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David Horowitz is a prolific author, speaker and political activist. His latest book is the huge bestseller, Big Agenda.  It is a pithy book that explains what President Trump plans to do.  Mr. Horowitz currently is the director of “The Freedom Center” which he created in 1988.  He went to Columbia University as well as the University of California at Berkeley and was the editor of the left’s leading magazine, “Ramparts.”  I believe Mr. Horowitz’ greatest asset is his insight into leftist politics.

In my interview with him, he explains why he changed from being a revered and high-level, leftist socialist from 1956 to 1975 to a conservative in the late 70’s, especially considering that his parents were members of The American Communist Party.  Mr. Horowitz tells his spell-binding and compelling story with names, dates, and places.  He tells what motivates the left and gives his views on leftist positions.

In the interview, Mr. Horowitz explains:

  1. Why and what the left hates.
  2. The anti-war activists’ change in their protests against the Vietnam war once the draft was ended in 1974, why many left leaders of the 70’s (John Kerry) have ”blood on their hands,” and much more.
  3. How and why he knows that the Black Panthers killed his accountant, Betty.

If you want to learn more about left politics, you should enjoy this interview.  Click on the red words below to listen to it.

David Horowitz – Political Left Audio

Interview by Mike Russo

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BOTH SIDES: the Economy & Jobs

I watched Sunday morning’s political talk shows which made me sick at the inarticulateness  of some journalists and ignorance by many, of all aspects of the issues.  So I thought, as a mostly non-partisan, I’d toss in my two cents worth of analysis.  First, however, let me state both the Democratic and Republican arguments on the economy and job creation.  Here goes… 

DEMOCRAT ARGUMENT: 1. “The Tea Party has swayed the Republican party to its  its extremist positions…if they would support the President in what he wants to do, the economy would improve and job growth would increase.   A Republican Senator said a few years ago that their number one job was to make Barrack Obama a one-term President.  Democrats also say that the Tea Party is racist and it doesn’t like the President because he is Black.”

2. “Many Republicans want to eliminate or reduce Social Security and Medicare while cutting taxes on millionaires and billionaires.  If we would increase taxes on the wealthy,  the U.S. would be O.K. plus the wealthy pay lower tax rates than their employees.”

3. “Through his 800 billion “Stimulus Package”, President Obama turned the economy around.  Things would have been much worse if we didn’t have the Stimulus Package.since the analysis I heard this morning was unimpressive.”

REPUBLICAN ARGUMENT: 1.  “President Obama’s Stimulus helped a little but it was President Bush’s $700 billion “TARP” (Troubled Assets Recovery Program) that preceded President Obama’s Stimulus that fixed the financial markets (1/2 of it was spent by Bush, 1/2 spent by Obama.”)

2. “The Republican plan for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid simply makes these programs more efficient and this needs to be done because they are currently bankrupting the U.S. to the extent that soon they will no longer be able to afford them.  And these efficiences are minor  like raising the retirement age a few years for people currently under 55 years of age, turning the administration of Medicaid over to the States, and Medicare recipients given vouchers so they could purchase private insurance (and save over $6,000 per recipient from the resulting efficiencies).”

3. “No one’s taxes should be increased in our bad economy…it would make it even worse.  By millionaires and billionaires you are really referring to anyone making more than $250,00/year and this is not a millionaire but is an income level that many business owners fall into (and you’ll be hurting them, the job creators).  The top ten percent (over around $350,000/year) pay about 70 % of Federal income taxes.   Their tax rates are lower because tax on captal gains (from stocks) is lower and is lower as an intended incentive for investors to risk their money by buying stocks.”

4. “Republican Senator Mitch McConnell remarked that he wanted to make Barrack Obama a one-term President because he thought that this was the only way to fix the economy and create jobs…nothing to do with racism.  Morever,  the President is the cause of the continued economic problems in the U.S. (current 2% GDP growth vs. what it usually is at this point after a recession, 5%) with “Obamacare,” Dodd-Frank, etc.”


1.While the President says that he has tried to fix the economy, it  clearly has not worked and the Stimulus has added almost a trillion dollars to our national debt with very little to show for it.  No one even asked basic questions prior to the passage of the “Stimulus,”  such as, “is it worth the cost?”  The President needs to try other approaches.  He has added $9 trillion to the National debt in just over 7 years, which is now totals over $19 trillion.

2. I’m mostly non-partisan and as such believe that it might be a good thing for everyone to have health insurance.  Presently, the poor receive their health care at hospital Emergency Rooms since Federal law mandates that hospitals treat people for free who can’t pay.  The kindest thing that I can say about Obamacare is that, as currently configured, it is unaffordable to the U.S. (estimated to really cost up to $3 trillion the first 10 years).  However, it is much worse than simply being unaffordable,  but that’s  a separate article.   Obamacare is stifling job creation and really needs to be repealed and replaced by something much better.

3.  The recent Dodd-Frank bill  is forcing small community banks out of business and the small loans to small businesses disappearing with those banks thus stifling job creation.  This bill, authored by the two people most responsible for the economic meltdown, needs to be repealed…it didn’t even address the cause of the meltdown, Freddie-Mac and Fannie-Mae quasi-governmental mortgage lending institutions.

4. Many new regulations have been and are being created and implemented by the Obama Administration which have and will continue to kill jobs, hamper new job creation and seriously hurt the economy.  Others fortunately have been defeated, such as Cap & Trade, Card Check, etc.  It really does appear that the Obama Administration simply does not know how to foster job growth in our economy.

The above should be enough information for one to decide who has the better plan for creating jobs and fixing the economy.  You can easily verify on the Net any of the information in my analysis.  However, stay away from political websites if you want objective information and data.

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