned earlier in this article, “avoiding losers” is a situational tactic. If you lunch and socialize with other managers, supervisors or staff with bad reputations, it is likely that your reputation may be tarnished. If the person with a bad reputation is a friend, avoiding that individual solely because of his or her reputation is a situational tactic that only you can judge as ethical or not. Another situational tactic is the “red herring” which is useful for managers because of the desirability of handling tricky personnel problems without needlessly humiliating people. For example, a manager may not want to tell, for some legitimate reason, an employee the full story of why s/he is -being fired, but use a “red herring,” or explanation that diverts attention from the blunt truth.

Discouraging Unethical Office Politics

At this point you may asking yourself if there’s anything that can be done to dissuade employees from engaging in dirty office politics. It should be clear to managers that staff  are going to get involved to some extent in office politics and will not make the ethical distinctions enumerated here. There are, however, a few tactics that managers can use to improve the chances for ethical behavior and a more decent office environment to thrive:

  • Keep your staff busy. Employees engaged in meaningful work and achieving worthwhile goals don’t have as much time and energy for office politics, clean or dirty.
  • Keep your staff well informed. Communication is an important part of the manager’s job and lack of it will foster conjecture, which is usually much worse than reality.
  • Give your employees, to the extent practicable, separate responsibilities, to minimize jealousy and cut-throat competition. Sometimes overlapping responsibilities are necessary, and even desirable, but if an organization can be structured without it, there will be more peace and harmony.
  • Be non-judgemental in dealing with your staff. If you want them to listen to you, and take your advice when you really need them to, they must trust you. That means not only respecting their confidences, but also empathetically listening to their complaints and problems.
  • Trust your staff. Expect them to do the right thing and help them to do it. This should help curtail devious behavior. The German philosopher Goethe said “Treat people as if they are what they ought to be, and you will help them to become what they are capable of being.”
  • When interviewing job applicants for a vacancy in your office, look for compatibility with your other staff. An applicant’s resume should tell you most of what you need to know about his or her knowledges, skills and abilities to do the job. The interview should help you tell how friendly, cooperative, and loyal the applicant is.
  • Build team spirit to encourage mutual support and understanding. Meetings can be a useful tool in accomplishing this, but the attitude of the manager is essential.
  • Give your employees an opportunity to read about office politics. Often, people engage in unethical behavior because they cannot distinguish between what’s ethical and what’s not. This article has been written to remove that ambiguity.


Power and office politics go hand-in-hand. The more power one has, the more effective his or her office politics can be. Power is defined here as the ability to marshal the resources to get the job done. There are basically six sources of power: 1)legitimate, 2)reward, 3)coercive, 4)referent, 5)expertise and 6)charismatic. Legitimate power is the official power you have as a manager in an organization; you have reward power if you can promote; you have coercive power if you can fire. Associate with or have a good rapport with one or more of the leaders with power in your organization and you have referent power. If you’re an expert at your job, you have expertise power. President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King are good examples of people who had charismatic power.

A manager automatically has legitimate, reward and coercive power. If you’re a good manager, you probably have some charismatic power. How does one obtain more power? You can develop referent power by becoming friendly with other managers. Many people who have very little legitimate power have enormous referent power. Secretaries are good examples of this phenomenon. Become excellent at your job and you’ll gain expertise power. Develop your verbal and non-verbal skills, dress for success, and develop desirable leadership skills through education, training, reading and experience, and you’ll be on your way to developing charismatic power.


Office politics is a fact of organizational life. This article has discussed clean, dirty and situationally-ethical forms of it. The most useful political tactic, however, is one called “honest and straightforward.” It is not only the easiest to use, it does not cause ‘the anxiety that many of the other tactics do. Work would be far more pleasant if all interactions were of this type, however an awareness of the other types is essential.

If you are like most employees, you not only deplore office politics, you are absolutely convinced that you do not engage in any form of it, be it conscious, unconscious, clean, dirty or situationally-ethical. I hope that this article has accomplished three objectives: 1)made you more aware of office politics and therefore better able to handle it; 2)demonstrated that some forms of office politics can be ethical; and 3)adequately described dirty office politics so that there is more certainty as to what is ethical and what is not. An awareness of all types of office politics can be useful to you in succeeding in an ever-more competitive world.


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Everyone knows that the Democrat Party is the liberal (or Progressive) party and the Republican Party is the conservative party.  But is this true?  I don’t think so.  Here’s why:  the Democrat and Republican parties stake out positions on many issues, most of which are neither liberal nor conservative.  It is much more accurate to characterize their positions as being either Democrat or Republican positions rather than liberal or conservative.


For example,  is the $29 trillion U.S. National Debt liberal or conservative? Of course, it’s neither!  How about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?  Once again, a safety net for the elderly and the poor is neither liberal nor conservative.  I could continue on but I believe I made my point.  However, I can successfully argue that a strong military is favored by the Republican Party and a weak military is favored by the Democrat Party.  In addition, non-enforcement of our immigration laws is a tenet of the Democrat Party and strict enforcement is a tenet of the Republican Party.  Once again, these are not liberal or conservative positions but are simply political party preferences.  Another example, Sanctuary Cities are favored by the Democrat Party but are not favored by the Republican Party.  Another, man-made climate change is a Democrat idea, whereas Sun-caused (Solar-Flares, Sun Spots, Weak Solar Cycles 25, 26) climate change is a Republican idea.  Abortion is supported by Democrats, anti-abortion by Republicans.  None of these positions have anything to do with liberalism or conservatism so why muddy the waters?  Call them what there are: positions taken by either the Democrat Party or the Republican Party.


I think the language that is thrown around against both liberals and conservatives is sloppy, irresponsible and misleading and it needs to stop because it confuses voters.  Voters need to know what each political party stands for with much more precision and clarity so that they know exactly what policies they are supporting.  Calling voters names is what some people do when they can’t make intelligent, logical, and cogent arguments to support their positions.  I can’t find much to suggest that the Democrat Party is Liberal or Progressive, and that the Republican Party is Conservative so let’s call political party positions Democrat positions or Republican positions and drop the liberal and conservative labels. They are misleading.


