Ending the Covid Pandemic is important for economies to normalize.  From the beginning of the pandemic most governments around the world have made poor decisions that resulted in a pandemic lasting many years.  They did this by misusing the authority governments are granted during emergencies. Most, but not all, had good intentions.  Because the Pandemic was caused by a novel (new) virus, and authorities and scientists therefore didn’t know how to properly handle it, the early mis-steps by governments were completely understandable.  However, we now have studies  that provide in-depth information that suggest the best policies to pursue to deal with the virus.  Since I’m an American who has followed U.S politics for the past 62 years  I’ll restrict my analysis only to America.

Americans were told that “lockdowns” of businesses were necessary to slow the spread of Covid.  Many States and Cities did this which resulted in hundreds of thousands of small businesses and restaurants going out of business and millions of Americans losing their jobs.  Many schools were also locked down resulting in many millions of school children missing over a year of in-person learning.  Americans were forced to endure other hardships including even low-risk children and young adults wearing masks and proven-effective therapeutics scandalized and denigrated.  I contend that most of these actions were politically-motivated, did little or nothing to combat the Pandemic, and even made the situation worse.

Some of these actions have been uncovered and are widely acknowledged, like New York governor Cuomo’s directive that had elderly  nursery-home residents hospitalized for Covid  be returned to their nursery homes (which led to widespread Covid deaths in nursery homes). Most have not yet been uncovered but are suspected with much justification.  For example, each month about 170,000 migrants illegally cross our southern border, almost none being tested for Covid-19 or vaccinated. To me this indicates how the Biden Administration really feels about controlling the virus.  I believe, as do many Americans, that it wants to prolong lockdowns and Covid-fear until at least the mid-term Congressional elections so that unsolicited ballots can be blanket-mailed, allowing the same unprecedented election fraud that occurred in the 2020 election.

What should have governments done to overcome the virus and get back to normal.  With many Covid studies now completed, as well as the results in from countries around the world, it has become much clearer what the path should have been and should be now. The relevant facts are from an Israeli study that shows that the natural immunity one gets from having had the virus is 27 times more effective than the vaccine immunity.  In addition, natural immunity stops a person from being infectious to others, which the vaccine does not.  Finally, while vaccine immunity begins to wane after 3-6 months, natural immunity lasts much longer.  Other relevant facts come from countries, such as Sweden, and States such as South Dakota and Florida, that did not lock down.  Today, countries and States that rode out the virus without imposing lockdowns are doing much better than States like New York and California, and the non-mandated-state economies are booming.  Very high doses of Vitamin D strengthened my immunity to the extent that my Covid lasted  only 2 days.  For those who get sicker, therapeutics like Regeneron and Ivermectin are very effective in curing Covid and should be widely used.  Therefore, it is far past the time to open up everything and treat Covid like one more illness.  Vaccinations should be encouraged but not mandated.

The author of this post, Mike Russo, is not a physician but does have a Masters degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, including  courses in research methods and  statistics.  Moreover, he took a Masters-level course in program analysis and evaluation from George Washington University.


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