Many public schools are still not offering in-school, face-to-face education, and the on-line “Zoom” classes that are offered are not very effective.  However, Private, Religious  and Charter schools are fully open and have been for many months.  Why the large difference?  The short answer is that the Teachers Unions, for a number of reasons, won’t allow their members to return to classroom teaching.  Local governments have agreed to numerous incentives that the Unions demanded, but thus far it hasn’t been good enough. Because most public schools usually have predominantly minority students, all of the bad effects of schools being locked down fall mostly on minority children.  So what’s to be done?


IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, putting your children in religious or charter schools is the answer.  Charter schools are so popular that they run lotteries to select their students, so do sign up your children for the lotteries. Many states are considering legislation that would give parents the education money to send their children to the schools they wanted to send them to.  Results in charter schools have been far superior to public schools so they have become very popular in minority communities as a way for giving children a better chance for escaping poverty (see Thomas Sowell’s book, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies”).  In addition, public schools are morphing into indoctrination-institutions for brainwashing children, teaching racist theories such as “Critical Race Theory” and the “1619 Project” while at the same time not teaching the greatness of the founding of America and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  These are not simply insignificant teachings, they are turning children into self-hating anti-Americans.

IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT, what’s a parent to do if you’re child is stuck in a locked-down public school or if you observe your children being taught half-baked theories?  I believe the answer is to: 1) attend and speak up at your local school board meetings, 2) try to get elected to your local school board so you change curriculums, 3) provide your children with materials that give the accurate side of history such as those offered on-line like (in accordance with the philosophy that the best remedy is to offer more free speech, not to shut down speech you disagree with), contact “Parents Against Critical (Race) Theory” [], 4) pressure your politicians to change the funding of schools by having public education funds follow the children so that parents can choose what school to send their children to and control their children’s education instead of Teachers Unions, and 5) Home School your children.

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