Covid-19 will be with us for a very long time but the medical profession has unintentionally demonstrated what doesn’t work in combating it: lockdowns.  With Covid variants periodically arising, the best strategy suggests itself:  do everything to strengthen your immune system, including getting the vaccine and boosters, so that whatever virus attacks you, you’re prepared.  Also, wash your hands frequently, especially before every meal.  If you get Covid, there are effective therapeutics (treatments) readily available. The State with the lowest number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths is Florida…and Florida has no lockdowns and no mandated vaccinations, only voluntary.

Vaccination provides a personal benefit…it prevents you from dying from Covid.  It does not provide a public benefit…it does not prevent the vaccinated from spreading Covid (contrary to the BS you might have heard from politicians). Therefore, it should be an individual’s choice as to whether or not to be vaccinated. Deaths from the Flu are lower than deaths from Covid but Covid’s newest variant, Omicron, is very mild so far, so why all of the hysteria?  It’s way past the time to put Covid in perspective.

The unproductive and unnecessary government-mandated lockdowns have destroyed many businesses and lives.  Countries (like Sweden) and States (like South Dakota, Florida, etc.) that have not locked down are doing very well. If lockdowns, masks, and social distancing actually worked, the Pandemic would have been over by now.  Journalists, politicians, and physicians ask everyone to “follow the science”.  If everyone actually followed the science, they wouldn’t believe anything they hear about Covid from journalists, politicians, and politically- motivated doctors and agencies.

Instead, they would listen to what other countries have done and the Covid studies they conducted.  In addition, natural immunity which one gets upon becoming infected with Covid, is not even being considered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) though it is far more long-lasting and protective than immunity conferred by the vaccine.  Most other countries do consider natural immunity. Anyone with significant managerial experience would weigh the risks versus the benefits of each potential action to combat the virus.  Obviously, this has not and is not being done by the medical community.


I’m not a physician but I do follow the (real) science and I keep my immune system so strong that when I contracted the virus before I was vaccinated, I had symptoms for only 2 days (though I was 78 years old at the time).  I took daily 7,000 IU of Vitamin D, 1,000 mg Vitamin C, and after symptoms appeared I also took daily one baby aspirin, Pepsid, a Zinc lozenge, and Elderberry extract.  Everything I took for Covid was in addition to my other everyday supplements like a multi-vitamin/mineral capsule, magnesium, calcium, fish oil, quercetin, etc.

Good luck!

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