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I read a fascinating book by a courageous person: Mosab Hassan Yousef.  Mr. Yousef gave up so much that he held dear to follow the beliefs of his new religion, Christianity.  His devotion to Christ led him to helping people, all people: Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc.  His father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, was one of seven Palestinians that created Hamas in 1986, but Mr. Yousef was a principled and honorable man, unlike many of the other Hamas leaders, and led me to conclude that he is mostly responsible for his son also being a principled and honorable young man.

Christianity opened young Mosab’s mind to compassion and forgiveness and enabled him to take a second look at the Israelis, whom he had been taught to hate by the culture he was raised in.  At some point he thought that he could save many lives on all sides of the Palistinian-Israeli conflict by working with Israel’s Intelligence service, the Shin Bet.  In fact, he did save many innocent lives, including his father’s.

In the epilogue, postscript and afterwards, Mosab ends the book by telling about his encounters in America, which I found to be very interesting, because by the end of the book I cared about what happened to him.

The book forced me to rethink Hamas and its true intentions: political power or a genuine concern for Palistinians?  It also gave me a better appreciation on how being raised in a culture where hatred is celebrated, and also think about how fortunate I am for having been born and raised in America.  If you are interested in the Middle East, care about the people who live there, and want to understand what is happening there, this book should help.

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What do  governor Andrew Cuomo, mogul Harvey Weinstein, former Senator Al Frankin,  and Jeffrey Epstein, all have in common?  All have been accused of sexual harassment!  From hearing victims’ sexual harassment stories, I believe it’s very important to first clearly define exactly what sexual harassment is.  Having done Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counseling collateral-duty (part-time), while working full-time as a program analyst with a bureau in  the U.S. Department of the Interior, I’m familiar with the clear definition of sexual harassment by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, at 29 C.F.R. 1604.11, as follows:

Sexual Harassment is conduct in the form of “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature” when such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostlite, or offensive working environment.” 

Except for its legal implications, it’s not important to someone who feels harassed, frightened, or intimidated, whether s/he has been technically and legally sexually harassed. The following very relevant quote is taken from an article by Mortimer Zuckerman that appeared in the May 23, 1994, issue of US News and World Report:

“That sexual harassment exists is unquestionable, but that many acts of sexual misconduct are overdramatized is also true.  To avoid trivializing those who suffer the real thing, we must reject the idea that any unwanted advance or remark constitutes harassment.  There is a difference between an unwanted encounter, which may upset a woman, and pressure applied — such as threatening a woman’s job security — or ongoing demeaning treatment.  Those wrongly accused have their own ordreal in trying to prove a negative.”

When I was working for a U.S. Department of the Interior bureau in Denver, I also belonged to a public speaking club where someone accused me of “inappropriate behavior.”  Moreover, even before hearing my rebuttal, the club voted me out, whereupon I hired a lawyer to help me get my “due process” rights that were listed in the club’s charter.  In working through the details of the case, my accuser could not cite any examples of what I did that was inappropriate.  I sought advice from many people on how to handle the incident.  The psychiatrist I consulted advised that, since the woman had recently gone through a horrible divorce,  she was taking out her anger on me.  I also read many books on communication problems between the sexes, including the excellent, You Just Don’t Understand, by Deborah Tannen in order to make sense of why she accused me.


Both men and women need to learn how to deal with sexual harassment.  Men need to understand that women can destroy their lives and therefore they need to be more considerate of women’s feelings and perceptions and educate themselves on how and when many women become uncomfortable with some of their actions, such as using foul language, coming on too strong, and being too aggressive.  One of man’s basic evolutionary roles was to protect women; it’s wrong to harass them.

Women need to educate themselves on sexual harassment and how to handle various situations in a manner that eliminates the problem with a minimum of anguish.

Finally, for those trying to judge what the truth is in a potential sexual harassment encounter, remember to not completely believe anyone because of his/her gender; just listen to all sides and follow the evidence.



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Who can be against a livable wage and why would they possibly be against it?  That’s what this post is about.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) previously reported that if the minimum wage were to be increased to $10.10 nationwide, or a 40% increase, about 500,000 to 1,000,000 million minimum-wage employees, from a pool of 16,500,000 minimum wage employees, would lose their jobs because employers could not pay it and remain in small business.  However, if the new proposed minimum wage jumped to $15/hour, the effects of such a raise is estimated as being the loss of about one and a half million jobs.

So why do it?  The main argument is that it’s not a “living wage,” that no one can live on and raise a family on that wage.  Sounds like a reasonable justification but, of course, we need to look at other sides of the argument before reaching sound conclusions.  I already cited one of the primary reasons why government should not mandate raising the minimum wage too high…the loss of about 1,500,000 minimum-wage jobs; however, another significant reason is that it would almost shut down the first step on career ladders for unskilled workers…to the extent that they couldn’t even get that first job, get their foot in the door…because their work would not be worth $15/hour.  Many small businesses, like restaurants, are very sensitive to the minimum wage and when government mandates that wage to be increased substantially, restaurant prices increase substantially, which hurts the business and makes it fail (so the end result may also be the elimination of jobs).  Finally, it’s far more accurate to call the “minimum wage” the “starting wage,” because that’s exactly what it is for most people.

It appears that labor union leadership and consequently the Democrat Party is the only beneficiary of government mandating dramatic minimum wage increases with everyone else being harmed; therefore, gradual increases in the minimum wage may be able to satisfy genuine concerns of the minimum wage argument.

The best way to raise everyone’s wages the most is to create a booming economy like they did in North Dakota, for example,  where $15/hour was the starting wage in fast food restaurants because of the huge competition for employees that North Dakota’s great economy had fostered.  Former President Trump did precisely that with the U.S. economy, which resulted of a 3.4% increase in workers’ wages.  The government did not have to mandate minimum wages…they occurred naturally.

