NY City Tammany Hall leader “Boss” Tweed, 1860’s-70’s

Although I’m slightly more conservative than liberal, I try to be even-handed in my writing.  However, the Left has become so radical, and even criminal at times, I think an article that is not even-handed is in order and appropriate. The following is a brief summary of what I believe has and is happening to adversely affect U.S. politics:

1. President Biden used to be a moderate Democrat for most of his political career, but he has governed  as a far-left radical after becoming President of the United States.  His policies are difficult to understand and appear to all be geared to hurting Americans and the U.S.  Examples of this include his dismantling of the myriad of immigration and border policies that kept the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. very low; putting America in huge debt by wasting trillions of dollars in allegedly helping Americans get over the pandemic; dividing America along racial lines by supporting and funding Critical Race Theory; weakening our military by not providing it with enough funds to even keep up with inflation; by removing economic sanctions from our adversaries such as Iran, China, and Russia.

2. Mainstream Media has become so dishonest that absolutely nothing it says about former President Trump can be believed .  It is guilty of “bias by omission” since it reports next to nothing that makes former President Trump look good or President Biden look bad.

3. Democrat Party leaders refuse to debate issues, but instead make “ad hominem” (personal) attacks against Republicans.  The reason for this is that their policies are absurd to the extent that they cannot be successfully defended from arguments against them.

4. Former President Trump is attacking Governor DeSantis, often unfairly. Trump can be mean at times and consequently will probably  lose the Republican nomination if he continues, because many do not like it.  He really needs to be more careful with his speech and never mimic the Far-Left’s tactics.

5. Far-left Democrats should commend President Obama because he did their bidding by trying his very best to drastically weaken our military, economic system, and Healthcare in order to further his Socialist agenda and that of the Democrat Party (by furthering policies that would create a large permanent poverty class dependent on the government for basic subsidence).  His political party is allowing large numbers of illegal aliens into the U.S. since most will eventually vote Democrat, and Obama doubled the National debt (from $10 trillion to $20 trillion), coming close to bankrupting the country (and President Biden is finishing the job).

6. The Democrat Party, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden destroyed healthcare insurance for millions of Americans; only those receiving free medical insurance did well under Obamacare.

7. The far-left shouts down conservative speakers on college campuses, as well as destroys property in its demonstrations, thus demonstrating it does not believe in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on freedom of speech and also cannot debate anyone that disagrees with them.

8.  Many Democrat leaders, such as Democrat Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, and House of Representatives  Democrat “Squad,” have advocated violence while the Main-Stream Media falsely accuse President Trump of instigating violence (I taped Trump’s January 6 speech…to “peacefully protest”).

9. Some Republican leaders are timid and cannot competently argue conservative policy positions though those positions are usually far better than liberal positions.  Were it not for Fox News and Newsmax cable TV stations, talk radio, President Trump, Governor DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, Rand Paul, Jim Jorden, etc., the Republican Party would be in terrible shape.  In other words, as ridiculous as most liberal positions are, the timidity of some Republican leaders, like Mitch McConnell, really hurts the adoption of conservative policy positions.

10. I believe that the far-left wing of the Democrat Party is shaping and mentally preparing its followers to hate Republicans and take over the Federal government.  We need to expose this criminality whenever we find evidence that it is happening, but cautiously, because the FBI has been weaponized and is looking for any excuse to lock us up.

11, 12, 13, etc.

In conclusion, if and when Democrat Party loyalists see what has happened to their Party and punish it by not supporting it (voting for it) until it changes, the Party should then clean itself up and consequently become more competitive and win many more elections.  If that never happens, God help the United States, because we will no longer be a Constitutional Republic but a third-world style dictatorship.  Let everything be peaceful as we go through this political turmoil.

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