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Coronavirus tests administered in the U.S. have reached about 150 million as of October 8, 2020.  In recent months the number of reported cases has therefore concurrently surged.  In addition, a large number of test results from some states (Florida, Texas) and many counties have been found to be bogus.   Many States have used the increase in cases to justify reversing the opening up of their economies.  A simple correlation between the number of tests and the number of cases should show whether the huge increase in testing is what’s responsible for the large increase in the number cases of Coronavirus being reported.

The number of hospitalizations for all causes has also surged in recent months, however most are from elective surgeries unrelated to the Coronavirus, because of the large demand fostered  by surgeries postponed during the shutdown (though Mainstream Media fails to report this).

The daily number of deaths from COVID-19, on the other hand, has dramatically decreased, though these numbers are also somewhat unreliable since some States count any death as a COVID death even if the patient dies from something else but also has COVID at the time of death.  Some deaths are simply being deliberately misreported.

Given all of the above, how can we determine whether COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic or is still increasing and that States should therefore continue the shutdown (which I believe has caused many more deaths than the virus).  I believe deaths are by far the most reliable indicator of the three aforementioned measures and therefore it should guide Governors on opening up their economies.  For political reasons many governors are using every excuse to keep the economy closed, including keeping schools less than fully open, knowing that parents depend on schools to watch their children while they’re at work (and therefore they can’t work unless schools are fully open).  In fact, during the lockdown more children have died from suicide than from Covid-19.  Every country, except the United States, is opening its schools, most with no masks or social distancing required (because children have no significant risk nor do they transmit the virus to others).



The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is believed to have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the Wuhan province in China.  It spread to many countries from Wuhan, including to the United States, where it had remained relatively low due to the travel restrictions that President Trump imposed on January 31 on flights originating from China and later on other countries with high infection rates.

The spread of the virus is only able to be slowed down but not stopped since there is no vaccine yet to prevent it.  However, slowing the spread was very important in order to prevent a huge spike in cases that could have inundated U.S. medical facilities.  In addition, more time was needed to enable medical researchers to develop a vaccine and effective treatments before “community spread” of the virus covered all of the U.S.   Currently, prevention tactics are the only things we can do to avoid getting the virus.  These prevention tactics are everywhere ( so I won’t repeat them here.  However, strengthening your immune system so that you can survive the virus is something anyone can do immediately so  at least take the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins, calcium and magnesium, large daily dose of vitamin D (5,000 International Units [IU]/day), baby aspirin, Pepsid, melatonin, and zinc.

Hydroxychloroquine appears to have been very effective in New York, China, India, South Korea, Israel, France, Turkey, Spain, etc.  I believe it would have been a “game-changer” and helped save many lives and also help America get back to work, except that it appears that: 1)the Mainstream Media made it political, 2) some in the pharmaceutical/medical community don’t want it because it is extremely inexpensive, and 3)Democrat leadership don’t want anything effective until after the November 3 Presidential election.  Coronavirus  symptoms can include high temperature, dry cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, body ache, bluish toes or lips, skin rash, etc.  Infected people can have only one of the symptoms, or even none.  China has also reported that loss of smell and taste can be early symptoms of the virus.


So what’s my (I’m not a physician) prognosis?  The virus will continue to spread, despite social distancing, wearing masks, and hand-washing, into the millions until herd immunity is reached or a vaccine is available.  The Summer’s warm weather and strong sunlight was supposed to give us a temporary reprieve until about October.  People with weak immune systems (the chronically ill and the elderly) are much more likely to die from it than younger people.  Treatments for Coronavirus are available now (Regeneron; Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil)  with Azithromycin; plasma from Coronavirus-recovered patients; etc.), a vaccine should be available  in November 2020.

Coronavirus is just one more disease that can kill you but it has a very low mortality rate for everyone except for the elderly.  Follow the same precautions for preventing any infectious disease but don’t panic.  Strengthening your immune system will greatly help you to survive the virus and is something that you can begin doing with supplements, nutritious food, and exercise, which includes walking.  Finally, Japan doesn’t practice social distancing but everyone wears a mask.  Sweden has never closed down or practiced social distancing, yet only has a moderate amount of Coronavirus infections.


I believe that the final solution is to ease into a modified “herd immunity” where a large proportion of the population has had the virus (and therefore is now immune).  This until a vaccine is available.  However, once infected, and with no vaccine, instead of 20 days being ill, Hydroxychloroqine,  Convalescent Plasma and other therapeutics significantly reduce sick time, with Hydroxychloroquine cutting in half the death rate (as demonstrated in a recent observational study by the Henry Ford Health Center in Michigan).  No country can afford to have its economy mostly shut down for more than a month or so with all of the hardship, pain and death (from suicide, drug overdose, delay of needed surgeries and medical tests, etc.) that would accompany a long shutdown.  This is a tough solution and that’s why it’s the final solution…everything else has been tried.  Absent a vaccine, I believe the U.S., State by State,  will have to end the shutdown and then go with herd immunity but with speedy testing, effective treatment, social distancing where possible, frequent hand-washing, wearing a mask, being outside where the likelihood of getting infected is much less, widespread use of upper-room, low-dose, ultra-violet light, and most people taking 5,000 International Units (IU)/day of vitamin D (this is especially important for African-Americans since their darker skins inhibit the production of vitamin D).  President Trump has almost total authority in this situation under the National Emergencies Act of 1976, the Public Health Services Act of 1944, and the Disaster Relief Act. On April 16 the White House Covid-19 Task Force provided the details on re-opening the economy in three phrases, to be used by each State as it curtails the virus.  It appears, however, that “Blue State” governors are playing politics by keeping their economies mostly shut down and by not fully opening their schools, with the belief that many parents with young children can’t work unless their children attend school and that this hardship will hurt President Trump’s re-election chances.


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