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COVID-19 & VITAMIN-D: HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED? (audio interview)

Michael Smith, MD

Vitamin D is becoming the superstar in drastically reducing the chances of dying from the Coronavirus.  According to the Life Extension Foundation, deaths from all causes are less with adequate Vitamin D supplementation (2-5,000 IU/day), however Indonesia actually studied the issue with 772 volunteers, about half of whom had normal blood levels of vitamin D (over 30 nanograms), 213 with insufficient levels (21-29 nanograms), and 179 with deficient levels (under 20 nanograms) and found that nearly 99% of the D-deficient participants died.  The study has some questionable research design but it’s still noteworthy.  Incidentally, I got Covid-19 while having extremely high Vitamin D blood levels and was sick for only two days.  Learn about the many benefits of Vitamin D in the audio interview I conducted with Dr. Smith back in 2011 (see below).

Dr. Michael Smith is a medical doctor with specialties in radiology and internal medicine, and, at the time of our interview, served as the clinical information specialist with The Life Extension Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to researching and disseminating information on preventing disease and medical disorders.

If you listen to the interview with Dr. Smith of the Life Extension Foundation, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

1. Why do you should take vitamin D and how much?…
2. Why and how much and what type of fish oil you should take…
3. The importance of vitamin K2 to your heart, arteries and bones and where you can get adequate amounts.
4. The value of Co-Enzyme Q10 and the type to take…

To listen to my 26-minute interview with Dr. Michael Smith, please click the blue Link  below.

Michael Smith – Vitamin Audio

Interview by Mike Russo.

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Jan. 6, 2021 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, DC

Because I personally watched, listened to, and taped over 20 hours of testimony documenting overwhelming fraud in the 2020 election, I know that President Trump was re-elected President of the United States.  Those who disagree have not seen or heard the evidence but are simply basing their opinion on what they heard on the news about President Trump’s court challenges being defeated, not knowing that they were defeated based on procedural grounds and that the massive amount of evidence was not even heard.

In addition to having the 2020 Presidential election stolen, the next consequence of overlooking the massive election fraud was the stealing of the January 5 run-off election for both senators from Georgia using the corrupted vote-counting machines and their malicious software.  However, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnel, also helped lose both Senate seats by not agreeing to give Americans $2,000 stimulus checks a week before the election.

On January 6 there was a Trump (“Stop the Steal”) rally in Washington where President Trump spoke. Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters attended it at the Ellipse across from the White House.  Meanwhile, about a mile away, hundreds of right- and left-wing provocateurs, previously planned (according to the FBI) and got positioned at the Capitol by 12:53 pm, which was before the President finished his speech at 1:10 pm.  The rioters then broke into the Capitol building, which interrupted the Congressional election-fraud debate and certification.  Debate resumed hours later  and certified the Electoral College votes.  Media coverage was, as usual, pitiful.  It exploited the violence by accusing President Trump of inciting it.  He did not, but asked his supporters to, “walk down to the Capitol to…cheer on our brave Senators and Congressmen to peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard.” However, as I mentioned, the violent right-and left-wing rioters were already there with the intention of breaking in and disrupting the Congressional debate on election fraud, which it did.

President Trump pleaded with all after the violence began at the Capitol to go home.  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, asked that the 25th Amendment (to the Constitution) be invoked to throw President Trump out of office, otherwise the House would impeach him (which it did on January 13 with no witnesses called, no hearings conducted, no language by Trump cited, no legal representation allowed for the President).  In the following days, President Trump appeared on T.V. and said that he was focusing on the peaceful upcoming transition to a Biden Administration.  Later he tweeted that he would not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration.  Incidentally, Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, was more responsible than any other government official for the violence at the Capitol by not at least giving a fair hearing to Texas’ lawsuit, joined by 22 other states and the President, because they (allegedly) did not have “standing.”  In other words, it manufactured “lack-of- standing” as the pretext for avoiding doing its job as the court of last resort and gave no recourse to the 74 million Americans who knew the election was stolen.

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.  What will Trump supporters do with the massive evidence proving that the election was stolen?  I personally taped over 20 hours of it and predict that there is simply too much of it for the issue to go away…and it may even lead to serious violence.  Most Trump supporters won’t be placated until there is a thorough investigation.  To add insult to injury, big tech companies and other large corporations have begun penalizing anyone who says that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen, which it was.  God help us!


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I didn’t vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2008 or 2012.  In 2008 it was a very difficult choice for me because I had devoted many years to fighting racial discrimination and eagerly wanted to vote for the first black President.  However, on eight of the top ten National issues, I disagreed with Obama’s and Biden’ positions, so I couldn’t vote for them in good conscience.  Though I didn’t vote for the Obama-Biden ticket, I believed what they said about their being “post-partisan” and wanting a “transparent” Presidency.  While there were some rumblings on the right about Obama really being a far-left radical, I was unconvinced and believed his message of “hope and change.”  By the 2012 Presidential election, I had become convinced that President Obama and Vice-President Biden followed Democrat policies which had destroyed many businesses and jobs, and made health insurance unaffordable for anyone who paid for Obamacare themselves.

Eight years after being elected, Obama-Biden had a record of a number of failures, of wasting trillions of dollars, of race relations being much worse, and of creating a health care system that was far worse and much more expensive than most Americans could afford.  After eight years of Obama-Biden, we had a Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate the lowest since 1978, 62.8%, and a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) whose growth did not reach 3% annually for his entire presidency.  Calling President Obama and Vice-President Biden economically incompetent doesn’t come close to describing the situation accurately.

“But Obama-Biden did their best,” you might say.  Their best was simply not good enough.  They were in over their heads.  They are good fathers and husbands, but their policies as President and Vice-President have been a disaster and therefore whoever ran as the Democrat nominee in 2020 (Joe Biden) should not be elected because Democrat policies simply do not work.

