Auto companies are moving ahead quickly with plans to produce electric vehicles, using the environment and government incentives and regulations as their justification.  Journalists haven’t even questioned the numerous assumptions in this decision and have displayed an unbelievable amount of incuriousness. Therefore, let’s ask a few basic questions that have not been asked by so-called “professional journalists”.

o Fossil fuels are burned somewhere to generate the electricity that fuels electric vehicles.  Are the pollutants created by the fuel burned by automobile gas engines greater than the amount created by burning the fuel necessary for producing the electricity needed to power electric vehicles?

o Are electric vehicles more susceptible to EMP (electric magnetic pulse) attacks than gas-fueled automobiles. Aren’t the high-voltage transmission lines that carry the electricity from the power plants to the gas stations extremely vulnerable to an EMP attack?

o The batteries used by electric vehicles require rare-earth minerals (Cobalt), most of which come from China whereas the U.S. can produce enough gasolene to fuel all of the cars on the road, and even have plenty to export it. Isn’t this a serious national security problem?

o The motivation of the younger generation for supporting electric vehicles is cleaner air, the motivation of government leaders appears to be massive under-the-table cash.  Think of the one-billion-dollar, government-funded, battery factory boondoggle, “Solyndra,” as a great example.

o Electric vehicles can eventually have a “kill switch” that can immediately disable it.  This has serious ramifications for tyrannical government officials because government can shut down anyone, anytime.

o Because electric vehicles are very limited in the distances they can travel in a short time due to how long it takes to recharge batteries, they limit freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.


The United States has huge gas, oil and coal reserves.  In fact, it developed them to the extent that it exported oil and gas when Donald Trump was President.  Today, it’s paying its enemies for oil, President Biden having shut down leasing Federal lands for oil and gas, as well as stopping construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, drilling in Alaska, and significantly raising fees for drilling.  These policies are making the U.S. more dependent on Russian and mid-East oi, enriching those countries and giving them the funds, they need to cause mischief around the world.  Moreover, with the advent of electric vehicles, China will have a great deal of control over most developed countries due to it possessing 90% of the world’s Cobalt that is necessary to make the batteries that are used in electric vehicles.

The Unites States should therefore think twice before going “all-in” with electric vehicles.

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