Wherever you stand on the abortion issue, partial-birth abortion is probably abhorrent to you, because after 6 months in the womb, there is no question that a fetus looks like and is a baby.  A baby not yet born does not have the protection of the law, however, this is only a technicality…it’s a baby!  If you don’t think so, look at a Sonogram and watch the little one move around with his/her heart beating, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy!

My knowledge concerning partial-birth abortion began with Robert Bork’s book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah.  One of the chapters in Bork’s book discusses partial-birth abortion and includes a gruesome description of the procedure.  This sounds like a straightforward issue so why the controversy and the politicization and why is it still legal to abort a baby during the third trimester of pregnancy, especially since there are many couples waiting to adopt infants?  At the very least, partial-birth abortion is infanticide.

Over 61 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court in 1973; over 1.5 billion babies were aborted worldwide since 1980…some of these were partial-birth abortions.  When Judge Bret Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate to sit on the Supreme Court, taking Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat, the political left attempted to make the case that Justice Kavanaugh would try to overturn the Supreme Court abortion decision of 1973, Roe vs. Wade, although Kavanaugh referred to that decision as “settled law.”  However, once the Court became comfortably conservative, Roe vs. Wade was overturned via the “Dobbs” decision, which simply left the issue with each State.  Therefore, a ban on late-term or partial-birth abortions is still needed in many States.

The Democrat Party successfully attracts women to be part of its base using the abortion issue, which accounts for the gender gap between male and single female voters.  However, I believe that partial-birth abortion is detested by majorities of both genders and by majorities in both major political parties although it’s being used politically. The first six months of a pregnancy should be enough time for anyone to decide whether or not to abort a pregnancy, thereby rendering partial-birth abortions unnecessary.  It’s time to end this horrific practice.

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