Most democrat policies are very destructive.  There is no war on women (see my post, “War on Women”), no longer very much new man-made Global Warming (see my post, “Is Global Warming due mostly to Solar Flares or is it Man-Made?”), not much racism (see my post, “Obsessed with Race”), a phony gun issue (see my post “More Guns, Less Crime”), etc., ad infinitum.  I spend over six hours/day following national and political issues, and have my Masters degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania,  so it’s easy for me to know who knows what they’re doing and who does not (and President Obama didn’t know, economically, and had surrounded himself with economic advisors who all believed in Keynesian economics although it has never worked).  Though the U.S. was fooled twice by President Obama, Vice-President Biden and the corrupt and criminal Democrat Party, I don’t intend to be fooled again.

On a positive note, President Obama was the very first African-American president and is beloved by many of all colors ad creeds.  It took 145 years for African-Americans to go from slavery (up to 1863) to having one of its own being elected to President of the United States (in 2008).  In addition, President Obama appointed two female Supreme Court justices.

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I believe Trump supporters like him for the reason that I like him: the man has a stiff spine and is not timid.  When he’s criticized by the Press or political opponents, he doubles-down and fights back even harder.  In addition,  Trump’s focus on illegal immigration, the military, healthcare, war on terror, the economy, the China and the North Korean threat, law and order, etc., has touched a nerve with the electorate and took numerous actions to address all of these.  He’s truly a “Blue-collar Billionaire.”

However, today’s world is tough, real tough, with China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea constantly attempting to do harm to the U.S. and its allies.  A tough President is needed but many politicians are very weak and give in to loud demands.  President Trump demonstrated that he stands up to any country that tries to take advantage of us including China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, as well as Europe and NATO.  President Trump was nobody’s fool!

Failed weak Presidential candidates include Mitt Romney, who lost the 2012 Presidential election to President Obama because he refused to fight back.  He was more than capable, as evidenced by his outstanding performance in his first debate with President Obama.  When viciously attacked by the Obama campaign, he refused to fight back.  Governor Romney’s poor performance came on the heels of Senator McCain’s poor performance in the 2008 Presidential campaign.  Moreover, it also followed President Bush’s unwillingness to fight back when constantly fraudulently accused by the Left that, “Bush lied, people died” about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I’m not advocating that the President of the United States engage in foolish struggles on matters that can’t be won, but I also believe in not backing off when Democrats and the Main Stream Media make false allegations or when other countries threaten us.  For example,  President Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese products, placed sanctions on Iran after getting out of the insane Iran deal, got the U.S. out of the stupid Paris Climate Accords, the job-killing TPP, and frequently calls fake news (ABC,CBS,NBC, CNN, MSNBC), fake news.

Donald Trump is a street fighter.  “Turning-the-other-cheek” is not for successful politicians.  President Trump improved his messaging and appointed impressive people to help him develop his policies and lead his Cabinet.  He had a resounding electoral victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, thanks to his strong backbone and outworking her by far. Upon becoming the President, he implemented policies that he advocated during the election, including the strongest economy in 50 years and the lowest unemployment ever for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.   If he had been re-elected in 2020, he would have gone down in history as being one of our greatest presidents, and possibly would have even taught Republican Congressional leaders how to fight hard for what they believe in. In other words, to be tough when warranted.

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Acid Reflux, heartburn, GERD…many names for stomach acid creeping up past a weakened lower esophageal sphincter (LES) into the esophagus and burning it since the esophagus is not protected from stomach acid like the stomach.  Stopping heartburn is very important because chronic heartburn can lead to esophageal cancer, and a hiatal hernia causes my chronic heartburn.

For about six months I had a major case of heartburn which bothered me most of the time.  Since proton pump inhibitors  (Nexium, Protonix, etc.) and other acid- reducers have many bad side effects, like the stomach having too weak an acid environment to digest important nutrients like calcium and thus pose a significant increase in the risk of hip fractures due to the consequent osteoporosis, I only used them for the recommended two weeks at a time.  Proton pump inhibitors helped me greatly but after the recommended two weeks, my heartburn returned.  Then I only used Tums and other calcium carbonate chews to quickly reduce my stomach acid when I had stomach pain.

I am not a physician, but over the years I tried all of the well-known remedies such as: 1)avoiding greasy or fried, spicy and acidic foods, 2) placing 6″- high blocks of wood under the  head-of-my-bed supports, 3) not eating for a few hours before going to bed, 4) not wearing tight fitting belts or pants, 5) not lying down flat after eating, 6) not drinking coffee or eating chocolate, but if I really craved it, just having a cup or two a day of coffee or an ounce or so of chocolate/day, maintaining healthy weight, eating smaller but more frequent meals, avoiding alcohol, and stopping smoking.

I tried all of these remedies at once, and still do, and although it helped during the daytime, it didn’t make any difference while I was sleeping (when it’s easier for stomach acid to flow up the esophagus).  So what else was out there other than medications that could allow me to get 5-7 hours of sleep?  After searching around, I eventually read that cabbage juice was effective, so I tried eating about 1/5 can of sauerkraut every night about an hour or so before I went to bed.  To my pleasant surprise, I was able to sleep straight through to 7 am instead of my usual 2-4 am, because my heartburn did not flare up with pain at its usual time.  Over the days, weeks and months I continued my bedtime sauerkraut snack-cure to the extent that my heartburn completely disappeared.  Today my heartburn is usually but I still eat sauerkraut at bedtime whenever I have a flare-up.  Sauerkraut works.  Try it!  There’s nothing to lose (except your heartburn).

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The beating of Tyre Nichols in January 2023 in Memphis Tennessee demonstrated severe police brutality.  We saw the video of Tyre Nichols being beaten so we know that it was true.  In Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, etc., police were charged with racism and brutality.  Are the police brutality charges for the other cites true?  Many businesses were burned down around the Nation. In Portland, there was over 60 nights of attempts to burn down its Federal Courthouse.  Many policemen were seriously injured and three were even blinded. Some cities reacted insanely to Mr. Floyd’s murder by defunding their police departments.  Some thankfully outlawed chokeholds by police.

