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Let them eat pork!  Hogs are wonderful and highly intelligent animals…it’s a pity they taste so good.  But not only are they a symbol for good health around most of the world, they have been and could be again, extremely helpful in the war on terror.  For instance, in 1911 U.S. General John J. (“Blackjack”) Pershing stopped Islamic Terrorist attacks in the Philippines by using pigs as counter-terrorists. Huh?

When a number of terrorists were captured, general Pershing arranged for their execution but did so in a manner to persuade them that they would go to hell.  He did this by having all of the terrorists except one dig their own graves, be shot with bullets that were drenched in pig blood and fat, have pig intestines and blood poured over their bodies in their graves, and by making sure that the one terrorist, whose life was spared, be set loose so he could inform his terrorist friends what happened…Muslims were being doomed to hell by being killed and buried with unclean pigs.

Can  anything be learned from this piece of history? Perhaps!

It is politically incorrect to do something that is offensive to another’s religion, probably more incorrect than killing someone that is trying to kill you…but pork has worked in the past and therefore probably should be tried again.  Pigs are smart animals and make great pets…it really is a shame that bacon, ham and barbecue ribs taste so good.  But even if many Americans eventually decide to avoid eating swine, the tasty hog can still play a large role in fighting radical Islamic terrorism…remember general Pershing.



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