There are millions of Blogs worldwide, so why did I add another?   I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and join the fray because I sincerely believe that I have a unique perspective on many issues.

My perspective has been shaped and honed by:

  1. many years of work experience (40 years with the Federal government, a few years with a city government, 6 months with a State government, and working every summer at a summer camp and at my father’s butcher shop in a minority community).
  2. A very good education (Masters degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University where I spent over 5 years).
  3. Reading about and following health/nutrition developments for over 40 years, a member of Toastmasters International for over 23 years, and 34 surgeries-50 doctors/dentists/physical therapists. 
  4. I’m not partisan, but am a little more conservative than liberal and therefore approach each potentially-political issue with an open mind.  Moreover, my education, training and experience enables me to be good at objective analysis. An example of this is that I would like to see everyone covered by health insurance but believe that Federal health law (“Affordable Care Act”) is insane.

All of the above and much more qualify me to address many matters which I plan to write about on this Blog.  Perhaps I’ll fail, however, I feel compelled to try because I need to pay back, to the extent that I can, this wonderful country, its great people, and my family, for everything I have been given. We’ll see what happens…

Mike Russo

Denver, Colorado – July 28, 2011

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