George Floyd’s murder initiated anew protests against police brutality which then morphed into riots.  Mr. Floyd’s murder was used by the Far Left  to weaken police departments.  Since police brutality has been alleged in the past, I thought it was the appropriate time to examine it, determine how pervasive it is, and see what could and should be done about it, if anything.  But first, a reminder of how important this issue is, I’ll cite a quote from David Clarke’s book, Cop Under Fire, “Police officers have the overwhelming support of their communities.  Changing us into something we’re not will get cops and civilians killed.”  In fact, crime has skyrocketed when cities weakened their police forces.

I believe that the first most important and relevant fact to consider is how pervasive is police brutality.  The second is, “what is the best remedy for police brutality” if it, in fact,  is commonplace.  Thus far, the “defunding the police” remedy, being done by many municipalities, was worse than crazy, it’s goofy.  More training for police would be the best remedy.  In George Floyd’s case, however, the policeman  who killed him had previously been charged with many instances of brutality; therefore, he should have been fired or at least disciplined long ago.  Training, however, should be given on: when fellow policemen should step in and stop criminal police behavior.  Training is expensive and requires more money for police departments, not less.  More training is always a good idea, though I did not find police brutality to be pervasive.  I think national standards are in order.

Despite their pronouncements to the contrary and months of riots, looting and burning down of businesses indicate that Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are not interested in the welfare of the African-American community or  of the United States; therefore anything that they support or advocate should be taken with a universe of salt, including their claims of police brutality and advocacy for defunding the police.

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A very useful guide though a little outdated

When Joe Biden became our next president on November 3, 2020, Obamacare continued to be America’s healthcare system.  In June of 2023 it remains in effect.  As of 2022, approximately 35 million Americans were coved by Obamacare-supported medical insurance coverage.  Therefore, Americans need to know something about it.

Without subsidies, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unaffordable for most people.  Because it is so bad, many looked to President Trump to repeal and replace it with something much better and much less expensive.  Because employers were not required to provide heath insurance for part-time workers, most new jobs employers created  in the U.S. under Obamacare were part-time.

I’ve been a supporter of universal healthcare since the year 2000 and, although I did not vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, I was hopeful that he would make good-healthcare-for-all a reality.  It did not cross my mind that Obama would promulgate legislation that would destroy healthcare for many more Americans than it might help.  It also did not occur to me that healthcare premiums for the unsubsidized would double, triple, or even quadruple because of Obamacare…and that deductibles would be as expensive as four to twelve thousand dollars/year and co-pays double for the unsubsidized what they had been pre-Obamacare…and that all of these consequences combined would have the cumulative effect of destroying healthcare for tens of millions Americans.

Let’s give the creators of Obamacare the benefit of the doubt and assume that their hearts were in the right place, and that the passage of the ACA was not simply an attempt of government takeover of 1/6 of the U.S. economy (with healthcare).  The Affordable Care Act demonstrated that it was not affordable and was pitiful health insurance…it was poorly and incompetently designed and executed.  It reminds me of  the homily that “an elephant is a mouse designed by committee,” but in the case of the ACA, it was designed by one political party in Congress.

But wasn’t Obamacare  designed to be like Romney-care, which was passed by Mitt Romney when he was a Republican governor of Massachusetts?  That’s what politicians said to justify Obamacare, but that’s not true.  Romney-care only affected about  8% of the Massachusetts population.  Obamacare affected everyone except those exempted by the President. Romney-care did not have penalties or mandates that Obamacare did until it was repealed by President Trump in his tax-rate-cuts law. The very few good aspects of Obamacare, pre-existing conditions and coverage by parents’ insurance until age 26, could  have been simply added in new health insurance Federal legislation.

Although Obamacare  is clearly very bad and expensive health insurance, except for those receiving significant subsidies or exemptions,  the U.S. may be stuck with it. The reason is totally political.  One sixth of the economy is healthcare.  The ACA or “Obamacare” is a politician’s dream come true but the average American’s nightmare.  With thousands of dollars required for deductibles before reimbursement by insurance companies kicks in, Obamacare for most ends up basically being only catastrophic health-care insurance, which is important and necessary, but not something one should pay a lot of money for.

An opportunity for Obamacare to be either repealed and replaced came with the 2016 Presidential election.  Only if Republicans controlled the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives could Obamacare be replaced with healthcare that was affordable and truly cared about people.  Legislation failed in 2017 because of Senator John McCain, who promised to vote for a Bill in the Senate to overturn it and then, last minute without informing anyone in advance, did not vote to overturn it.

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After most recessions, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth comes back with  a strong minimum 5% increase/year.   But not the recession of 2008-09…annual growth averaged under 2% for the eight years that Barrack Obama was President and the Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate diminished to 62.8%, the lowest it had been since 1978.  Moreover, although the official unemployment rate was under 5%, it would have been about 12% if it were measured the way it was back in the year 2000, and over 20% if it were measured the way it was during the Great Depression in the 30’s.

So what happened under President Obama?  Why not the usual strong growth?  Business had  a few trillion dollars that it held onto oversees, so why didn’t it spend its money to expand its operations and create millions of jobs in the U.S.?  There’s a lot of  reasons why business was cautious in expansion…and we need to understand what the problem was in order to continue to turn around today’s economy and foster substantial job growth (and the increased tax revenues that come with job growth).  Of course, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is filled with disincentives to job growth, especially full-time jobs, so it was partially responsible. The large number of regulations and tax increases under President Obama also added additional burdens on job creators and that’s another major cause.

But who am I to be pontificating on jobs and the economy?  Well, I do have a masters degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.  And my degree is from the Wharton School in the U. of P., which is known for its econometric models of the economy.  To be clear, however, my education was in government, not economics, though I did need to have economics and accounting courses as well as a statistics course in order to graduate from Wharton with my MGA long ago.  I also worked for the Federal government for over40 years in various capacities, and have also worked for the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia.


Let’s put aside education and experience qualifications because, from my observations, ideology trumps education.  I’ve seen PhD’s advocate  really stupid positions, even in light of contradictory evidence.  So I tend to look at the real world, what actually happens when a particular economic policy is followed and practiced.

