President Biden has been President for seven months…it’s time to analyze how he’s doing so far.  I’ve been following closely and believe the following are a few of his most serious failures:

1. The southern border of the U.S. has been overrun by illegal immigrants from over 100 countries.  Had President Biden completed the southern border fence, which would have been done in just a few months had he not stopped its construction the day he was inaugurated President, most of the illegal immigration could have been easily stopped.  In 2021, there will be about 2 million illegal immigrants entering the United States. The Biden Administration welcomes this because about 2/3 of all immigrants vote Democrat.

2. Inflation last month has risen to 5.5% due to the huge amount of unnecessary deficit spending by the Biden Administration and the Democrat Congress.  Moreover, the Administration and Democrats in the Senate and House are attempting to push through Congress two huge spending bills:  A $3.4 trillion “green new deal” and a $1.2 trillion “Infrastructure” bill (which contains only 23% for infrastructure).  This will bankrupt the U.S.

3. The President has withdrawn from Afghanistan in such a disorganized manner that left hundreds of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghani allies in Afghanistan.  Moreover, $80 billion in military weapons and equipment were left behind at our airbases and are being used by the Taliban, with some being sent to China and Russia to be “reversed-engineered” in order to be reproduced by these countries.  The most significant mistake by the President was to order our seven military bases closed and their soldiers to depart before evacuating all Americans and our Afghan allies that assisted us (leaving no deterrence to the Taliban, Isis, etc.).

4. The Federal Government has ceased leasing Federal lands for oil and gas.  In addition, construction of oil and gas pipelines, like the Keystone Pipeline, has been terminated. Energy prices have consequently soared and gas prices increased over a dollar a gallon in just a few months.

5. The Biden Administration, as well as Democrat leaders in Congress, are racially dividing the U.S. for political purposes by supporting critical race theory and the 1619 project.

6. The Biden Administration supported the “defund the police” movement led by the far-left, radical group, “Black Lives Matter.”

7. The Biden Administration supports covid-19 lockdowns of in-person learning in schools as well as lockdowns of small businesses and restaurants which has led to many financial bankruptcies.  It also has authorized the Federal government to pay an additional $300/week on top of the States’ unemployment assistance, giving a financial disincentive for the unemployed to return to work.


The aforementioned are but a few of the numerous deleterious actions that President Biden has taken.  All of them have made Americans and America weaker.  I believe some of them go beyond incompetence and that it’s time for House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, in the House of Representatives to attempt to bring Impeachment charges against the President and then for Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, to attempt to have the Senate conduct an Impeachment Trial.


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