President Biden on March 25, 2021, gave his first press conference, 64 days after he became President.  He called on ten reporters and spoke for just over an hour.  His delivery went reasonably well except for having to refer to his briefing book in order to answer foreign policy questions.  His preparation-staff prepared a book with photos of all the journalists in attendance with the ten circled he was to call on for questions.  Since I follow national issues very closely I can say with certainty that he told many lies in his answers to reporters’ questions.  Since his first press conference, he has earned a well-deserved reputation for lying…all of the time.  Political talk is cheap!

When he was President, Trump spoke bluntly, not eloquently, but spoke the truth and did a lot of good things for America and Americans.  However, his blunt talk often got him into trouble.  Trump was not a politician and did not know how to speak “political talk”.

President Obama was an eloquent speaker, actually made race relations worse, and didn’t get much done to improve the lives of most Americans.  Or did he?  If you liked how the economy and his job-creation efforts performed (lowest civilian labor-force participation rate since 1978), and liked the declining strength of the military, and think our foreign policy helped the United States, then you might believe that President Obama performed well. Or perhaps those things are not that important to you but  his Presidential demeanor was important.  Political talk is cheap!

Because  Presidents are our spokesperson to the world, most do want them to be presidential. President Obama was usually presidential but didn’t get much accomplished; President Trump’s language, on the other hand, was not presidential at times but he was successful in creating jobs, making the U.S. energy independent, and creating an outstanding  economy. What’s more important to you, talk or deeds?

I hear many times each day that “Biden said this,” or “Biden said that,” and previously, “that Trump tweeted this or said that.”  However, what a President says is not nearly as important as his actions because deeds are the best indicator on how the U.S. (and the President) is doing.  For example, when former President Obama said that he thought about the economy every day, but then didn’t meet with his “Jobs Council” for many months at a time, it’s was  natural to question the President’s sincerity.  When Obama suggested he “felt our pain,” but took Air Force One to New York city where traffic was stopped for hours so he and Michelle could have a “night out” in “The Big Apple,” his actions said a lot more about his true feelings than his words.

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion “covid-19 stimulus” was passed during the first two months of his Presidency.  Wouldn’t unemployment have been even worse without it, which is how it was sold to the American public?  Much of the stimulus was a waste of money…only 9% of it went for Covid-related relief within the United States, though Covid was touted as its primary justification.  Reality is that much of the stimulus went for projects that mostly benefitted Democrat politicians and their friends and supporters. All of the talk about its wonderful benefits was “bull”. Reality is that it raised inflation to even higher heights…the happy talk was “Bull”.


President Biden talked a great game but it took all of the mainstream media, most of Hollywood, most universities and colleges, the Unions, and far-left, multi-billionaire George Soros’ money, to keep him from not having bad job approval numbers.

President Trump was brash and blunt in his rhetoric, but he was a doer, insofar as he got a lot of good things done for the United States, especially revising regulations and laws that led to huge job creation.  President Obama was a great talker.  President Biden talks like a moderate while implementing far-left extremist  policies which have significantly hurt the United States, however, the mainstream media will not report it so you won’t even know anything about it.  Talk is cheap. Political talk is worse than worthless, it’s misleading to the extent that everything you think you know about issues may not be true!  Look at deeds…passing a piece of legislation is not a deed.  The results caused by that legislation are deeds.




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