I’ll start with the policies used by President John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s.  When confronted with a recession, he cut tax rates which led to increased economic growth and recovery.  In addition, when President Ronald Reagan inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression from President Jimmy Carter in 1980 (unemployment over 10%, inflation 13.5%, mortgage interest rates up to 20%), President Reagan cut tax rates to the extent that GDP almost doubled in ten years and tax revenues to the Federal government greatly increased in the 10 years following the tax rate cuts.  President George W. Bush had a similar experience with tax rate cuts, revenues to the Federal government significantly increased.

The most recent economic successful recovery was orchestrated by President Trump with cuts in taxes and regulations, which resulted in an extremely low unemployment rate of 3.4% and the lowest unemployment rates in U.S. history for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans.


Let’s look at what actually happened when the opposite approach was used:  it is estimated that President Franklin D. Roosevelt doubled the duration of the Great Depression in the 1930’s by using the John Keynes economic model of increasing government deficit spending, and the US still did not even get out of the Great Depression until World War II.   Moreover, when Japan’s economy went bust in the 90’s, it spent trillions over a 20-year period trying to stimulate its economy.  The huge deficit spending did nothing except give Japan a huge debt.


Which brings us up to to when President Barrack Obama spent almost a trillion dollars in his “stimulus” package in a effort to turn around the economy…and he also devalued the dollar by having The Federal Reserve Bank print trillions of dollars with no backing through it’s so-called Quantitative Easing 1, 2, and 3.  He also tried other short-term Federal spending programs such as his “cash for clunkers” and engaged in huge annual deficit spending, the extent of which had never been seen before.  His economic policies, based on the discredited theories of economist, John Maynard Keynes,  have actually have made the economy worse by piling up huge government debt (over $20 trillion in total national debt which is greater than the annual GDP of the US), with very little to show for it,  and whose interest payments will be unsustainable when interest rates increase.

Let’s look at other factors significantly adversely affecting the economy, such as oppressive government regulations.  One of the reasons for President Bill Clinton’s economic success in the 1990s was his significantly cutting back many Federal Regulations (as well as the reduction in government employment through attrition) as part of his “National Performance Review” initiative.  President Obama’s policy, on the other hand,  on preventing drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, has resulted in 240,000 barrels/day less oil from the Gulf,  which would have led to large increases in gasoline prices were it not for oil companies engaging in horizontal drilling and fracking on private and State lands.  Another example of over-regulation is the Dodd-Frank bill, the stated purpose of which was to prevent future financial meltdowns…but it did not even deal with the cause of the meltdown, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who threatened  and coerced banks into making housing loans to people who could not afford to repay them.  Dodd-Frank also had adverse impacts on small banks and dried up loan money for small businesses that would have otherwise been available to them to expand.

Then there’s Obamacare which has been estimated to actually cost the government up to 3 trillion dollars in the first 10 years, as well as lead to very expensive, rationed and inferior health care.   Then, of course, there’s EPA’s over-regulations, such as the one on carbon dioxide, which as we know, is an inert gas, the chief purpose of which is food for plant life, plants which turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.  Moreover, let’s not forget how hundreds of thousands of farm hands were suddenly unemployed when the US Department of the Interior shut off the water to California’s Central Valley in an effort to protect the Delta Smelt (a small fish) that was on the Endangered Species list.  All of these things had severely hurt jobs.  Finally, President Obama extending unemployment benefits to 99 weeks actually increased unemployment because studies show that, on average, unemployment benefit recipients don’t even begin looking for work until 4 weeks prior to the end of their benefits.


But stimulating the economy by cutting tax rates isn’t fair, is it?  Even President Obama said in an interview a year or so before he was elected President, when confronted with the fact that cutting the capital gains tax rate in the past had actually resulted in increased tax revenues to the Federal government, that he still would not cut the capital gains tax rate because “it isn’t fair.”

So is it fair to cut tax rates even though we know that the result would be to increase tax revenues?  The nation would then have more money to help the poor, not less, so why not do it?  I can understand the “equality” argument but  is it really a good thing if everyone were equally poor as they are in many countries?   “So what” if there are some super-wealthy people…we know that in the United States they will eventually give most of their money to charity anyway and do it much more wisely than the Federal government!   Winston Churchill said that  capitalism is a bad form of government except that it’s better than all other forms of government.


Cutting  tax rates and regulations have always worked in the past and stimulated the economy and thereby created many jobs.  Presidents Kennedy, Reagan,Bush and Trump all increased tax revenues by cutting tax rates for everyone.  Today, the bottom 50% of earners pay almost no Federal income taxes…the wealthiest 10 %, on the other hand,  pay over 70% of all Federal income taxes.  If you believe that’s not enough, how much is enough?  The U.S. corporate tax rate was 35% but Trump and the Republican Congress reduced it to its current 21%, and it consequently has led to many corporations moving their operations and jobs back from other countries and has caused the United States to regain many jobs.  It’s time for President Trump to work his Wharton School “magic” again and bring back the economy again.  I believe that President Trump can and will bring back the economy.


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A hot political issue is income inequality.  The heart of the debate is that it doesn’t seem fair for some people to make millions while others are living close to or in poverty.  The government already redistributes wealth through taxes and a variety of welfare programs including food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc., but advocates want to see a lot more.  Is this fair?  Is it feasible? Are there unintended consequences for even more income redistribution?  Let’s check it out by first reviewing the scope of the problem:  according to the latest data, the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers pay about 40% of all individual Federal income taxes the and the wealthiest 10% pay about 70%.  However, the bottom 50% of taxpayers only pay about 3% of all Federal income taxes.

The United States’ economy is fueled by free enterprise, also known as Capitalism.  Being able to make a better life for yourself and your family motivates people to devote the time, energy and work necessary to become financially successful.  This system, however, does result in some being very rich and some being poor.  Free enterprise, as practiced in the United States, contains economic safety nets to help ensure that no one is destitute.  Even so, some will still be bad off.  Here’s where charities play a large roll, as well as simple government policies, such as those that require that hospitals treat everyone, even when they can’t pay.

