There is 24-hour/day coverage of the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan, however, since most can’t spend much time following the events, I thought I’d keep track of all of the significant happenings.  I’ll add to the list as I learn more:

  1. In April of 2021 President Biden announced that the U.S. departure from Afghanistan would not be “conditions-based,” which was the cornerstone of the agreement the Trump Administration made with the enemy, the Taliban.  The “conditions-based” provision in the agreement made the Taliban very compliant because it wanted the US to leave Afghanistan ASAP.  Consequently, there were no American soldiers killed by the Taliban for the previous 18 months.
  2. President Biden changed the May 1, 2021, departure date to August 31, 2021 which is significant because  it is the “fighting season” when the Taliban return to Afghanistan from Pakistan where they spend the winter.  In other words, President Biden changed the departure date to the middle of the Taliban “fighting season” and did it so that he could boast this on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.
  3. Against the advice of his military advisors and not ordering the US military to leave until after all civilians had departed and the billions of dollars worth of expensive bases, buildings (including our Embassy in Kabul), planes, helicopters, weapons, etc. returned to the US, the military was ordered out first, and our military seven bases abandoned, relinquishing our military capability from preventing the Taliban from hurting Americans and stopping our Afghan interpreters.
  4. As of 8/26/21 there are still about 1-4,000 Americans and tens of thousands of Afghani interpreters and helpers in Afghanistan.  Most Americans should be able to eventually get out by August 31 but not most of our Afghani allies since the Taliban are going door-to-door searching for them.
  5. As of 8/26 France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands have retrieved their citizens from Afghanistan.  The US has not, but has instead had told everyone to get to the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul though it was surrounded by the Taliban who were denying access to many.  On August 26 a suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. soldiers and over 100 Afghanis around the perimeter of the airport.
  6. China and Russia, working with the Taliban, are reverse-engineering our Black Hawk helicopters and our other American military equipment, in order to copy it.
  7. Though President Biden blamed the Afghan military for not fighting, over 54,000 have been killed by the Taliban in the last few years defending their country.  They began deserting in large numbers only after we abandoned our military bases.
  8. President Biden did not even notify, let alone consult with, the leaders of other countries that had troops in Afghanistan.
  9. Our adversaries, like Russia and China, have been emboldened, which is very bad for Taiwan and Ukraine.
  10. As of 8/25, President Biden still intends to stop all flights with Americans and allies from Kabul airport on August 31.

If the President and his Administration doesn’t clean up this mess really well and soon, our friends will no longer trust us and our enemies will no longer fear us.  Let’s hope and pray that all American, Afghani, and all other hostages get out of Afghanistan and to safety soon.

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