Why would I respect and admire President Trump?  Here’s a few of the reasons why.

  1. President Trump every day made America great again by signing Executive Orders and laws to increase America’s prosperity, defenses, security, etc.  His tax cuts law, for example, revived the economy to the point where the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), until the Coronavirus lockdown, was routinely over 3% every month, though under the Obama Administration  never was over 3% for any year over his 8-year Presidency.  GDP measures the size of the economy. The tax cuts for people, businesses, and corporations, plus the cuts in regulations resulted in the lowest unemployment rate in history for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans, as well as an extremely low unemployment rate for all Americans.  President Trump spent over $700 billion in fiscal years 2018 and 2019 for the military which had become seriously weakened by President Obama’s starving it for financial resources during his 8-year presidency.  His Veterans law allows veterans to see any doctor and receive Federal reimbursement.  His “Right-to-Try” law enabled fatally-ill people to get experimental drugs as a last-ditch effort to save their lives.  He made the U.S. energy independent through Executive Orders abolishing Obama’s harmful over-regulations.  He built 500 miles of 30′-high wall along the southern border to protect Americans from drugs, terrorists and criminals.  Etc., etc., ad infinitum.
  2. He fought back hard when unjustly accused, which is far different than many, timid, gutless, Republican leaders.  Not only did he fight back, he continued to push his agenda, which was to help all Americans, despite the relentless attacks and misreporting by the Mainstream Media, academia, Hollywood and Democrat Party leadership.
  3. President Trump did what’s in the best interests of the U.S., far different than his predecessor, who put politics first.  For example, his insistence for a border wall was absolutely essential for national security and to stop drugs and terrorists/criminals from mixing in with other immigrants, thereby easily crossing the border to illegally enter the U.S.
  4. He regained America’s place in the world and was not timid in leading, unlike his predecessor.
  5. He has a wonderful wife and impressive children, which says a lot about him.
  6. He talks bluntly, unlike most politicians, therefore there is no need to speculate on what he really means.
  7. Although very wealthy, he did not put on airs and is not pretentious.
  8. He was loyal to his supporters and his political party.
  9. He called out the media for misreporting and even fabricating news, which was far different than many spineless Republican leaders.
  10. .He planned, organized, directed, coordinated, and controlled the huge effort to protect the public from the Coronavirus and then restarted the economy in an effort to bring it back to its recent former prosperity.                                                                 


President Trump was a different kind of President.  He accomplished in a day what most Presidents take a month or more to do, if ever.  He was fearless and did what needed to be done to help all Americans, regardless of the consequences.  Because he was not a politician, he made some basic errors in handling tricky situations, however he improved the United States so dramatically and so quickly that I cannot help but respect and admire him.


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