Joe Biden has been president for over a year now so it’s time to assess how he’s doing.  America is doing very poorly in almost every metric and it appears to be almost entirely the Biden Administration’s fault. Biden’s approval polls reflect this, though you would never know it if you only watch Main Stream Media. How did the President turn around the economy, inflation, illegal immigration, departure from Iraq, the military,  etc., in just over one year?

While Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate, he has governed as a Far-Left radical.  In addition, President Biden appears to have significant dementia.  Finally, it appears that other Biden Administration officials, like Ron Klain, are actually formulating the  policies he’s implementing.  These are my speculations as to why the Biden Administration has failed at every single endeavor it has engaged in.  If there are any Biden policies or actions you believe have been successful, then your sources of news have been corrupted (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, etc.).  Let’s examine some of President Biden’s policies.


I believe the following issues are the most important to the public: 1) The Economy, 2) Energy Independence, 3) Illegal Immigration/Border Security, 4) Crime, 5) Covid, 6) The Military, 7) Ukraine-Russia, 8) Afghanistan.

1.THE ECONOMY:  To adequately examine the economy, let’s look at a) inflation, b) employment, and  c) GDP (gross domestic product).  Trillions of dollars of unnecessary spending that was requested by the Biden Administration,  and approved by the Democrat Congress caused this unprecedented inflation.

a) Inflation hits the poor hardest.  In April ’22, it was 8.3% (in 2020, under Trump, 1.4% inflation).  The cause began with the $1.9 Trillion “2021 American Rescue Plan”. Therefore your purchasing power has decreased significantly.

b) Employment appears to currently be doing well with unemployment at 3.6%.  This was expected because of the “V-shaped Recovery” that President Trump enabled with his “across-the-board” tax cuts for everyone.  Wages grew at 5.5%, but with inflation at 8.3%, purchasing power decreased by 2.8%.

c) Gross Domestic Product (or GDP) measures the total cost of all goods and services produced by the United States.  It actually decreased in the last quarter by 1.4 %.  If it decreases the next quarter, then the U.S. will be in a recession.

2. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: On the day he was inaugurated as President, Joe Biden began his war on fossil fuels that he promised during his presidential campaign. He immediately shut down the Keystone and Dakota pipelines and the permitting of oil and gas exploration and drilling on Federal lands.  He discouraged financial institutions from loaning money to oil and gas companies and significantly raised fees for existing oil and gas leases on Federal lands.  He’s now stopped very large  oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

The consequences of all of the aforementioned is the price of gasolene doubling in price and the 6,000 products made from oil significantly increasing in price.  Most consumer products are trucked to their destination  so their prices have also necessarily vastly increased because of  the cost of fuel that transports them.

3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION-BORDER SECURITY: Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, promised “open borders” if elected President, as did all of the other Democrat candidates.  Since being elected, illegal immigration has vastly increased to over 200,000/month and is expected to triple if Title 42 is lifted on May 23, as scheduled. Most of the illegals are young single men, some of whom carry backpacks containing Fentanyl and other illegal drugs in order to pay the cartels their $4,000-$8,000 fee to cross the U.S. border.  Moreover, there are a number of criminals intermingled with non-criminals…human trafficking is also rampant.

4. CRIME:  The Democrat-supported “Defund the Police” movement that coincided with the 574 riots that took place in the summer of 2020, destroyed countless small businesses, including black-owned businesses.  Even V.P. Kamala Harris got involved by raising money to bail out rioters. The January 6 protest in the U.S. now appears to have been directed by a FBI-collaborator (Ray Epps) and arranged by the Democratic Party.  Democrat District Attorneys in Democrat-run cities are not prosecuting many classes of misdemeanors resulting in crime increasing exponentially in those cities.  Moreover, the Federal-illegal protests around Supreme Court justices over the draft Roe vs. Wade Alito opinion, were not investigated by the US Department of Justice nor condemned by the Biden Administration.  All of the aforementioned leads me to ask the obvious question, “why is the Democrat Party soft on crime.”

5. COVID: Response to Covid by the Federal and most State governments has been a combination of incompetence, anti-science, and political. The victims of this chaos was the American public, many of whom lost their lives, their livelihoods, or their health and well-being.  Unnecessary lockdowns hurt many State and local economies, and mandatory vaccinations resulted in many people being fired, including from some critical jobs and the military.  Moreover, CDC (centers for Disease Control) officials were not transparent in their decisions, nor did they recognize the obvious, like the superiority of the natural immunity acquired when one caught the virus.  Consequently, a one-year pandemic has lasted years!  Why did State and the Federal government do what they did?

6. THE MILITARY: China is in the process of surpassing the U.S. military.  Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is very close in size to the United States and therefore China has the money to spend on its military for China to become a superpower like the U.S.  Fortunately it’s still far behind in nuclear weapons.  Russia does have a large nuclear arsenal to match the U.S.  It also has, unlike the U.S., small tactical battlefield nuclear weapons, which Ukraine may see soon. Recently, it has demonstrated its hypersonic missiles which are so fast and travel so close to the ground that they can’t be shot down.

While our adversaries are getting stronger, the U.S. military’s budget was increased only enough to keep up with inflation.  Also, U.S. military leadership is emphasizing teaching CRT (critical race theory) to all of our troops.  Our military has also fired soldiers that refused to be vaccinated. Why?

7. UKRAINE-RUSSIA:  Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 with the expectation of defeating Ukraine in a few days.  That was 2 1/2 months ago and Ukraine is still fighting and holding its own against Russia using mostly American weapons.  In April, the U.S. gave $33 billion in aid to Ukraine.  In May, Congress debated a bill to give another $40 billion.  All of the money being given is borrowed and will add to U.S. inflation.  Meanwhile, the Ukraine-Russia war could have been avoided had President Biden started arming Ukraine when Russia started moving troops to its border with Ukraine, and if he refused Ukraine membership into NATO (instead of signing an agreement to support Ukraine).  Why?

8. AFGHANISTAN:  Unilaterally (with no consultation with other world leaders), President Biden changed the U.S. departure date from Afghanistan to August 31, 2021. as well as not adhering to the Trump policy of making the departure “conditions-based.”  He also made the departure site the Kabul airport and asked the Taliban to oversee the departure of all civilians.  Consequently, 13 American soldiers were killed, over 100 Americans and tens of thousands of Afghans that helped us were left stranded in Afghanistan, many of whom were eventually assassinated.  Moreover, $85 billion in U.S. military equipment was abandoned in Afghanistan.  Ultimately, this fiasco led to Russia and China to be emboldened and to become more aggressive with Ukraine and Taiwan.  Was this simply incompetence?


President Biden is on course to become our very worst president, by far.  The eight areas I looked at above are simply a small part of his actions that are destroying the U.S.  It’s understandable given his obvious dementia and his reliance on the Far-Left in the Democrat Party for guidance.  He will probably remain President for another two and a half years, so it’s anyone’s guess how bad the U.S. will be by then.  I blame Mainstream Media for this debacle because none of this would have been possible had it done its job covering the news rather than covering up any news that made the Biden presidential campaign and then its Administration look bad.

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