Although there are a number of books available on understanding the President, you may not have the time, money, or inclination to buy and read any of them.  Therefore I thought you might like a quick look at what President Trump is all about, especially since the media has done such a pitiful job.  What makes me any better than the media?  First, the President and I went to the same University, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, though the President majored in business and I received my MGA in government administration.  Second, I’m basically an analyst, for which I have some education,  training and experience, as well as having focused on government and national issues for 50 years.  Nowadays, however, credentials mean next to nothing if one cannot be unbiased and objective in todays hyperpartisan environment.  So, let my analysis and words speak for themselves and you determine if what I say rings true.

All of his adult life Donald Trump followed important issues and donated to both Democrats and Republicans (see Trump’s book, “The America we Deserve”).  He was not ideological or partisan.  He was a super-patriot and eventually thought he could use his business acumen to turn America around, which he believed had become very weak, militarily, economically, and culturally.  After thoroughly checking with  political experts, he decided to run for the Republican presidential nominee.  Not being a polished politician, his blunt talk won over many Americans who were tired of slick-talking, do-nothing politicians.  His goal as President really was to “Make America Great Again”!  Donald Trump is “old school”.

With Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, the President was able to pass 96 pieces of legislation in 2017, the most significant being tax cuts (the law for the large increase in military spending to revive our weakened armed forces was passed in 2018).  Many of Trump’s accomplishments resulted from his abolishing numerous ridiculous and counterproductive Obama regulations that had put a “wet blanket” over the economy (former GE CEO Jack Welsh’s description).  In addition, President Trump used his formidable negotiating skills to deal with the huge trade imbalances the U.S. had with China, Japan, Mexico, etc.  Moreover, because of his blunt talk, unpredictability, and decisiveness, adversary countries took his threats seriously and were much more accommodating to him than to previous presidents.

Everything in this article to this point has been positive so why do so many people have an intense hatred of President Trump?  My belief is that it’s mostly because President Trump hits back very hard when attacked.  His Democrat opponents, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, etc. are not used to any Republican fighting back when they attack them.  Republican leadership is infamous for being timid and not fighting back.  Another major reason why so many hate President Trump is the incessant criticism Main Stream Media spouts off every hour of every day, most of it phony.

President Trump has turned around so many failing national endeavors and every single day makes even more progress.  If he continues at this pace for his entire four-year term, I believe he will go down in history as one of America’s best presidents.  If he serves for eight years, I sincerely believe he might  share the “greatest president” label with George Washington.

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