For average-income Americans, the Social Security Administration has reported that in 2020, the medium household income was $34,612.  This poor record was the fault of the Federal government in over-regulating businesses, until recently having an absurdly high (35%) corporate income tax rate that forced U.S. companies to relocate overseas where rates were much lower, and having had high individual tax rates (since many small businesses file as individuals).  All of these policies are still advocated  by the Democrat Party, who, in the same breath, say they’re for the “little guy” and for the poor.

Free enterprise is not perfect but has moved billions of people out of poverty in India, China and many other countries. Winston Churchill said that, “the inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent vice of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”  Venezuela is the best recent example of how a wealthy capitalist country becomes impoverished when it converts to socialism.  Income inequality naturally occurs under free enterprise but can be somewhat mitigated through the tax system.  I believe that it should therefore be tolerated but great effort made by government and businesses to naturally raise lower incomes to higher incomes. 

Finally, I never got a job from someone poor.  However, when I became relatively well-off, I was able to give temporary, part-time employment to others needing jobs.  Most wealthy people want to help others in this way.  And billionaires eventually give their money away to charities, their families, etc.  However, if the government took away most of the wealth’s money, it would surely waste it.


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Whether you agree or disagree with what President Trump is doing, there is little disagreement that he has done a lot since being sworn in as President on January 20, three years ago.  If you disagree, you probably have either not been paying attention or have been only watching CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or MSNBC, since those T.V. stations usually do not report the positive actions the President has taken or downplay/twist his accomplishments.  To help remedy this situation, I’ve  compiled a partial list of the President’s accomplishments so far:

1. Created the largest reduction in Federal income tax rates that the U.S. has ever had for both people and businesses, leading to the largest economic boom the U.S. has ever seen.  This has resulted in the lowest unemployment rates ever for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans, and an overall unemployment rate of 3.5%.  It also has meant about 10% increase in wages to the lowest-paid workers and a total increase to average American families of about $10,000 and larger revenues from Federal taxes because of the vastly-increased economic activity.

2. Revised Obamacare and is replacing it with much better and less expensive healthcare insurance.

3. Ordered and signed hundreds of Executive Orders largely directing various Federal agencies to eliminate job-killing regulations.

4. Withdrew the United States from the do-nothing “Paris Climate Accords,” thus preventing billions of taxpayer dollars being transferred to other countries.

5. Selected two “originalist”  judges to the Supreme Court and about 180 Federal judges.

6. Coerced NATO members to add $140 billion to their previous donations to NATO.

7. Decreased illegal immigrant border crossings by 73%, thus improving the lives of legal immigrants as well as the poor since illegal aliens will work for “starvation wages” and thereby drastically lower the wages employers offer to unskilled workers.

8. Dow Jones Industrial Average increased in value by over 40% since he was elected on November 8, 2016.

9. Enabled the U.S. to become “energy-independent” by significantly increasing oil, gas, and coal production, thus freeing it from mid-east oil.

10. Met with numerous heads of State (like Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Japan, England, Germany, Italy, etc.) to improve relations.

11. Re-established the United States as the world leader by bombing a Syrian airfield when Syria used chemical weapons against its citizens.

12. Destroyed the ISIS caliphate by delegating authority to the Secretary of Defense and removing Obama’s  “Rules of Engagement.”

13. Significantly increased military spending in FY ’18, ’19, and ’20, thus vastly improving the military’s  combat-readiness.

14. Re-negotiated trade agreements (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada to make it fairer to the United States.

15. Approved the completion of both the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines, thereby preventing the more dangerous train and trucking of the oil.

16. Cancelled U.S. participation in the very flawed and harmful-to-the-U.S. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

17. Withdrew the U.S. from the Iranian nuclear deal and imposed a “maximum pressure” campaign on it that has forced Iran to curtail its funding of its terrorist proxies.

18. Negotiated a trade deal with china to curtail Chinese tariffs, add American tariffs, and stop Chinese theft of American intellectual property.

19. Built about 100 miles of 30-ft. high wall on our southern border and is scheduled to build another 300 miles by the end of 2020 to curb illegal immigration, narcotics, and human trafficking.

20. Withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia so as to compete with China, who has heavily invested in these weapons.

I’ve only listed a sampling of the Trump Administration’s achievements. Last I looked, there’s a few hundred things that have improved the lives of Americans and the United States.  Since I have been following politics starting in 1960, beginning with the Kennedy-Nixon debates, I’ve never seen any President do more or work so hard in his first term than President Trump.  President Trump has become a genuine “Jobs President.”  His policy positions are superb for the United States and his “in-your-face” and negative campaigning style I believe were instrumental in Donald Trump becoming President Trump.  If he continues to improve in being more prudent in choosing the words he uses in his tweets and comments, I believe he will change many hearts and minds of Independents and Moderate Democrats and will be re-elected in 2020 by a landslide…and perhaps become one of the greatest President in U.S. history.


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After being President for two and a half years, there appears to be a large difference of opinion on President Trump’s job performance.  As someone schooled in government (Fels Government Center, Wharton School, U of Penn) and with over 40 years of working with the Federal government and some work with a State government and a large city government, I thought I’d use my perspective as a 1/2 conservative, 1/2 classic liberal on the Trump presidency so far.

To be perfectly fair, it’s probably impossible for a multi-billionaire, married to a gorgeous, successful, wonderful woman, and having raised 5 successful and great children, to be humble.  Therefore, when he goes overboard with bragging about his accomplishments, I understand (but do not condone) President Trump’s style but am still calling it a “con.”

Another “con” is President Trump’s  being thin-skinned and having to rebut or comment on every criticism directed a him.  He gives his enemies credibility by even bothering to comment on their usually absurd criticisms.  He strongly believes in hitting back which he thinks will stifle more attacks if he doesn’t hit back.  President Trump’s sometimes inarticulateness and lack of precision and specificity is another one of his cons.  A good example is his claim of millions of fraudulent votes in the 2016 presidential election.  He should have immediately followed his comment up with citations to about half-dozen studies showing that he was right and then cite specific examples that people can better relate to, such as comedian Al Franken stealing the Minnesota Senatorial election from Norm Coleman in 2008.

