North Korea (NOKO) has tested 9 missiles so far in 2017.  The United States successfully tested one of its SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) missiles on May 30, 2017, launching it from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  It shot down a missile that was launched from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  In the recent past it was successful only about 50% of the time, however, with recent improvements, it looks like it’s successful all of the time.  This is very important to the security of South Korea, Japan, and Hawaii, all of which are currently within reach of NOKO’s missiles.  In only a few years, the U.S. mainland will also be within reach of NOKO’s missiles.  Were it not for President Ronald Reagan, the U.S. would not have this capability today.  Russian General Secretary Gorbachev pressed Reagan at their nuclear summit in Rekjavik, Iceland in 1986, but Reagan walked out of the talks rather than give up his Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed “starwars”.  The Democrat Congress tried to stop its development back then, as well as it and Democrat presidenrs up to the present, giving the Democrat Party the nickname the “Treason Party”.

NOKO has thousands of conventional artilary aimed at South Korea, many in hardened bunkers.  If the U.S. tried to destroy NOKO’s missile facilities, NOKO could kill at least a million South Koreans before all of their arsenal was obliterated by the U.S..  NOKO has the third largest army, after the U.S. and China. The U.S. recently tried to deploy its one-billion-dollar THAD anti-missile system in South Korea, as well as two aircraft carriers in the Sea of Japan, but there is a big problem.  The new president of South Korea is basically a pacifist and his administration consequently made a deal with China for the U.S. to remove the four THAD sysetems not yet deployed (there’s already two in place) and therefore make South Korea even more vulnerable than it currently is.

Ninety percent of NOKO’s trading is with China, making China very influential over NOKO.  President Trump is trying to have China pressure NOKO to stop testing its missiles, but so far with no success.  Previous presidents tried bribing NOKO, but NOKO did not keep any of its agreements with the U.S..

Life in North Korea is a living hell, with little food and electricity and government overwhelmingly horrible and similar to life depicted in George Orwell’s book, 1984, as explained in Barbara’s Demick’s  book on NOKO, Nothing to Envy.  However, North Koreans have been brainwashed to the extent that they worship Kim Jong-un, his father and grandfather as gods and believe all of the propaganda that the government presents.  The capitol of NOKO, Pyongyang,  sounds like a chapter out of the book, Stepford Wives.  To live there, a North Korean and his/her family must live an impeccable life, 100% loyal and obedient.

What will happen?  No one knows for sure, however, I believe that President Trump’s unique personality makes him distinctly capable of guiding the U.S. through this mess.   

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