Trump’s critics accuse him of lying and he and his supporters do not provide enough specifics to counter their spurious claims.   I can usually demolish any of their claims in less than 5 minutes for each one so I know it’s easily possible.  I’ll cite just one example, President Trump’s inaugural swearing in crowd-size disagreement: the Obama photo of his inauguration crowd size and the Trump photo were obviously taken from different vantage points, Obama’s from a low height looking out over the podium, Trump’s from the high top of the Washington monument, looking from the back of the crowd.  In addition, the photos were taken at different times of day: the Obama photo at noon when he was sworn in, the Trump photo at about 11 am, about an hour prior to Trump’s swearing in when the crowd wasn’t all there yet.  I know this to be true because I watched the proceedings all inaugural morning.  However, I believe President Trump should have simply brushed it off by saying something, “no big deal, we had a lot of people and so did President Obama.”

All of the “cons” concern President Trump’s personal shortcomings, as well as things that he has said.   Now let’s look at the “pros,” those positive features of President Trump’s presidency. He has done more in his time as President than any other President in American history that I know of.   The Sunday morning political shows are pitiful in explaining this, only looking at legislative accomplishments.  His tax cuts and jobs act, has stimulated the economy to unbelievable highs and unemployment to new lows.

President Trump used Executive Actions, mostly Executive Orders, to get many things done, like temporary immigration bans from countries that have poor records of vetting citizens, of reversing duplicative regulations that kill jobs and hamper job creation, of enforcing immigration laws, etc., etc., etc.  In addition, President Trump has persuaded many large corporations to pledge billions for new plants and jobs in America.  Moreover, due to his Reagan-like economic plan and pledges from many business leaders, the stock market has increased in value by over $8 trillion since the day Donald J. Trump was elected president, November 8, 2016.  Moreover, both African-American and Hispanic-American employment is highest in history and female employment is the highest since the 1950’s.  President Trump has earned the reputation of sleeping only a few hours/night…of being an unbelievably hard-worker.  Were it not for fake news on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times and the Washington Post, I believe the President’s approval would be about 65%.  Instead, it’s 53% today.

Whether you agree or disagree with what President Trump is doing, he has already fulfilled many of his campaign promises and has pledged to fulfill them all, including building the southern wall, cutting everyone’s taxes, bringing back corporations to the U.S., making unemployment in the U.S. under 4%, etc.

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About a third of the U.S. dislikes President Trump even though he has accomplished more in his first term than any other President that I’ve seen by the previous ten presidents in the last 64 years that I followed politics.  He needs to know this soon if he is to win decisively as President.  Since I went to the same school as the President (Wharton, U. of Pennsylvania) and am a little older (80), I decided that my two cents opinion might be helpful.

I love what President Trump has done to make America stronger and more successful and therefore would like to see him elected so as to fix America’s huge problems that were created by far-left Biden Administration.  He can only tackle these problems as President. Other issues President Trump can resolve  in a second term involve Ukraine, Russia, China, Irann and North Korea..

If the President has accomplished so much for America, then why do so many Americans dislike or even hate him and what can President Trump do to turn  this around and be re-elected by over 45 States in the largest landslide since Ronald Reagan’s second term?

Americans who give the President low marks use his style and watch and read mostly the mainstream media such as The New York Times and Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc.  These outlets are really the PR arms of the Democrat Party and rarely are accurate or unbiased and simply do not report on his numerous accomplishments.  Moreover, Google with 92% of the search engine market and a very liberal bias, uses SEME (search engine manipulation effect) that can change voter sentiment by 37-63 %.  On the other hand, Americans who support the President look at his actions and forgive his sometimes lack of a good bedside manner.  They realize that he was a real estate developer in a very tough neighborhood and evolved accordingly.  Moreover, they really appreciate the President being blunt, on their side and fighting for them against some bad actors like China, North Korea and Iran…and they get news from Fox, One America News, Newsmax, Newsy, Rush, etc. so they hear both sides of issues.

I believe that President Trump will go down in history as being one of our greatest, if not the greatest President.  If you think that this is not so, or even worse, you really dislike President Trump, you are unaware of the hundreds of accomplishments he has made to improve the lives of Americans.  Moreover, as most countries throughout the world confront devastating debt, it will be our billionaire president that saves the U.S. from worldwide depression.

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I decided to interview Daniel Mariaschin on my radio program (25-minute audio of interview at the bottom of this introduction…click on the blue “play” button) because Israel and the Middle East are in a conflict with no end in sight and Mr. Mariaschin has the position, skills and experiences that enable him to have good insight and perception into the issues surrounding the conflict. 

While I interviewed Mr. Mariaschin a few years ago, almost everything we discussed is relevant to the situation today and therefore is still of value.   At the time of my interview of Mr. Mariaschin, he had been working for B’nai B’rith for 24 years but had worked in the Jewish community in Jewish organizations for an additional 15 years, for a total of 39 years.  He holds an undergraduate degree in history from Columbia University and a graduate degree in Jewish studies from Brandeis University.  Mr. Mariaschin was born in the New York-New Jersey area and grew up in New Hampshire.  At the time of my interview, Mr. Mariaschin was the Executive Vice President and was the Director of B’nai B’rith’s Center for Human Rights and Public Policy.

The interview focuses on Israel and peace in the Middle East.  Because of his experience in foreign affairs, national defense, Israel, and articles he’s written for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, the Chicago Tribune, the  Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and others, he has demonstrated that he knows what he’s talking about.

In the interview, Mr. Mariaschin discusses many aspects of:

  1. Israel and the Middle East
  2. Going into the  prospects for peace
  3. The growing Iranian threat including its nuclear reactor in Bushere
  4. The “ground zero” mosque, life in Israel
  5. The book on Israel, Start-up Nation,
  6. The origins and mission of B’nai B’rith, and more.

To listen to Mr. Daniel Mariaschin’s interview, please click on the blue Link  below.

MR. Daniel Mariaschin-Israel Audio

Interview by Mike Russo

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